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Virtual Archaeology

3D modelling and virtual reality has been successfully used in archaeology and has a number of advantages relating heritage and actual presentation of archaeological data in nowadays societies. 643 more words

SME: Slating the right Nodes

Whilst working on my next tool I hit a rather large stumbling block. Getting the selected nodes in the Slate Material Editor only passes you string names.   591 more words


Modern Interior Visualisation

This interior Visualisation is an example of a test render for a pre production module at university. The test allows me to explore different aspects of interior design aswell as building my skills in a variety of areas such as lighting, rendering and post production. 22 more words

Best Youtube Channels Tutorials For Blender Beginners

hello guys today’s blog we will show you the top 10 youtube channels that help me to understand 3D in General and Blender Spcifecly they upload very High-quality tutorials for free  . 49 more words


Rigging and animation exercise for school.
I’ve done everything except the wall-e modelisation.

The music is from Rayman 2: the Great Escape, called Wood of light, and belongs to Ubisoft.


004 Autodesk 3ds Max - Pengenalan (Bahagian I)

Sama ada versi terdahulu ataupun terkini, kita tidak perlu peningkan kepala untuk memahami ruang kerja yang tersedia di dalam perisisan Autodesk 3ds Max (lebih baik kita pendekkan nama ini kepada “ 422 more words