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Let's Look to the Kids When We Don't Know the Answer

Lately I’ve been intrigued by the people I meet who seem to be less emotionally cluttered than the rest of us–the straight-talkers among us, those who can rise above the fray, the men and women who never appear to be in a hurry because they know nothing is really… 1,058 more words


Five Senses Day at Preschool

This week at preschool we learned about our five senses.  It was a touchy, smelly, tasty, visual and auditory extravaganza.  When the kids arrived, they were given cheap white paper plates and were told they were going to make it into a pizza.  1,645 more words



I love our chats.

I love the feel of your soft little hand in mine.

I love when you lean up against me.

I love when you wake me up in the mornings by stroking my cheek with your hand. 128 more words

4 Year Old

The Day You Realize Your Kid Is Smarter Than You

Cookie: Mommy, I figured out what the “x” means.

Mommy: Oh?

Cookie: Remember when you said you’d teach me multiplication?

Mommy: Yeah, after you’re better with your addition. 153 more words


trains, balloons & sugar: a simple birthday

I can’t tell you how freeing it felt to take it easy on the birthday thing this year. Hopefully, we started some traditions that will be great memories, but this year, I took the… 625 more words


Operational Sequencing - Consequences

Cookie:  Mommy, my butt itches.  I think it’s dry.

Mommy: Ok.  Let me get the lotion.

A short while and several globs of lotion later: 43 more words