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Group Projects

Two words that the majority of university students will roll their eyes at, or at least have an anecdote about. Either that or I’ve had some really bad experiences.  357 more words


Week No.7 -"PoP"

Lets attack the cabinet…

With my new neutral coloured prints the cabinet is gonna get a makeover…more like a boobover!!!

Let’s Go!!!

During the set up of the cabinet i was approached by inquisitive individuals, observing the gradually growing display they admired the ambiguous forms from afar. 70 more words

3rd Year


3rd Year is a whirlwind.

After the Workshop, I was still yet to complete my summer project, and appear the entrance test for graduate school in the States. 559 more words

3rd Year

I Hate Driving

I really can’t think of any way to phrase it other than that. It seems like lately I can’t drive anywhere without traffic, someone driving like an idiot or poor road conditions. 165 more words


Rebooting The Blog

So I’ve decided to start blogging again, mostly because third year has been one monster of a journey so far. Other than losing track of time, what with work and assignments, I’ve mostly been feeling exhausted by all of it. 73 more words


Week No.6 - "Developing Ideas"

Moving forward…

Discussion with Tom 1 and Tom 2 was very helpful. With their brains working annimationally and printally, I was able to bounce a few ideas and collect some useful artist names… 493 more words

3rd Year

Roald Dahl Conference - Cyncoed Campus

Cyncoed!..Cyncoed!..Cyncoed! – A land crawling with extremely fit individuals souped in the smell of body odour, aftershave and testosterone (if thats even possible!).

Invited by Chris Glynn, myself and two other fellow students were invited to participate in the PGCE Roald Dahl Conference. 236 more words

3rd Year