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Preparing for Baby #3

Here we go….our third rodeo!

We are expecting our third baby boy in about 2 months (oh my goodness!!). There are things that I have obviously learned along the way with my first two on preparing for a new baby. 1,667 more words


27 week pregnancy update

Hi everyone,

I am 27 weeks today so thought I would do a little update as to what has been happening with me :)

I am really struggling with achy legs at the moment as soon as I sit down on a night time to watch TV they start to ache :( I also have the same pain in bed so constantly toss and turn in the night! 109 more words


15 weeks, going by way too fast, still feeling like I am stuck between the WORST hangover of my life and a terrible, NEVER ending flu bug! 373 more words


Pregnancy #3: 22 Weeks

How Far Along?

22 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

No weigh-in (our scale died). I’m guessing around/a little above¬†10lbs


Thursday: 10min yoga (Really sore from hiking + swimming) 455 more words


Ten Months with Our Atticus Boy

This little guy is 10 months old today!

And oh, what a joy he is! He is incredibly good-natured. Even this past weekend, which he celebrated by coming down with the ill-health trifecta of a cold, pink eye, and a double ear infection, he remained pleasant throughout. 818 more words


Gender Reveal and baby haul!

Hi everyone,

Well we went for our 20 week scan on Friday (I was actually 22+1 so was a long wait from 12 week scan!) … 233 more words


19 weeks pregnancy update

Hi again everyone :)

I thought I would update you with a bump picture this week as it appears to have popped out a lot this week and there is now no mistaking that I am pregnant. 195 more words