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Tank gun development 2

I have added the final detail and finished working on the main gun so it can be added to the rest of the tank. The gun felt like it was missing something so I added some pulse rails that have teeth on the inside and are long as the gun itself. 33 more words

Tank gun development

With the start of the main gun set up I spent my time getting the shape set up. The new main gun is to resemble an alligators mouth and body. 94 more words

Floor Sticker designs

An ongoing project for my current employers, first designs for some floor stickers.

  • 3ds max
  • V-Ray
  • Photoshop
  • PixPlant

Tank Extended

With the final design of the tank finished and the review explaining what changes will be done to the design. It’s time to start making those changes and one of the first things I will start to edit is the heavy cannon. 68 more words

Arma III - Jets DLC - A149 Gryphon

“The A-149 Gryphon is a fourth-generation, single-seat, single-engine, and all-weather tactical fighter jet. The aircraft was designed as a multi-role platform at an affordable cost, and unlike some of the larger air-superiority jets, it can also perform well in low-altitude flight. 770 more words

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Tank finished

The tanks almost finished and I have been able to start connecting the different areas together and all I need to do is place the legs in the areas. 94 more words

Tank Firepower

These are the weapons this tank has unlike the mantis its created for artillery purpose and is capable of heavy fire to support troops far away. 65 more words