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To Russia with Love?

I am surprised that Russian readership for this blog has skyrocketed in last few weeks.  Usually over 50% of my readers are from USA.  Last 7 days or so, the number of Russian readers is almost doubled than USA readers. 214 more words


Maiden Boys and Girls 童子命

There are birth charts of certain people, regardless of methods,  cannot be read accurately by any astrological methods.  According to Chinese belief, these people are believed to be the “maiden boys/ girls”  童子/ 童女  (similar to the child angels concept in the west) who serve the deities in heaven or temples.  518 more words


Garbage can location affects your luck

In Feng Shui, every major direction represents a member of the family.  Please check the following diagram taken from my “Practical Door Feng Shui for Wealth… 459 more words

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Bazi: Effects of Self-penalties

My articles on Bazi penalties are the most read articles.  Here is more info on self-penalties.

Self-penalties are generated from the intersections of san-he (3-unities) and san-hui (3-meetings) combinations. 269 more words

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Self-penalty, 3-penalties and sickness

Note:   The following is an excerpt from the chapter “CLASHES, PENALTIES AND COMBINATIONS” of the Reference Manual of “Applied Bazi: Sickness Forecasting & Management” course. 363 more words

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Bazi: 3-Penalties and Self-penalties

The top two most read articles of this blog over the years were written in March 2010.  Both articles involve 3-penalties–  “The 4P Secrets of Brother Shape Fashion Icon… 668 more words

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Advanced Bazi: Static vs. Dynamic Yong-shen and Ji-shen

Note:  The following article was written for the “Advanced Destiny/ Luck Management with Bazi” discussion list.

The million dollar question in Bazi or 4P is:  Do favorable elements (“Yong-shen” or “useful god”) and unfavorable elements (“Ji-shen” or “annoying god”) of  4P charts change with luck periods?  342 more words

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