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Millie's: I Get Up Far Too Late For Real Breakfast (Richmond, VA)

Hey, Ol’ Chicken Pot here.  Its been a bit since I updated everyone on what I’ve been eating.  This is 100% due to my own laziness.  610 more words

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Honey Pig: Does Everyone Here Hate Me? (Annandale, VA)

Ever walked in somewhere and you could tell no one wanted you there? I know it happens to me almost constantly. It’s not because I’m generally unlikable, which I most certainly am, but I guess I just put myself into those kinds of situations. 469 more words

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Dangerously Delicious Pies: I am a Badass (Washington, D.C.)

A bold statement for a bold title. Bet you’re wondering how I can make such assertive claims. The answer is simple. I have bought a motorcycle. 546 more words

4 Egger

The Peacock's Pantry: Everyone Just Calm Down! (Richmond, VA)

I wish I were cool. I wasn’t in High School. There, I had the impressive ability to go unnoticed by both students and faculty. I used to think if I made funny jokes or something, my fellow students would like me. 851 more words

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S@mple: Fl@vorless (Richmond, VA)

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that I lack a certain level of written elequence. Apparently calling things “tasty” over and over again is not sufficient in explaining dining experiences. 579 more words

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