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What? It's Friday Already?

It seems like yesterday that I was laid in Jonah’s bed dying from last weekend’s killer hangover. I don’t really drink, so it was a big mistake to actually consume alcohol. 929 more words

Landscaping as a material: Fragments

Some cool images I did which will tie into my strategy for landscaping across the scheme. These are fragments of an overall picture TBC…….. For me it is important to identify the native species found on Ibiza and how they tie in with life on the island, traditions, farming and cuisine. 99 more words


PlayStation 4 Console Model

As part of one of our 3D project briefs, we were asked to choose a games console from the table and 3D model it using 3DS MAX. 212 more words

3D Software

It goes on... and on... and on...

This week has been more Off The Map oriented, since I’m back at university now. I tried to arrange a meeting with my team, since the ones with tutors seem to have just fallen through, but that one sort of went down the shitter as well. 833 more words

Creature Design PT.4 - Modelling and Unwrapping

It’s been a while since my last post! I’ll admit i’ve been very slack with blogging and I need to update much more often. Since my last creature design post I’ve recieved feedback from my lecturer Steve and adjusted my model so it’s finally complete! 128 more words