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Time and time again

Time and time again we say don’t fall back on reassembly between the masses of humanity, the inner workings are too complex for your struggles. You see we knew this would happen and we are glad you have us to commend these mistakes with you… 593 more words

Originating In 2014

Farm Education Workshop & Honey Jar Update

Ever dream of starting your own small farm? Future Harvest – The Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture will be hosting a workshop series on small-scale and urban farming. 97 more words

Green Project

3 điều cần lưu ý để có phần thi Speaking hấp dẫn (3Es technique) (Part 1)

Nếu xếp thứ tự từ dễ đế khó, trong 4 phần thì: Listening – Reading – Writing – Speaking, phần thi Nói là phần được cô Trang Teresa xếp vào vị trí  thứ 2 sau Listening. 102 more words


Improvisation techniques and creativity

There is no methodology for innovative culture. To begin a creative ecosystem, impro techniques can be applied. Apply the 3E’s: Elevate, Engage, Empower.

The 3E's of Sustainability

I’m new to this blog, and blogging in general, and I thank Henry for inviting me to contribute to Earthniversity.

I recently obtained (2012) my MEd in Educating for Sustainability, from Antioch University New England. 31 more words


Adaptive optimisation and stressful situations eg 3ES staff

In my last post I considered those apps that replace the main home screen of your phone with something that will change the apps etc on display based on the home screens understanding of your behaviour.  281 more words


Are Your Partners Business Savvy Enough?

Most firms recognise that they are too focused on transactions and not focused enough on long-term relationships. This blog article explores the issue using the Service-Value matrix. 604 more words

Leadership And Management