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Stand Up


When you’re older, you’ll learn that Muslims are people worship God a little bit differently than we Christians do, and because a handful of Muslims did some very bad things, lots of other people want to treat Muslims badly.   151 more words


Saturday is Dadurday

My children are blessed to have a very involved father in their lives. When he’s not at work, he’s often scrambling to get home so he can spend as much time as he can with his little munchkins in their waking hours. 368 more words


The Kid Has Taken Over

Cookie, ever since the day you came into my life, I knew that every waking moment would revolve around you.  I guess I’m still adjusting to what that means. 74 more words


You're Not Normal. We Had You Tested.

It’s only natural for all parents to think that their kids are geniuses.  One moment, you’re holding a stinking poop machine that isn’t even smart enough to eat properly and can’t be trusted not to seriously injure itself.   175 more words


The red leaf 

100 happy days // day 21
Last week the 4 y/o found this leaf on the way to school. She gave it to me, but she wanted to take it into school afterwards. 80 more words


Thanks, Motivational Posters!

Mommy very angry:  Cookie!  How old are you?!?  Why do you still need my help to go to the bathroom?!?

Cookie: Because teamwork makes dreams come true.