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Lines to Infinity

‘Lines to Infinity’ is an optical illusion and challenges the perception of scale and distance. Every intersection of line develops a grid plane both vertically and horizontally; the intersections forming deep chasms which reveal an exaggerated depth with an unquantifiable scale. 67 more words


BHM File Format release 0.3b

I have made a new release of the BHM File Format project.

In release 0.3b there have been some minor code refactorings and bugfixes, but the most important new thing is the BHM Visualizer tool: 171 more words

Software Development

Endless Grid to Horizon

The ‘Endless Grid to Horizon’ is a dense lattice made up of infinite grids intersecting each other repeatedly upon the vertical axis. The intricacies of detail within the intersections of each grid develop illusions that faintly resemble what one would call architectural formation, despite being anything but. 87 more words


Xeno Flora project update

so this is my plant feature for our Xeno Flora project in 3DMR2


School/class Projects

The Red Lamp

Moin / Guundach  ( hello in Frisian (North) )

Too much of anything becomes unpleasant, not just because the audience protests that “we’ve
seen this before,” 143 more words