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8/3/17 - 3E's Bartering for Success

This lecture on bartering was surprisingly interesting. I did not think it would be very relevant to me or my subject but the more I thought about it the more relevant it became. 159 more words


1/2/17 - 3E's Pricing Your Work

This 3E’s lecture was about how one should price their work. This is something that challenges many students as they may take slightly longer to make something that someone more experiences, but that can’t mean they should charge more. 234 more words


23/11/16 - 3E's The Pros and Cons of being Self Employed

This lecture gave me a lot to think about afterwards. It’s definitely been a prominent question in my head for quite a while: is it better to be employed or self employed? 304 more words


12/10/16 3E's Lecture: 'Its all about you'

Our first 3E’s lecture was taken by Jack Vivant, a Plymouth College of Art alumni who studied illustration and now works in the Employ-ability department. This light hearted and enjoyable lecture introduced us to the world of 3E’s and gave a basic overview of what we might get out of these lectures. 210 more words


'Protecting Your Creativity (IP)' (3E's)

An IP, or an Intellectual Property, is usually a design that has been registered in a way that stops people from intentionally and unintentionally steeling a piece of work done by someone.   356 more words

'Bartering for Success' (3E's)

Bartering for success basically means that you need to be more assertive when it comes to working on a successful business.  There are many parallel’s between this and the last two 3E’s sessions relating to being confident about your work and showing that confidence in the way you look and the way that you speak. 95 more words

'Talking About Your Work With Confidence' (3E's)

Overall, the theme going through this presentation is that I need to learn to be more confident about my work.  I need to try and ensure that this confidence comes through in the interactions that others have in my work.   98 more words