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Enlightening 3rd Eye Chakra - Metatron

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system!

3rd eye (between your eyebrows)
lit up by METATRON…
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Learn About The New Age

Third Eye and Crown Chakra Activation


Please enjoy my Third Eye & Crown Chakra Activation Guided Meditation where you will tune in & sharpen your Psychic Awareness & Connect With Infinite Intelligence. 49 more words


Aphantasia: Is My Third Eye Blind?

Greetings all! Long time no blog. I guess I have been waiting for something to hit me with enough substance to share and that time has come. 2,565 more words

Before Me by jdr

As my Mother and Father created me in love I know. Maybe this is not your story, but pieces of it can be learned from. Seeing aspects of your evolutionary self exposed as your ancestors strive to see just as you focus your third eye on what is yet to be.  176 more words


Modern and Esoteric Concepts - Alchemy, Rebirth, Levitation, Super Enlightenment and so on - Ebook Available for only $3

Modern and ancient esoteric concepts explained all in one place along with historic events and people.

44 of Gary Smith’s (Ga Ra’s) 2015 articles about Alchemy, Super Negative Ions, Quetzalcoatl, Rebirth, Super Enlightenment, Levitation and more, from the many Levels of Unconditional Love Energies to the Super Powers of One’s 3rd Eye and the Worldwide Flood of 3114 BCE. 11 more words


Pineal gland for healthy life and spirituality

மனிதனின் உயிரியல் கடிகாரம்

Biological human clock

இது மனிதனை மறைந்திருந்து இயக்குகிறது என்று சொல்லலாம் .

இது பல நிலைகளில் நம்மை ஆட்சி செய்கிறது.

முதலில் நம்மை தூங்க வைக்க இந்த கடிகாரம் என்ன செய்கிறது தெரியுமா ? 31 more words

Healthy Aura

The Super Powers of One’s 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center


Due to all of the misconceptions about what chakras are and what chakras do, we at the Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques decided to replace the one word of chakra with Spiritual Energy Center, a trinity of words that more properly describes their function. 194 more words