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MCE Embedded system

These are the ppts that sir has given.


3rd Year

Java important questions

This is a list of the important questions that Devendra sir (C division professor) gave us. Answers to some are given, the rest have to figured out on your own. 10 more words

3rd Year

CCN ppts

The link below contains every file that sir hasĀ used while teaching in class.

All pptsĀ Here

3rd Year


These are the photographs that I took on the trip to Pentagram, the trip was very inspirational because it showed me that it is possible to work for a very big agency but not have to be extremely corporate. 139 more words

3rd Year


After some consideration I felt that the logo that I had chosen wasn’t fitting well with my desired theme. This is because it was too bold and not simply classic like it was supposed to be. 40 more words

3rd Year


These are my skamps/ideas for my label designs, I want to use the same style font and banner and then incorporate illustrations into the designs. These will link to the name of the beers and will be their symbols that people can relate to each product.

3rd Year