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4 Years of Motherhood

Dear Nico,

Has it really been FOUR years since you came into this world and made me a mama? Today you seem so grown up from the little baby I remember holding in my arms. 585 more words

After 3 months since we planted Joshua’s monggo seed, we finally see it bear it’s first bean sprout. It is quite a surprise because we kept waiting from the surviving plants if any of them would bloom. 253 more words


Getting Ready For Those First Days of School!

By: Angy Talbot (ECFE Blog Writer/School Readiness Instructor)

Now that we’re coming to an end of the Dog Days of Summer, it is time to slowly switch our thoughts back to school. 814 more words

Early Childhood

Reason's my 4 year old won't sleep...

Hello everybody and welcome back.

As I sit writing this is it currently 01.18 and Leland is WIDE awake… So I thought I’d compile a little list of all the reasons Leland cannot go to sleep tonight. 201 more words

A Four year old's Solar System

My son loves science! He is especially interested about the solar system. His dad brought home a Space book and he was thrilled. We read about the 8 planets and we went page by page. 142 more words

Teach At Home

Chore Ideas For The 4 to 6 -Year- Old

Chores are important for children to do as it can help boost independence, responsibility and confidence while preparing them for adult life.  Here are some chores that your 4 to 6-year-old can do. 36 more words

4 Year Old

Lunchtime A Turtle

So my 4 year old composed a song today.  Completely spontaneously and without any prompting on my part.  It was eerily quiet in the house, and I got paranoid that something was being or had been destroyed… and instead it was quiet because he was furiously busy  104 more words