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Clay House

Hey again!

So I’m back again with a new model. I’ve been really busy with college recently so I haven’t had much time to practice my modelling or put together some more of my portfolio, so I’m showing a project I made a while ago to pass the time. 208 more words


Sci-fi Crate

Similar to the wooden crate we had to create this time we had to create a sci-fi cube. 

The plan was for it to be a data cube that was like a pocket computer or something similar to that. 224 more words


Car model

We had to make a car that had been ruined in some way to introduce narrative into the scene. For this I decided to try and make a Jaguar E type that had been in a gunfight (James Bond style). 622 more words


Learning Maxscript

After a few years of being a 3d artist I have decided to try and learn maxscript….why?

I never thought it would interest me, or that I’d ever need to learn it, but I’ve realized that it’s a great tool to learn and potentially a massive time saver. 257 more words


Game cube

So for this task we had to create a cube that could be placed into a game and create a facet–less texture for it. 307 more words


Post box

We were tasked with creating an American post box with narrative. 797 more words


UVW maps

When applying a UVW map in the modifier list there are a number of functions to pass it through.

Projects the map using the object normal covering only one plane. 119 more words