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A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives

I grew up in the suburbs, in the same house for twenty years, and had never even heard of a liveaboard until three years ago. So what spurred this examination of different types of living, and gave us the courage to do it ourselves? 429 more words

Getting Started

Tim Ferris To Release New Book: The 4-Hour Stupid Idiot

SAN FRANCISCO — Tim Ferris, known for having a minimum of 27 minutes of commercials before each of his podcasts, announced today that his new book will teach people how to be a stupid idiot in 4 hours. 123 more words


Lifestyle Hucksters

“Lifestyle design.”  You have probably heard this term by now.  It has become a popular topic in the last decade because of Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Workweek. 315 more words

I Want You To Half-Retire (HR)

I worked this week. Well, kinda. Yesterday, I drove a few towns over and dropped off a wedding photo delivery I’d shot two months ago. Between… 1,028 more words

Personal Finance

Social Norms

What am I going to write about? Sometimes while I write I surprise myself with the ending. Somehow, I tie it all together. Or maybe I just think I do a good job of it. 1,573 more words


Fear Set

I’ve started to learn the Dvorak Keyboard. I’m learning it quickly. I need to make time to work on it.

My products have come in from China for Invictus Beard. 1,250 more words


Is Polymathy Possible In Our Generation?

Nothing has irked me more than the master of none part of that painfully familiar adage. Sarah, a close friend of mine, was thrown the good-ol’ jack-of-all-trades thing after she shared her many interests. 1,043 more words

4-Hour Workweek