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The 4 month sleep regression happens at 4 months right? That’s a couple of weeks away still. The Boy’s got time or so I very naively thought. 496 more words

Baby Sleep Series: Is the Paci Worth It?

2018. Post 23/100.

I’ve seen lots of posts on my Babywise mommy groups about the pacifier and whether to drop it when the dreaded 4-month sleep regression… 553 more words

Substance Over Shadows

Baby Sleep Series: 4-Month Sleep Regression

2018. Post 15/100.

There is lots of talk among young moms of the dreaded 4-month “sleep regression.” If you Google it, you can even find horror stories about children not sleeping for weeks and blog posts linking to $1,100 crib gear to help you survive the regression. 570 more words

Substance Over Shadows

Last night I had the strangest dream...

Because Spike slept from midnight til 4am!!!!!

The Night wasn’t perfect, he woke around 10pm and we couldn’t figure out why.

Then he was up around 11.30pm hungry. 44 more words


The "Night in Haiku" Night


Hello time to sleep

No self settling tonight

Sleep well my baby


Time for a bottle

Drink it all up then burp

Back to sleep baby… 70 more words


The "What night are we up to?" Night

I am so over this – I want sleep! Night 4. Surely tonight is the night that the post midnight sleep angels will do their thing. 109 more words


The "I'm Tired" Night

Night Three. I was tired. I knew this would be difficult but I went into it enthusiastic and ready for the challenge.

My enthusiasm went away as I fell asleep… 87 more words