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Hafa Adai ( Hello in Chamorro )

Criticism, to be sure, aspires to appraise by objective and universal standards, so that our acceptance or rejection of art methods or work may be rational; but the standards of one generation of critics are the mockery of the next, so that criticism is, after all, little more then one man’s liking or dislike. 53 more words


Last Pre-Uni Update

It’s Monday, and I’m at uni waiting for things to happen! So I thought I’d start a new blog update just showing what I’ve been doing before I was felled by a miserable case of the flu a few days ago. 537 more words

How to Use Scene States in 3ds Max

How to Use Scene States in 3ds Max

In this 3ds max tutorial I explain how to use scene states. Scene states can be used to setup multiple camera angles in 3ds max and even have different lighting setups. 72 more words



I’ve been ticking away at some modelling and printing these past few weeks, here’s a Velociraptor I made for a thing. The top image is outta V-Ray, the next three are real-time from Toolbag 2 and the last is a photo of the 3D print in the flesh. 22 more words


3D Work: Crates

During my first year of University I learned how to box model simple objects and decided over the summer, to create some basic assets that could be brought into a 3D environment that would look good. 115 more words