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What Marie Antoinette Did Right: A Youthful Headspace Moment

I have recently committed myself to the 40 Day Challenge at BIG Power Yoga.  If you aren’t familiar with what this is here is a good link… 681 more words


The 40 Day Challenge: A BIG Power Yoga Transformation

New year = a time to embrace transformation.  In all honesty, maybe you don’t necessarily need a new calendar year to begin taking on something transformable, but seriously … what is it about January that just seems to hint at more promise? 891 more words

The Healthy Life

the ultimate QUESTION to ask when it comes to your "stuff"


My house is full of it. My car is full of it. My classroom is full of it. I’ve collected lots of it over the last 41 years of my life. 658 more words


40 Day Reign Fitness Team Series Challenge | Success Stories | Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our 40 Day Reign Fitness Team Series Challenge Success Stories!

If you haven’t been following this series…

Reign Fitness held a 40 Day Team Series Challenge that was extremely successful where 4 teams combined lost a total of over 560 pounds. 1,839 more words


40 Days Wild

Its the start of an adventurous, unpredictable journey into the wilderness. Inspired by Jesus’ 40 Days in the wilderness after His baptism, and the book,  353 more words

Daily Life

40-Day Bookish Challenge: Day 13


I used this one last time for “books set in your home state”.

This time I’m using it as this prompt because I literally don’t know of any other book about a road trip. 81 more words


40-Day Bookish Challenge: Day 12


I honestly don’t know why this book is the first to come to mind when I read the prompt.

When I read through all the prompts when I found Pop Sugar’s 2016 Reading Challenge, this book was the first to come to mind and it has stuck like glue since. 22 more words