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Life in a banana republic-state

“When an Albuquerque couple caught a man burglarizing their garage, they asked him to stop.

“When that didn’t work, they pulled out a rifle and a handgun, and held him at gunpoint until police officers arrived…”

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Self-regulation Is Key

Having had the opportunity to travel and see the world a little allowed me to observe and come to conclusion the key factor that makes a country progressive. 536 more words


Ambulance Mindset!

In my urban 3rd world I see 3 kinds of people
Those who do not make way to an ambulance
Some that make the way and pray for assistance… 24 more words


An Attitude of Gratitude

It’s funny where gifts can come from sometimes. A friend of mine has had a few pretty challenging years—you know, big stuff. Serious health concerns, bigger than average job stresses, all while she’s had to deal with some big family issues like death and dementia. 850 more words


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It's Thanksgiving today in Canada and so I present you this fresh edit on the notion of gratitude. Have a wonderful day everyone. I am grateful to have you to write for. Much love.

"Recycle" what?

I love to use things over and to think about old ideas and change the idea or shape it again. I know I use plastics because I am in this modern world but I wonder, who is in charge of what we recycle? 261 more words


Musings on Why Traffic Happens

Traffic is this huge monstrous beast that plagues the everyday lives of urban dwellers across the world, from the strapping yuppies from Los Angeles to London, to the humble rickshaw drivers from Delhi to Manila. 1,138 more words

Long Form

Our Parha Likha Pakistan

Education has always been the most important pillar of any successful nation and is rudimentary for its progress. It is the basic necessity and right of every individual to be blessed with basic education and knowledge. 736 more words