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Tipping the canoe (and my 4 year old, too)

Last Sunday night, Lily, lying in her bed, told me, “I thought Nevie would sink to the bottom, and you wouldn’t be able to find her.” 1,562 more words

Let it go

‘Can you please tie the back for me?’ You asked, pulling on your Spiderman suit… your absolute favourite piece of clothing on the entire planet. 258 more words


Under the weather

Last week, I was taking it easy on the couch because I wasn’t feeling so well. And your four year old self was so cute looking after me,  121 more words

4 Year Old

Life with a 4-Year-Old...in Slow Motion

I’ve always had somewhat of a fluid relationship with rules, ideologies or general life credos; they change for me as often as I change addresses, which is to say, frequently, because I have a vagabond-like lack of attachment to place. 672 more words


21st August, 2015: My Real Day Experience (Short Version)

The truth is, if you asked me how my day went or how it started up, I’d answer you this way:
For a very normal and regular person, they’d tell you, honestly, I had a pretty rough day, a not too good day; but… 917 more words

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Toddler Routines with Photos

Depending on our current “phase,” we have certain times of day that somehow make me crazy. Kids are kids, and it’s my own fault, but I let the little frustrations or little moments of resistance eat away at my patience instead of embracing the slow pace and “inconvenience” of motherhood to littles. 552 more words

Toddler Magic

Pen Elaine's most favorite book...this week

You may be familiar with the Pinkalicious series by Victora Kann, but our favorite so far is this instalment called Silverlicious! This book has a subtle message about being kind and appreciative, or “sweet.” The catch phrase in this book is “Always be as sweet as your sweet tooth,” which I think is adorable. 118 more words