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How I Passed my Third Year at the Medical University of Gdansk

With the changes to the curriculum that our university is making, third year has suddenly become one of the most difficult years of study in our medical program. 1,633 more words


First day of 2nd Grade

Today is the first day of 2nd grade for Rishab at NorthEast elementary school Waltham.

Teeth update : Only one upper tooth is yet to show up.

3rd Year

Upendra in Boston for #Uppi2

Kannada Super star visited Boston area to promote his movie #Uppi2

Rishab had not seen any of his movies before but was charmed by his personality and was asking me repeatedly to translate what he was telling.

3rd Year

Super blood moon eclipse - Tetrad

Today moon was closest to earth and looks 14% larger than normal. It was also total lunar eclipse.  This is how the moon was visible from Massachusetts , USA at 10:30PM… 38 more words

3rd Year

Painting Autumn colors

Rishab followed daddy’s painting and ended up creating his own master piece.

Here is a full time-lapse video of this painting 8 more words

3rd Year


Yes, that’s right. I UPLOADED MY FIRST VIDEO IN ABOUT 5 MONTHS. (whooops)

Feel free to like and subscribe; I’d very much appreciate your support! They will get better, I promise: I thought I’d establish who I am from the beginning… A mess. 89 more words