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day 11: daughter expectations

day 11; february 24 2018

i have always felt like there are these expectations of me when it comes to how my parents look at my brother and me. 609 more words


day 10: falling in love with souls

day 10; february 23 2018

attraction typically gets my attention but personality is definitely what keeps me interested. you can have the most attractive person in front of me and i’d probably fall in love but if they’re the shittiest person i’ve ever met, it’s a deal breaker. 215 more words


Five Days In

So, I did the things today, and stayed away from the other things today…plus I worked, cooked a delicious meal, and took my son to a fabulous show. 187 more words


day 9: my struggle with finding love

day 9; february 22 2018

i’m gay. i like girls. i think i’ve made that clear. but i haven’t officially dated a girl. my timeline has pretty much been: 373 more words


A Little Bit of Failure

So, I did everything on my list today, except the gallon of water. I didn’t work today, so I drank less water than I wanted and had more tea. 220 more words


day 8: my preferences

day 8; february 21 2018

i get harassed a lot for liking and disliking particular things in my life. here are just a few of my preferences that tend to differ than the people i interact with on a day to day basis. 602 more words


I Made It Through Day 3

So, today was day 3 of my 40 Day challenge through my church, and I did all the things on my list, and stayed away from the things I’m sacrificing. 328 more words