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Magichem Bleach Tabs (makes 10 gallons of bleach per card- 4 cards per order)

You get a total of 40 gallons of bleach! Each tab is one gallon of bleach. Great for all household cleaning – Removes Mold & Mildew – Whitens white laundry – Great for State regulated cleaning procedures- Such as nail & hair salons – High quality premium bleach – Each card make 10 gallons of bleach – Comes blister packed & ready for retail sales
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Avant Gauze Drain Sponges 4

This sponge features an extra fenestration which allows it to lay flat when wrapped around a drainage tube. Without it, the sponge will pucker , decreasing effectiveness by allowing fluids to pool around the drain tube. 38 more words


Old Spice, Sweat Defense, Solid Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Pure Sport, 2.6-Ounce Sticks (Pack of 4)

A man should leave behind traces of his greatness in the form of murals, A+ essays and quality carpentry. But an antiperspirant should appear invisible, like air or money you dont have. 40 more words

Adult Loss #4

Calling to schedule your own appointments.


Tiger Balm Sports Rub, 1.7-Ounce Tin (Pack of 4)

Tiger Balm is a legendary pain relieving product developed for a Chinese emporer more than a centuray ago during the Ching Dynasty. The commercialization of Tiger Balm dates back more than 130 years ago to Rangoon, Burma, where the father of Aw Boon Haw
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Another Round for 4

We are ostracized by a table
half the size of the dining room
and I am looking at you
and you are laughing.

And I am watching you… 135 more words

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