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5 Simple steps to read stories to your child

Spending some time reading with your kids not only strengthens your bond with your child but also helps the young ones to learn, enjoy, and have fun with family. 743 more words

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Kids say the funniest things

It’s tough being a mum, but there are some moments that make it all worth while.

My four year old came to me all dressed up as a doctor, and very earnestly informed me that her “headfort” really hurt. 55 more words


In the child’s world, magical things happen

A festival was being celebrated with great gusto. I observed four-year-old Abhay dancing to the beat, his eyes sparkling. Suddenly, he slipped and fell. He started crying. 783 more words

Where is mumma and papa?

Today a very disturbing incident happened with us at Hypercity in Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad. We found a 4 year old boy at the toys counter who was crying profusely with a ball in his hand. 590 more words

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Who says cartoons don't teach kids?

Knowledge is created through transformation of experience says Kolb’s experiential theory. Our children go through a plethora of experience everyday and it is up to a teacher or a parent to see how we can translate those experiences into learning. 503 more words

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N by Avi

Today Avi and I learnt words with letter N. This is the best way to learn letters, words, phonics, and writing skills while having tons of fun. 444 more words

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Science is the favourite of Joshua. For understanding the rain cycle we did 2 experiments at home.

First I had to explain how water evaporates into the atmosphere or sky. 166 more words

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