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Chore Ideas For The 4 to 6 -Year- Old

Chores are important for children to do as it can help boost independence, responsibility and confidence while preparing them for adult life.  Here are some chores that your 4 to 6-year-old can do. 36 more words

4 Year Old

Lunchtime A Turtle

So my 4 year old composed a song today.  Completely spontaneously and without any prompting on my part.  It was eerily quiet in the house, and I got paranoid that something was being or had been destroyed… and instead it was quiet because he was furiously busy  104 more words

Can A 4-Year-Old Wear Make-Up?

I have a family member who is NOT about his 4-year-old daughter wearing “adult makeup” even though it is for her dance recital. I was never in dance so I’m not sure what the standard is. 91 more words


The Super Easy Preschool Busy Book.

Preparing our kids for school is something that is important to everyone. And whilst this post is placing an emphasis on academic preparation, any good prep teacher would tell you they are not the most important skills for your child to have, that sharing, being able to say goodbye to your family in the morning, dressing and toileting yourself and being able to open your lunch are really the skills to be focused on. 285 more words

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Vacation Math

Usually when my family goes on vacation, I pack lots of games and activities. I often think I’ll use this “downtime” to slip in some math or something else equally “educationally important.” So I bring card games, board games, art supplies, and whatever else I can think of. 946 more words


Toddler Action Songs!

Your toddler probably loves singing and dancing and if they are like my toddler often ask for the same songs over and over again. But what if you are tired of singing the same old songs and want to find something new? 501 more words


Mold and Paint

Mold and Paint toys are super fun activities for four year olds. At this age they have better hand control and will enjoy doing a bit of mixing. 114 more words

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