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10 birthdays that attract helpful people or mentors

Birthdays” here are in terms of 60 binomials.  This also means day pillar in a birth chart.

A Bazi chart consists of year, month, day and hour pillars.  429 more words

Ken Lai

Why Feng Shui Practitioners Need Bazi Knowledge

Why Feng Shui practitioners need to know Bazi or 4-Pillars?  See the reasons below:

1.  Maintain compatibility between client and practitioner— By comparing practitioner and client’s Bazi charts to make sure they are not clashing each other.  360 more words

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Feng Shui consultation for extra-marital affair

A few weeks ago, a student “Billy” (not real name) has emailed me for guidance on a mistress Feng Shui case.

His client’s husband has hidden a mistress outside with an illegitimate child born.  523 more words

Ken Lai

4-Pillars: Diabetes

Note:  Below is an excerpt from Ken Lai’s “Applied Bazi: Sickness Forecasting and Management” course manual.


In Bazi, diabetes is related to kidney functioning and the water element.  345 more words

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Que Sera Sera-- "Will I be (never minding this)? Will I be rich?"

You may have heard this Doris Day’s song– Que Sera Sera:

Most of us probably have asked similar questions– “Will I be handsome or pretty?” during our adolescence and “Will I be rich?” as we get older. 540 more words


Ken Lai, 2000- 2016

“Ken, are you in heaven or …. hell now?  The title looks like an obituary.”

Don’t worry, a psychic had told me that I probably will live another 30 years to pay my dues back to the universe. 555 more words

Ken Lai

Bazi: Missing Transformation Stars ("10 Gods") Secrets

The followings are the characteristics of natal chart with missing one or more of the 10 transformation stars (“10 Gods“). The info is pretty accurate and hard to find.  496 more words