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4 Weeks Pregnant!

Hey there everyone! I wanted to give everyone an update on the pregnancy! I am going to try to write a blog for each week of the pregnancy! 173 more words

3 Under 3

Corbin Travis: 7 Months

I can’t believe our Little Bud is already 7 months old! Six months still feels like a baby… seven months feels like he’s almost 1 year old! 959 more words


Corbin Travis: 6 Months

Little Bud is already 6 months old! Time is flying!Size

Corbin didn’t have his 6-month checkup until October 5 (he was 6 months on September 22), but he is a chunk! 1,103 more words


Corbin Travis: 5 Months

Mister Man is 5 months old! He turned 5 months on August 22, so I’m late on this update like usual. It just takes so much time to write the post, download photos from Google, upload them to WordPress, and then proof everything. 1,092 more words


Corbin Travis: 4 Months

My baby boy is already 4 months old (on July 22)! I haven’t kept track of how many weeks he is — #thirdchild — but looking at a calendar, I see that he is 17 weeks old now.Corbin’s nicknames so far are Corb Man, Little Man, Mister Man, Little Guy Guy, and Little Bud. 997 more words


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I never thought I had any interesting stories to tell. That was until I found out I am pregnant with my 3rd baby (not something I’d ever want to be saying). 393 more words


Corbin Travis: 3 Months

Corbin is already 3 months old (13 weeks)!

Wow, that went fast. Some people feel sad when the newborn stage is over, but I’m excited that he’s starting to interact with us, play with toys, and coo more. 745 more words