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Sixth Sense

Your  Sixth Sense

 We all have it, but do we believe in it? This is what holds most of us back – a lack of faith and trust in our incredible gift. 553 more words

#BlackLivesMatter: spreading_truth21

PT. 2 of my recent post!… Repost by: @lwill84 .. Originally by: @blackbooklist .. HOLY GHOST—the third Person of the adorable Trinity. His personality is proved (1) from the fact that the attributes of personality, as intelligence and volition, are ascribed to him (John 14:17, 26; 15:26; 1 Cor. 84 more words


Intuitive Expansion Workshop Series

Intuitive Expansion Workshop Series

In this workshop series you will experience Connecting with Your Soul, your Higher Self through meditation, visualization, conscious expansion exercises, and other practical tools. 176 more words

The Angels

Yakub National Curfew for White officially REINSTATED! (NOTICE) 3rd Eye Automates by Nature When In Presence of Whites; "The 3rd eye burns evil. It is not our fault the universe has judged all white skin evil," Jakobi Ali

“As Mother Nature and Ra continue to widen the size of the Ozone layer above North America, We will continue encourage whites to abide by the National Curfew for Whites hours for their own health,” Yakub Ultraviolet Light minister and scientist Jakobi Ali.

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Ultraviolet Light Sciences

Determining if your ESP is alive and well

Our natural abilities to access your Extrasensory powers can be hampered by past unpleasant memories of anger and regret.

There is now an easy and… 40 more words


Psychic Mediumship and the Cerebrospinal Fluid (woah)

My father sent me this link a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to share it with you all. It’s such an interesting talk, especially if you’re interested in the scientific workings around the human spiritual experience. 397 more words


Cedella Marley - Meditate on the Third Eye - 2-25-15

Positive Vibrations – 2.24.15. Written by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time, February 24, 2015

When your attention is being pulled in many directions it’s difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time, and your mind may easily jump from one idea or activity to another. 87 more words