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Rambling thoughts on a Thursday (late edition)

Growing up, I recall New Yorkers having a uncanny ability to watch where they were going while seemingly being focused on everything else other then what was in front of them, the mad rush in the morning, the afternoon dash out the office, individuals moving about in the more tourist centric Times Square all showcased a understanding of space and that which was around them. 839 more words

3rd Eye


Who am I!?


Vast space exist!  from the point of my creation to the point of my death. Suns set and rise as I take each breath… 191 more words



originally written 12-27-2010

A drop turned into a flow in thee

As pain now equated ecstasy

The movement slowed to a rhythmic beat,

Nerves feeling tense but oddly free, 46 more words



The heart had beat twice Once in the day

Again at night

Sitting there quietly

Dim was thy light

Lonely n cold

Shaken By fright… 24 more words


Thee sun

Thee sun

Please Allow me to move mountains

Then everyone shall seek your strength

Please Allow my face to shine as bright as the star… 158 more words


The Volcano and the Treasure Chest

(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2015, text and images)

We began this session by following the procedure to regress to a past life but we ended up going “elsewhere.” In completing this procedure I ask that the person – in a state of modified consciousness created by the hypnotic induction – float gently like a leaf “to the surface” after having moved back and back in time and space. 1,709 more words