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Water Carrier ca. 1910

A water-carrier in Samarkand (present-day Uzbekistan), ca. 1910.


The best books you've never read

The purpose of this post is share my all time best literary “finds”.  My definition of a “find” is a work that is not mainstream but undeniably brilliant.  834 more words

Small nations have learned from the Tet Offensive -- while the White House hasn't

❝ The attacks erupted before dawn on Jan. 30, 1968 and escalated to new levels of ferocity the next day. It turned out that tens of thousands of communist soldiers had begun a coordinated series of surprise attacks on more than 100 cities and U.S.

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Coming to America...and then leaving.

In the mid-80s I was finishing my somewhat checkered high-school career in a 3rd, no, scratch that, 4th world country somewhere in Latin America.  I lived with my mother who is a highly educated, brilliant woman who, nevertheless, was not paid very much at that point in her career.  1,354 more words

Flying Eye Hospital

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The Flying Eye Hospital, currently parked on Moffett Field in Mountain View, is a mobile ophthalmological hospital, technological marvel, and surely one of the most extraordinary vehicles on the planet.

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The answer’s been there all along.

It can get discouraging watching the news – violence, poverty, corruption etc. The problems seem so complex and unsolvable but the answer has always been there, so simple! 524 more words


Tuesday Thoughts

October 31st 2017

It’s already 4 minutes past one in the afternoon and the only achievement I’ve done was to take a shower and finish handwashing the clothes I left in the sink for two days. 177 more words