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Musings on Why Traffic Happens

Traffic is this huge monstrous beast that plagues the everyday lives of urban dwellers across the world, from the strapping yuppies from Los Angeles to London, to the humble rickshaw drivers from Delhi to Manila. 1,138 more words

3rd World

Our Parha Likha Pakistan

Education has always been the most important pillar of any successful nation and is rudimentary for its progress. It is the basic necessity and right of every individual to be blessed with basic education and knowledge. 736 more words


Sweet and sour

So I walk alone down the darkest roads
‘Cause I’ve always known how the story goes
When the curtain falls, I’ll be wearing thin
Clawing at the walls as they’re closing in…

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One of The Best TJ Adventures So Far

This is an excerpt from my other blog, Matingas.com where you can read more about not only as a tour guide, but my present life as a writer/journalist and my past life as a paparazzo. 388 more words


Dreaming The American Dream

Hegemony an infamous word, defined as ‘Dominance of one social group over another, such that the ruling group or Hegemon acquires some degree of consent from the subordinate as opposed to dominance purely by force.’ 788 more words



My mother used to say quit often
“Paranoia will destroy ya”

Now I realized that’s because she had so much to hide.
All these little saying she used to rant about… 142 more words