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1st rotation: The not-so standard of care

I asked, “Where does it hurt? How would you describe the pain?” I can’t forget to ask about their life – what’s new, how are the kids doing, how’s that house renovation going,  600 more words

Medical School


It’s been a rough few months…
So rough that I would consider them as being some of the worst months I’ve ever had to endure…heh, which is impressive given my track record for… 161 more words


I understand I’ve haven’t posted a blog in about what seems like years now but that was because last year my organisation was in disarray as I played catch-up with myself and work. 622 more words

3rd Year


With the background of expereince I have with branding I’d say that my style or method of working first hand in graphic design is illustration. I love drawing and the importnace of it’s process that can lead you to better ideas and thinking. 135 more words

3rd Year

The CASS 2017 Summershow

Unfortunately due to a family occasion I was not able to attend the launch of our final 2017 student showcase; the show this year consisted of all the departments asociated with the Cass had all of their student present various finished works for friends and family to see; even for potential empolyers some student had made business cards so people were allowed to take one away for contact later on. 85 more words

3rd Year

Decisions, decisions...

I need to make a decision that I’m dreading.  Not sure if I want to go in 100% or just leave 50% intact.  I’m just not seeing growth and feel that there needs to be a change.   27 more words