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Wanna Play Checkers?

It was a quiet rainy morning with the 4-year-old. His brother was at school, he was playing quietly by himself (this is true!), and I was sneaking downstairs to tidy the house. 917 more words


A short conversation about infinity

“Hey, Kid. What’s the biggest  number you can think of?”


“Oh. What does infinity look like?”

“It’s a 1 with a hundred 0’s after it.” 239 more words


veni vidi vici

“Hi, I’m on the parent rota today”, I chirp, as I attempt to manoeuvre the triple buggy over Preschool’s front step  – the Big One’s (B1) BFF is also hitching a ride on the ‘piggyback’ today – his mum rendered housebound after she couldn’t find her keys on the way out. 648 more words

Mum Musings

Day 29

Day 29 – Today there was a beautiful mare standing outside his stall in the crossties. Luc could see her easily, yet didn’t even talk to her, and stood quietly for grooming without being tied (in the stall still). 167 more words


Day 19

Day 19 – Had an impressive ride today. Rode for an hour, practiced passing other horses without acknowledging them, he did quite well! Did some baby leg yields at the trot as well, and then ended the ride with jumping over tiny cross rails. 73 more words


Day 11

Day 11 – Today I discovered I’m phenomenal at sitting for long periods of time and watching other people work. My husband, Neil, is turning into a regular barn-boy. 220 more words


Day 10

Day 10- Still sick today, but after a long day of resting I hoped I was strong enough to play with Lucero. My husband, Neil, went with me again- and had no problem grooming and leading of course. 115 more words