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The Importance of Self-Care

Whenever I have to explain to a friend or family member on a Thursday why I haven’t returned a phone call or text from Monday (something I never really did before I entered medical school), I find myself saying over and over, “Every year of medical school you think to yourself, ‘There is no way I could get any busier than I am right now.’ And then, the next year comes and proves you wrong.” 593 more words


When you’ve lived away from home for a substantially long amount of time, home and Home are a confusing concept.

When I’m at Uni, home is my house here in Newcastle, and Home home is back in India. 416 more words

3rd Year


The more I think about it, the more I hate sketchbooks. Hate is a strong word. I love sketchbooks. I do not love my own. 446 more words

3rd Year


At the start of the year I set out to do something a bit different to usual. Something I’d dabbled in before, but only in my spare time and back when my hands actually worked properly. 67 more words

3rd Year

Felices Fiestas from Nicaragua

Dearest friends and family,

When we joined the Peace Corps in 2014, we never thought we’d be this comfortable and at home in a foreign country.   385 more words


Awesome, wow

song of the entry

Lol this is actually quite funny. I am sat in my house in York all alone because all of my housemates have of course gone home and stayed home for winter break, but because I’m working I’ve had to make the drive back to York on the 27th much to my mum’s dismay. 1,440 more words