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If you are on Twitter you are going to want to see this

Your account displayed suspicious activity really yes you are right it did but it was by Twitter not me and I can prove it. You will all want to watch this because many of you may have done the same thing without knowing

Sons & Daughters Of Liberty

The Top 6 Things About Nintendo That Make Them So Easy To Love

1. They Manufacture The Exact Right Amount of Hardware

I walk into Best Buy. Sharp breath in, slow breath out. The lights and air conditioning so sterile, so soothing. 685 more words

A Conversation with Dan Kees (Blog or Die! Entry #19)

Accepted entry for the “Interview” category.

Author: LettuceBrick (Nice Try)

Word Count: 1,906

Judge’s Note:

* This entry was submitted before the deadline (Mon, Jan 15, 2018 10:10 pm), but I didn’t have a chance to post it until today. 

1,952 more words

SharePoint High Level Differences between a Publishing Site and a Team Site

A publishing site and a Team Site are common in many ways but there are some differences. Here I am going to talk about the High level differences without going Into too much of detail. 142 more words

Web Development

How do you do long term planning when your organisation needs deadlines and lead times?

Practical Agile went on the road for December and was very kindly hosted by Opencast.  As I couldn’t just walk downstairs this time I was a little late and found the discussion in full flow. 705 more words


Budgeting 101

Budgeting could easily be the most important part to work out before making a final decision about studying abroad. Studying abroad is expensive, there’s no hiding that fact. 127 more words