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Duke Nukem: Megaton Edition

Duke Nukem: Megaton Edition is a 90’s first person shooter that gained extreme popularity due to it’s beefy and bad ass main character Duke Nukem with it’s tight controls and incredible level design, That’s not all of course, It’s also a parody of action films packed with references in each level that are packed away in hidden areas for you to find. 474 more words


Review: Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition (PS Vita)

It was difficult to not notice how console gaming changed first person shooters in the last two decades, to a point, that it was almost impossible to imagine that an old school FPS like… 438 more words



It started with a nostalgic feeling when I saw the 3D Realms logo.
Then i realized that this underwhelming trailer for a 2015 game, looks more like a crappy 2009 game. 10 more words


Commander Keen, my childhood hero.

Today I decided to play some Commander Keen, (By Apogee and ID Software) the first episode, the first mission.

instantly the nostalgia hit me, the difficulty hit me, the wonderful 8-bit score hit me. 150 more words

3d Realms

Duke Nukem Forever Review

Real Talk By: Emilio

Duke Nukem’s return has been a long time coming, and after 12 years of hopes being raised, shattered and revived, Nukem Fans rejoiced when the release date of Duke Nukem Forever had been announced. 705 more words


Duke Nukem ForNever: 3DRealms Closes Doors

With the news this week that 3DRealms has closed its doors for good, it seems likely that Duke Nukem Forever – long-time poster child for… 375 more words