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Imposter Syndrome

Most artists know about a thing called “imposter syndrome.” It’s a little voice in your head that suggests in no uncertain terms that you’re a failure, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone else knows it (and is possibly embodied by @A_Graph_Editor on Twitter). 701 more words

3D Skyscraper Task

Using Adobe Illustrator, we created nets for a skyscraper comprising of shapes of different sizes. I used the same mood board for inspiration that I used with my first skyscraper illustration task. 213 more words

Unit 4, Unit 34, Unit 72 - BAFTA Poster And Game Treatment

Look Dev Moodboard

For my interior shot I’m looking towards minimalist interior design, being particularly influenced by Scandinavian touches. I’d like to model some houseplants, particularly monstera deliciosa. I want to complimentary materials such as concrete and more neutral light coloured wood such as ash or birch. 14 more words


Sunflower Variation I

John Sapiro, “Sunflower Variation I” (Pastel/Digital)


Creative & Technical Submission

For a few months now I’ve been working hard on the Creative & Technical project and I have gained quite a lot of knowledge as well as learned new skills to do with this project, while working on it. 1,286 more words


C&T Modelling

With my preproduction for my creative and technical model being finished I was able to start on the modelling phase of the project. First what I had to do regarding the modelling phase was first create a high poly version of my watch and then move onto making a low poly version and bake the two together. 418 more words


Creative & technical final hand in

I have finally finished my creative and technical model, for this project I made a pillar and the idea was to use the low to high poly workflow and I like the way it came out but I think I should have done a lot more for the high poly model since in the final baked version it is not that noticeable so that is one thing I would have changed about my project but except form that I enjoyed making the model and texturing it. 109 more words