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Gospel Points – Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party, Part 1

For the first time ever, a presidential candidate appears on the Gospel Points podcast!  Many Evangelicals find themselves searching for third party alternatives this election season as voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump seems unthinkable.   74 more words


"Hillary Trump": No Difference

If I hear ONE MORE PERSON say there’s “no difference” between Trump and Clinton….

Well, there we go.  Berners just booed their own messiah for trying to unite the party (go to 16:35).  1,690 more words

Episode 99: Hacks & Wonks, Milania Trump's speech, honor killings


Gun breaks down the life inside the beltway in DC that lead to plagiarism, where a FLOTUS wannabe cribbed the notes of the FLOTUS now. 16 more words


Which King will you choose?

As the United States is laboring under the selection of a new President it would be well to remember some Bible history – the story of King Saul. 766 more words