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Madonna Adopts 4-Year-Old Twins Stella and Esther From Malawi

Madonna has opened her heart and her home to two more children.

According to reports, Malawi’s judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula confirmed the order for Madonna to adopt 4½-year-old twin girls, Stella and Esther, from the country. 332 more words


Coffee Shop Math

Sometimes it’s nice to manipulate “quality time” with your kid to also be “happy time” for yourself. So I periodically suggest to the kids that we ride our bikes or walk or, yes, even ski to a local coffee shop (okay, the ski option does not present itself often, but it did happen once, so I can say it.) Especially if we’re going stir crazy inside the house. 678 more words


Ten Thought Tuesday: February 7th 2017

  1. Today is a run day.  Yay!  I can’t wait to get out on the track this evening!
  2. My house is a mess…in every way possible.  Once I’m done this post, I really have to stop procrastinating.
  3. 278 more words

V.I.Q. (Very Important Questions)

I have a very distinct memory of my 10 year-old self walking to the convenience store with my best friend one afternoon.  At one point, we happened to pass a house with a child playing in the front yard; a little boy.  564 more words


On Trying Not to Raise an Asshole

This past week has been a bit rough for my son Henry.

He has struggled with with his behavior the whole week, which has ranged from being ungrateful, to rudeness, to outright defiance. 756 more words


More Nighttime Math Talk

Another bedtime math conversation with the 4-year old:

“Good night, kid. I love you.”

“I love you.”

“Hmm, who do you think loves whom more?” 252 more words


Found some old photos of me ♡ ♡ ♡

Here I am in my father’s arms when I was just a little baby ♡

And here I am, a happy little baby girl, a few months old ♡ … 60 more words

My Appreciation