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Reasons to (or perhaps not to) redecorate with your children

I decided to bite the bullet and dedicate the bank holiday weekend to the dreaded task of redecorating. In a moment of madness when looking at my 3-year-old dark and dim kitchen wallpaper, I started relentlessly pulling the wallpaper down one Tuesday dinner-time. 455 more words

The Magic Ticket

Cookie from the bathroom: I’ve finished pooping.  Who’s going to come and wipe my butt?

Me: Paper.

Mommy: Rock.

Cookie, we can’t wait until your arms are long enough to reach your butt, but fortunately, Mommy always chooses rock first. 33 more words


No more boring cars!

Our little carpenter built a wooden bridge. He made it a bit inclined so his static cars can move. Innovative, right? Glad you came up to this idea so you wont have boring cars anymore. 11 more words

4 Year Old

A year on....

So, the blog really got underway didnt it ? Whoops!
Well here I am to try again!

Things have changed a little since last year. We now have our beautiful second daughter in the world creating a whirlwind all of her own. 244 more words

About Me

I Have Something For You, Daddy, Part 2

Tonight, I came home late, and missed my daily scream greeting and hug. Fortunately I was in time for a very late bedtime.

Cookie getting out of bed… 187 more words


I Have Something For You, Daddy

On the nights I’m home early enough, I’m greeted by a screaming toddler, running full tilt to the doorway to give me a hug.  Cookie, that’s the highlight of my day. 125 more words


The evens and the odds

My kid was going through an activity book and we found an activity about the even and odd numbers. My first explanation was typical of the way we have understood maths. 298 more words

4 Year Old