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Do THIS Right Before You Go To Sleep To Open Your 3rd Eye! In5D May 21, 2016


by Gregg Prescott, M.S.  –  Editor, In5D.com 



Would you like an easy way to open your 3rd eye? What I’ve found is that most people are right on the verge of having their 3rd eye opened but generally, give up right before it’s about to happen! 320 more words

The Beauty in Beyoncé 

Here we are in 2016 and seeing Beyoncé creating her visual masterpieces makes me smile because in the entertainment world she is what a powerful, successful young black woman looks like. 1,602 more words

3rd Eye

Divine Inkling

the nature of existence
small vision; miracle
divine intervention
unrecognized but perceived
unnamed but not unfelt
and soon to be known


Top 5 Ways to Open Your 3rd Eye

It seems wherever we go we hear about opening the 3rd eye. This subject is becoming more and more popular as people are turning inward to find the answers they are seeking. 574 more words

Spirituality And Metaphysics

The 3rd Eye Chakra

Today we are focusing on the 3rd Eye or Ajna Chakra.

Where is it?

This chakra is located on the forehead, between and just above the eyes. 440 more words

Spirituality And Metaphysics

WHEN I SEE HIM by Abby Jean

Mar 29 ’16

When I see him.
With my third eye, my pineal.
In my internal vision.
In the surfacing of the depth of my imagination. 176 more words