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Proof That The Pineal Gland Is Literally A 3rd Eye

Is it possible that you literally have a third eye that connects you to spiritual dimensions? Β The pineal gland is something that is spoken of the in the New Age community as being the intuition organ and the connection point between body and spirit, but very few people realize that the pineal gland is in fact a literal eye. 1,006 more words


Watch "I Gave Up Men to Have Sex With Ghosts | This Morning" on YouTube

Home girl is getting PLAYED. Why do I have to get raped and tortured when there is perfectly willing people out there?!

That’s what they do with twin flames too to keep you apart. 75 more words

Feeling Anxious 😭

I feel really anxious today like I want to do something other than lay around the house and practice not talking to demons and regaining my strength. 375 more words

Spelling Bee 🐝🐝

This has happened a many times now. At first I called this “word salad” basically feeling like the Entities purposefully spelled or said words wrong and disorganizing thoughts before me to through me off and drive me crazy. 106 more words

Exploitation of Pain (The Healer on TLC) πŸ‘

These beings exploit pain!

ANY! Emotional, mental, physical, ethric, environmental!

I was watching “The healer” and demon tried to insinuate that this guy was putting evil energy in the people he works with. 152 more words

God, Satan, Angels, Demons?Β 

Guess how done I am? Just guess?….

I’m in some of these forums….. People are out here saying the Jesus is really Satan, that Angels are really the ones torturing us to prove out love to God. 1,153 more words