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Why I Sucked at Meditating (and Why You Probably Do Too)

If you already have a solid meditation practice – Rock on!  If you want to create a practice but haven’t been able to get started – … 1,236 more words


Day Six: Life on earth is temporary

This is the third way of seeing life through God’s eyes.

In the UK, life expectancy is abbout 80 years and in Nigeria it is about 55 years. 173 more words


Day Five: Life Through God's Eyes

Half way through this chapter I had to stop and ask God for forgiveness. You’d understand why at the end of this post.

How we see life determines how we spend our time, what we spend our time doing, our priorities, what we cherish and in summary the path we tread on. 293 more words


4o Day Challenge: Why & What

40 Day Challenge: Why and What?


I did my first 40 day challenge in December of 2015 because I wanted to start a meditation practice. 851 more words


Day Four: Eternity

Live every day like its your last

As we carry on with life we forget certain important truths. We don’t think about them for a while.

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Vegetarians, I can roll with them.

February marks the starts of Lent, one of the biggest holidays in the Catholic calendar. Normally I don’t disclose my religious roots because I don’t feel very connected to my faith, but I took the opportunity to test my willpower by not eating meat during the 40-day course of Lent. 385 more words

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Mirror Mirror (on the wall...)

The challenge is over, and the mirror is back in my life once again. It’s a strange sensation to see yourself again, to have a weird kind of reunion with your face… And although Lent was hard, and a big pain at times, what did it do if it didn’t impact my life now? 573 more words