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Dynamic Interdependence: One=All flowing

Pain is not the last answer.

Love is.

Here and now.

Dedicated to the Buddhas in the path, and especially to the Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

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The right moment 

We’re always in fight to find “the right moment”. I’m looking at the breaking waves from here, laying down on the sand, sunglasses on , surfboard aside , it seems all an easy rhythm to catch. 166 more words



Today I’m writing to you about dreams.

What are dreams? What is their purpose? One New Age writer says our dreams are our lives in a parallel reality. 863 more words

What Does It Mean When Your 3rd Eye Is Full of Water?

Good morning! So this turns out to be interesting. Last night before I went to bed I did a chakra scan on my self and saw my 3rd Eye was blue but it was filled with water. 110 more words


Review: CBTWE @3rdEyeCinema

This is an all-Greek split of a trio of black metal acts.

Dizziness comes first, and kicks off with a track that plays very much by the Satanic Warmaster rulebook both vocally and musically (“goddess of the moon”), which gives them a major check mark towards the positive in my book. 367 more words