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Howe To...Accept Your Lack of Crafting Talent

When I left my job and became a full-time mom a little over a year ago, I had a specific vision of the mom I was going to be: I would grow my own vegetables, feed my family nothing but organic food and craft and DIY everything — I’d be the one who could make anything with pipe cleaners and a hot glue gun and would send my child to preschool with homemade snacks in the shape of bunny rabbits. 762 more words


The night gymnastics became a contact sport

Right now, I’m sitting in the front row of our local gymnastics center’s waiting area, near huge, plate glass windows, doggedly watching my 4 year old’s class. 1,572 more words

4-Year-Old Girl Gets Upset When She Finds Out Bruno Mars Has A Girlfriend! [Video]

Watch as 4-year-old Alisa breaks down after she finds out that Bruno Mars has a girlfriend and it’s not her!

Poor thing!


Do You Look Like Mom or Dad?

Cookie, your unfiltered honesty has caused Mommy a lot of grief over the years.

Mommy: I thought she looked like both of us, but now I think she looks like me. 78 more words


Happy Birthday, 4-Year Old!

It’s Birthday Week for Valiosa.

While pledging not to treat her like a baby once a true 4-year-old, this was still somehow the easiest week ever for her.  77 more words


How to survive the 6 weeks holiday! (part 1)

Let me preface this post by stating that as I write I am in my PJ’s, shattered and sporting large bags under my eyes…it is the end of day one of our school summer holiday and I am worn thin! 619 more words

Mummy Mayhem And Mascara

Dear Knock-a-door run Child

Dear Knock-a-Door Run Child,

I know that our lovely colourful door is tempting and that it is lovely to knock. I know you like the sense of daring of knocking and seeing if you can run away before I see who it was. 355 more words