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Hello STUDENTS...!!!

Career profile: 18+ years experienced faculty. A skilled, experienced and a professional ENGINEER & software teacher with more than 18 years of experience in Mechanical and architectural related softwares. 144 more words


Life Is Strange - A Much Needed Change

Eh eh? See what I did with the title?? PURE GENIUS wouldn’t you agree?

Hehe… well horrifically bad jokes deserving of a hanging aside… I’ve been meaning to write a post about DontNod’s Life Is Strange. 1,754 more words

Designs of Kitchen

Ash & White Kitchen

Ash & White Kitchen

White Kitchen

Pure White Kitchen Design

Modern wood finish Kitchen

Redden Kitchen

Dark & White Finish Kitchen… 12 more words


Azimut Lamp

Jambo / Hujambo ( Hello in Swahili )

Social scientists in the 1970s broadly accepted two ideas about human nature. First, people are generally rational, and their thinking is normally sound. 126 more words


Environment art is my favourite.

Our level has seemingly jumped from bare and barren to full of life this week. It feels like we’ve come on leaps on bounds! This is because this week I decided to take a break from making so many assets, which I was getting a little tired of, and just spent 3 days populating the level. 637 more words

Sometimes there is a simpler way...

A few weeks ago I needed to have a dynamic way of selecting all the Face/Material IDs of an object and deleting everything else. My first thought was, well the Poly_Select modifier has a select by Face/Material ID. 235 more words


Deep Composite...

A very quick one, I have no idea what this is but I get a sense of dread from it, I think I’m thalassophobic

Personal Work