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Good wealth luck comes with its disadvantages too

Most people wish they have good wealth luck.  But according to yin-yang principle in Chinese metaphysics, positives exist only because negatives also exist.  The “goodies” that come with good wealth luck also accompany with some disadvantages or misfortunes. 483 more words

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How to find your helpful people and directions

In Bazi, there is a symbolic star called “Tian-yi Nobleman” that stands for helpful people available when a person is in trouble or danger.

The calculation of Tian-yi Nobleman requires knowledge of Bazi and construction of a Bazi natal chart.  480 more words

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Enhance your wealth luck with personalized color clothing: Zodiac Animal edition

Color can affect the energy field around us.  There are also energy fields that enhance one’s wealth luck or energy.  This wealth energy is different for each individual based on the year of birth. 385 more words

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Matching door-facing to your Chinese zodiac sign

Matching your Chinese animal sign to the main door of your house will enhance your luck and well-being.  Based on the theory of matching residence and ming-gua (宅命互配),below is the favorable and unfavorable door-facing in terms of animal signs (click table to enlarge): 304 more words

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Bad Feng Shui for the man of the house

House Feng Shui affects the career and health of the residents, especially for the breadwinner/s of the house.  The Feng Shui conditions below will affect the “man of the house”: 427 more words

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March State Membership Meeting

March 25-26, 2017
First Baptist Church of Kalamazoo, 315 W. Michigan Ave. – 269-345-2195
Free parking at meters on weekend, enter front door. 381 more words


Easy Date-Selection for Moving

The level of Feng Shui auspiciousness and inauspiciousness for the residents of a house is affected by the move-in date.

The table below shows the relationship between move-in date-selection and Feng Shui effect. 416 more words

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