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Bazi: how to check career changes

How to check career or occupational change from one’s Bazi or 4P chart?  Please check below for details:

When power star (zheng-guan, pian-guan or qi-sha) 380 more words

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How to Choose Your Lucky Feng Shui floor numbers

With urbanization around the world, more and more people move into highrise buildings with up to 100 floors and even more.  How to choose a floor number that could enhance your luck? 523 more words

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Do you want a free reading?

In traditional China, if a fortune-teller did not charge a customer, the customer likely would cry.  It was not tears of joy.  It was tears of fear. 669 more words

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Equal Opportunity Affair Terminator

This article title sounds violent.  It is actually a very humane and peaceful way of terminating affairs.  Even Arnold Schwarzengger could have recommended Maria Shriver to use this “ 516 more words

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Date-Selection Factors to Consider for C-Section

According to Chinese metaphysics, the date and time a baby was born reflect the energy imprint of that baby.  This energy imprint reflects the endowment from heaven (cosmic energies), human (from parents) and earth (environment) dimensions.  443 more words

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Meaning of year, month, day and hour pillar clashes in Bazi

The representation of 4 pillars in a Bazi chart:

  • Year pillar:  Parents/ older generations (also ancestral blessing)
  • Month pillar:  Siblings (also parents sometimes)
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10 birthdays that attract helpful people or mentors

Birthdays” here are in terms of 60 binomials.  This also means day pillar in a birth chart.

A Bazi chart consists of year, month, day and hour pillars.  429 more words

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