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After Effects Tutorial

I had an After Effects refresher tutorial with Owen which was really useful in jogging my memory of some of the tools I can use when editing videos. 101 more words

Drop Flip

I have tried to make it look like the drop from the tap below is coming from the video above. Obviously the videos don’t match exactly, but I like the way that you see the reverse of the movement of the water at the same time as it happening in real time. 23 more words

Double Drop

Experimenting with 2 simultaneous videos, and using speed to create a build up. I’m interested in the format of 2 videos at once as I think you can create a more visually stimulating narrative. 32 more words

Water drawing practice

I have been practicing drawing water in domestic settings (in the sink) to learn how it moves and how I can interpret this successfully through drawing. 69 more words


I’m stuck in a bit of a rut with my work at the moment. I’m struggling with the video aspect of my project which is probably due to it being a new medium for me to work in. 173 more words

Computer Arts Practice - Colour Exploration

After getting some feedback on the designs I had been working on for June, I decided to continue iterating before settling on a final design. Of the three designs I had worked up the most, I picked the two I felt were strongest and began exploring colour palettes with them. 480 more words

Semester 5