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PIC microcontroller

These are the PIC notes (pdf) that sir used to teach us in class.


3rd Year

TV - LCD and Plasma

These are notes for LCD and Plasma television from RR Gulati (its the text book).
You can find these in any edition of the book above edition 4. 20 more words

3rd Year

Sample Composing Essay Junior Cert. Title: A spooky Encounter!

It was dull and foggy evening. The black clouds hung in the sky like angry crows. The wind was howling through the trees. Night was just about to completely take over the day. 1,355 more words


Step 2: Practically Practical

My goal score for Step 2 CK was scoring higher than my Step 1 score, and beyond that, I didn’t care.  For the sake of full disclosure, as a budding pathologist, I think my Step 1 score is more important for my residency options, but I still wanted to get a decent score on Step 2. 240 more words

Non Traditional Medical Student