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3rd year part 13: lights

Aesthetic primary research. Went into stores, restaurants and toilets to take photos as part of inspiration for what the lights or light shade could look like in the animation. 193 more words

3rd year part 12: Victorian children clothes

Looked at Victorian female children, since planning to have one character to be a female child. By looking at the clothing it would offer some idea generation therefore making this research relevant to the project. 581 more words

3rd year part 11 : Top Hat

Secondary aesthetic inspiration research.

Decided to look at top hats since from previous research it was commonly worn in steampunk and Victorian fashion. By looking at top hats, its relevant to the project because its aesthetic inspiration for what the characters could be wearing in the animation. 701 more words

3rd year part 10: Steampunk fashion

In this post looked at steampunk fashion for initial clothing aesthetic research

Some research overlaps from the second year, at first relooked at Victorian fashion for males and females in this blog: … 549 more words

3rd year part 9: Zoo animals

Blackpool zoo, Primary research aesthetic inspiration.

Decided to take photos of animals as authentic research for either the main characters to be a mash-up of animals or pets of the masked man and the girl… 73 more words

3rd year part 8: circus

August /2017

Primary research aesthetic inspiration.

Decided to research the circus, with the idea that the masked man meets the girl there, to make it seem less seedy compared to the masked man meeting girl in a park while he’s killing people. 827 more words