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Vegetarians, I can roll with them.

February marks the starts of Lent, one of the biggest holidays in the Catholic calendar. Normally I don’t disclose my religious roots because I don’t feel very connected to my faith, but I took the opportunity to test my willpower by not eating meat during the 40-day course of Lent. 385 more words

Com 475

Mirror Mirror (on the wall...)

The challenge is over, and the mirror is back in my life once again. It’s a strange sensation to see yourself again, to have a weird kind of reunion with your face… And although Lent was hard, and a big pain at times, what did it do if it didn’t impact my life now? 573 more words


40 Day Challenge parts 3 & 4

I apologize for the delay in publishing the last 20 days of the 40 Day Challenge. The remaining 20 days are in the ESV translation, unless otherwise noted. 342 more words

If you can't think of anything kind, you aren't thinking hard enough

The 40 day challenge has been going really well.  I must admit, I was concerned about doing some act of kindness e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y for 40 days in a row, but I have been something every day. 207 more words

Patricia Franklin

40-Day General Conference Reading Challenge

What a perfect opportunity to prepare for our upcoming April 2016 General Conference by refreshing our minds and hearts of messages and inspiration given by our leaders last October. 81 more words

40 Day Challenge

The church I have been attending began a forty day scripture challenge this month. The 40 Day Challenge is forty days of meditating on God’s Word using the S.O.A.P. 516 more words

Bare Face // Bare Thoughts

Life without make up is like doing the bare face, no make-up selfie challenge but 24/7, and without all the selfies… But it’s strangely liberating not seeing my own face, it’s just not on my mind to think about what I look like. 312 more words