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The 3rd Eye Chakra

Today we are focusing on the 3rd Eye or Ajna Chakra.

Where is it?

This chakra is located on the forehead, between and just above the eyes. 440 more words

Spirituality And Metaphysics

WHEN I SEE HIM by Abby Jean

Mar 29 ’16

When I see him.
With my third eye, my pineal.
In my internal vision.
In the surfacing of the depth of my imagination. 176 more words


Third Eye Chakra Tarot Spread

Our Third Eye Chakra is the hub for our intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic ability. It is associated with our pineal gland, which Descartes called the “seat of the soul”. 1,036 more words


Rambling thoughts on a Tuesday

There’s this foolish thought that pops into my head from time to time and it’s foolish because I’m an adult and I know better but I can’t help it, this particular desire continues to creep into my thoughts when I have a quiet moment: which is I wish we could all truly be happy and cohesively get along. 1,245 more words



Rotted the corpse flesh eaten away
Dazed he is from a galaxy he left

Moons ago his eyes would have stared
Upon stars that were never there… 70 more words


Goodnightnina: 3rd Eye Part 1 - Nina Shade hip hop.

Hip hop via webcam

I have a lot of fun with my music…

Dreams bend

3rd eye, skybound; it’s bird eye now.

Nightout, I transform into a Nightowl


Hip Hop