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How you interpret the themes of your life can be understood as a matter of perspective, which develop with your personal growth. Amongst my higher levels of being is what you might refer to as an “alterego”, although it is a part of me that I most often experience unconsciously, but who has, as an entity of myself, managed to piece together elements of my personal narrative and has developed the ability to read information and interpret how it connects to the human concept of time and the expansive butterfly effect – which I understand is reaching it’s conclusion – and as that time approaches – I have been taught by my guides that humanity will be receptive to their “fourth eye” ascension, which necessitates exiting our current social parallel & I feel a sense of duty to help people to comfortably live beyond the confines of the present “normal” vernacular that is dictated by the five senses we use to perceive physical reality. 65 more words

Lithium 😬

So they put me on ambify and lithium and I will give it a shot but if this shit don’t work I’m not taking it. 231 more words

Daylyt: The Battle Rapper Motivater (Video)

Peace Freedom Warriors,

For a few months now I have ben aware of this aritst named Daylyt, I was first introduced to him because of his motivational videos on youtube. 139 more words


Stray Kids - I am NOT Lyrics

01. NOT!

They say people are born different
But why does it feel
like we’re all the same
Us brain washed
into the same system… 680 more words

스트레이 키즈

Cord Cutting Meditation

Cord Cutting Meditation

Sarah Hall

Cord Cutting is the process of removing negative energy attachments from your life. Cords attach to your energy body when you have imbalanced relationships with other people, situations, or beliefs.

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