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I Want You To Half-Retire (HR)

I worked this week. Well, kinda. Yesterday, I drove a few towns over and dropped off a wedding photo delivery I’d shot two months ago. Between… 1,028 more words

Personal Finance

Social Norms

What am I going to write about? Sometimes while I write I surprise myself with the ending. Somehow, I tie it all together. Or maybe I just think I do a good job of it. 1,573 more words


Fear Set

I’ve started to learn the Dvorak Keyboard. I’m learning it quickly. I need to make time to work on it.

My products have come in from China for Invictus Beard. 1,250 more words


Is Polymathy Possible In Our Generation?

Nothing has irked me more than the master of none part of that painfully familiar adage. Sarah, a close friend of mine, was thrown the good-ol’ jack-of-all-trades thing after she shared her many interests. 1,043 more words

4-Hour Workweek

Day 6 & 7: Arise with Digital Altitude

Day 6:

I’m taking today to think about my new commitment, think about my new investment goals that I’m going to be putting into the company: 320 more words


Day 4 & 5: Aspire with Digital Altitude

My day started out amazing. I’m truly trying to live a lifestyle that makes me happy, so today I started by taking my home/van to the mechanic and hitting the trails with the dogs (Maggie May and Cairo, who is a lab I’m intermittently taking care of until Sunday). 852 more words


Purpose and Shit

Brain Dumpers of Earth!

I’m sitting here about to study, just like I am many times when I write these posts. I can’t say exactly how I feel except calm. 1,423 more words