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Manchester United 4-2 Manchester City: Reds ruthless on left flank

Manchester United 4-2 Manchester City (Young 14″, Fellaini 27″, Mata 67″, Smalling 73″; Agüero 8″ 89″).

The Manchester clubs continued their late season form as United comprehensively defeated a City side who have given up their title defence. 640 more words


Why 4-5-1 Is The 'Best' Formation on FM15

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be one of those FM articles where someone claims that their tactic is ‘the best and most effective tactic you’ll find on FM15’. 1,191 more words


'Playing The Patch' - The Strikerless 4-5-1-0

I’ve had a few problems with FM15 lately. There’s been a few things that have really been irritating me, particularly relating to player positioning, and how SI have interpreted certain positions. 2,288 more words


Why Can't It Just Be Simple?

First off, Happy New Year to everyone. Although this blog is only a few months old, it’s received some fantastic support in 2014, and I’d like to thank everyone that has supported this blog in any way, be it commenting, favouriting, retweeting or following. 1,987 more words


Are you Keegan in disguise?

Following on from our successful trip to Euro 2016, our third season with club and country has been a stark contrast between unexpected success with the club side and massive disappointment at international level. 3,184 more words

Football Manager

Hmmm, Upgrades...

If you got that Matrix reference, then well done.

I’ve finished all of the transfers I plan to make for the Summer at Sturm, and it’s been a very busy Summer, so I felt it was probably best to do a quick update, outlining what’s changing for the next season, and look at how the club as a whole is progressing. 1,931 more words


Utilising the Central Winger on FM15

Apologies to everyone for the wait for this article, but there’s been a few reasons why it’s taken me until December to write this. Firstly, I’ve wanted to make sure I get this right after the success of the FM14 article, and have all the material needed to show why the Central Winger is such a fantastic role. 1,580 more words