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Affair Terminator Feng Shui 斩桃花

Today is your lucky day!  This is another ROGO (read-one-get-one free) article.

If your partner or spouse cheats on you, but for whatever reasons (like the person is the only meal ticket, trophy wife,….)  you still want to keep her/ him,  this is probably what you can do to get rid of the “third party” without shooting at each other. 482 more words

Ken Lai

Bazi: Will and When you buy a house?

Many people ask me when they will purchase a house as if I can see their future bank balances.

Believe it or not, your Bazi natal chart can tell you about your probability of owning properties and when will that happen. 639 more words

Ken Lai

Bazi: Spotting out wife-jinxer/ beater in a flash

Hi girls!  Today is your lucky day.  This article may save you from an abusive relationship or a trip to divorce court.  It shows you how to spot out a potential wife-jinxer/ beater using the birthday of your potential partner. 605 more words

Ken Lai

Bazi: More Penalty and 3-Penalties Secrets

My blog articles on penalties are consistently within the top-3 most read in this blog.  2018 is the year of dog.  Dog or Xu-earth is one of the 3-penalities elements in xu-chou-wei 3-penalties.  349 more words

Ken Lai

Bazi: Winners and Losers of 2018 Year of Dog- Part 1

Wu-xu or year of earth-dog will arrive in less than 2 weeks.  People may be interested in finding out if this dog year is good or bad for them.  529 more words

Ken Lai

Day 2 - The 4 Pillars of Achieving Goals

The 2nd day of the 7-day blog challenge. The video is pretty basic, just some average site set-up tips. I don’t know why the separated it into 2 separate days, but I’m sure they did some data analysis to measure retention rates on something like that. 623 more words


Bazi: Meaning of TOO MANY wealth elements in natal chart

Last year, I have written about “meaning of no wealth element in natal chart“.  This time we explore the opposite:  chart with too many wealth elements.   317 more words

Ken Lai