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364. Moon Street (15)

Another pause from Upfest 2016.

With my weekly trips to London, and tons of pictures from Upfest, it is all too easy to neglect my first love…Bristol street art, here every day on the streets, right in front of my eyes. 110 more words


297. Stokes Croft corner wall (3)

This is another one of 3Dom’s favourite walls. For about a year the space has been occupied by his slightly odd skull in a birdcage piece… 108 more words


289. Stokes Croft, number 57

This, I think is probably the most difficult collaboration in Bristol to photograph. The work, dated 2009 is by 3Dom and Voyder and sits high above a local massage parlour. 134 more words


287. Unity Street (1)

The area around Gardiner Haskins, the Bristol department store, is somewhere I like to go about once a month, as the turnover here is lower than at other favoured haunts for graffiti artists in Bristol. 85 more words


218. Moon Street (11)

This is a rather nice wildstyle piece by 3Dom, which demonstrates his versatility. I would normally associate him with his otherworldly characters in curious postures. Not this time though, although the gaping mouth alludes to the kind of work he normally produces. 68 more words


176. M32 roundabout Junction 3 (3)

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I have been keeping my powder dry with this one, although I don’t quite know why. When I┬ásee a great piece of street art, I really ought to share it straight away. 126 more words


166. Jamaica Street (4)

Following on seamlessly from from post 165 you can see that the PRSC outdoor gallery in now occupied by Soker and 3Dom.

There is a lovely thread of vapour that joins the two pieces coming from the mouth of the curious 3Dom creature on the right (when ever was a 3Dom piece not curious?) and weaving around the Soker burner. 27 more words