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Are people with no wealth star in their charts doomed?

Does it mean people with no wealth element in their natal charts will have problems enjoying wealth in their lives?

Bazi chart with no wealth star or element implies the chart owner (daymaster): 322 more words

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4 Pillars Consulting Group Gains Excellent Ratings from Trustpilot

Victoria, British Columbia (August 25, 2017) – 4 Pillars Consulting Group recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey that yielded positive results with the firm gaining a rating of 9.4 on a third-party survey platform. 364 more words

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Let 4 Pillars Victoria Consultants Help You Face Rising Interest Rates

As you might’ve heard by now, the Bank of Canada has already increased its benchmark interest rate to 0.75 percent, prompting other banks to follow suit. 354 more words

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4 Pillars Debt Relief Consultants Take on Many Roles to Help Debtors

Debt relief consultants like those from 4 Pillars Consulting Group on Vancouver Island help struggling debtors around the area in many ways. If one enrolls in a debt management plan, a creditor will first analyze personal finances and budget. 90 more words

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4 Pillars Consultants Explain How Restructuring Affects Credit Scores

Debt consultants from the Vancouver Island regional base of 4 Pillars Consulting Group explain how debt restructuring affects credit scores. Canada provides its citizens with several options for settling debt they otherwise can’t pay back alone. 175 more words

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4 Pillars Victoria Consultants Explain How Consumer Proposals Work

Statistics show that Canadians owe around $1.67 for every dollar of their disposable income. This seemingly going downhill debt-to-income ratio has a quite apparent implication—an increase in the number of debtors seeking debt relief options. 448 more words

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4 Pillars Consultants Explain What You’ll Need To Pay Off Your Debts

Living a debt-free life might be one of your goals for the future, but are you actually doing something to achieve this? Numerous Canadians plan on paying off their debts, but half of them aren’t taking action on managing their finances. 342 more words

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