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A$AP Rocky - Testing - Album Review

Testing is a bland record on which Rocky fails to play to his strengths. Throughout the 52 minute project, the Harlem rapper and fashion influencer provides vague concepts and directions without the songwriting or production to bring them to life. 262 more words


Shakespeare Peer Review #4

For this peer review, I decided to review Alina’s letter, written from Hermia’s viewpoint to her father.


“Hey, Alina.
Awesome blog entry, I think you embodied Hermia perfectly. 47 more words

Peer Reviews

#BlogTour #BookReview The Old You by Louise Voss. @LouiseVoss1 @OrendaBooks #TheOldYou #backablogger

My Review:

The Old You by Louise Voss is a great read. Right from the start I was hooked and wanted to know what was going to happen. 392 more words

Book Review

Goldstone Bakery

I’ve got no idea what Portuguese chicken is. No, not the Nando’s Peri-peri version, but the “Chinese” version that’s often on menus of HK restaurants. And apparently my mom doesn’t either, so I guess it’s more unique to HK vs. 470 more words


Black Mirror Season 4: a Worrying Reality Check

In 1917, America joined World War One. In 2017, Trump tweet 2,417 times, which also caused significant damage to international relations. It is the 21st Century; an age where the mobile phone is more abundant than the working toilet. 829 more words



大卫面对恶人的欺压,环境的艰难,坚定相信上帝是让他走在义路上的力量,第1 节大卫回想上帝曾经使他从压力困苦中心灵宽广,就为自己面对的艰难再次祷告。第7-8节 大卫祷告完,他就心里快乐,安然睡觉。 比较奇怪的是:大卫在2–6节 应该是向上帝祷告求怜恤,却转向那些带给他苦难的人,开始自说自话地教导他们,完全没有为自己祷告。,这是什么原因?从大卫的话中,可以看到他是从担心自己的苦难,转向担心这些带给他苦难的人,大卫虽然有苦难,但是有上帝,上帝会听他祷告,然而这些犯罪的人呢?他们虽然欺压人得到好处,这些却是虚假虚妄,没有上帝的结局是悲惨的。大卫在苦难中不再担心自己,却为那些带给他苦难的人担心,这是一个对上帝大有信心的人在苦难中的反应,不担心自己,却为带给他苦难的人担心,正如主耶稣在十字架上为那些钉他十字架的人祷告:父啊!赦免他们,因为他们所做的他们不知道! 求主赐给我们这样的大爱,靠着耶稣基督的恩典,不仅爱可爱的人,更要赦免和怜悯那些犯罪,得罪我们,给我们带来苦难的人,他们犯罪要么是没有上帝,要么是离弃了上帝,他们此时比我们是更可怜的,因为上帝的审判和管教必定临到他。愿天下所有人都悔改信靠耶稣基督,得着上帝的恩典,阿们!

詩篇 4 Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional) (CUVMPT)


4 大衛的詩,交於伶長。用絲弦的樂器。

1 顯我為義的神啊,我呼籲的時候,求你應允我。我在困苦中,你曾使我寬廣;現在求你憐恤我,聽我的禱告。

2 你們這上流人哪,你們將我的尊榮變為羞辱,要到幾時呢?你們喜愛虛妄,尋找虛假,要到幾時呢?(細拉)

3 你們要知道,耶和華已經分別虔誠人歸他自己,我求告耶和華,他必聽我。

4 你們應當畏懼,不可犯罪;在床上的時候要心裡思想,並要肅靜。(細拉)

5 當獻上公義的祭,又當倚靠耶和華。

6 有許多人說:「誰能指示我們什麼好處?」耶和華啊,求你仰起臉來,光照我們!

7 你使我心裡快樂,勝過那豐收五穀、新酒的人。

8 我必安然躺下睡覺,因為獨有你耶和華使我安然居住。


Sega is Giving Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 Remasters on PS4

Some big news that was a rumor back in April and has now gotten confirmation, as Sega will be doing remastered versions of Yakuza 3… 224 more words

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