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Give Your Love Life a "Lent Lift"

Try saying THAT ten times fast!

Most of us aren’t thinking about Lent on Valentine’s Day … but for those for whom this day brings a twinge of sadness, I’d like to suggest something to consider for Lent this year. 597 more words

Rumours turns 40!

Every 8 years Venus goes retrograde in the same sign for approximately 40 days and 40 nights. This means that every 8 years we’re visited by similar themes as Venus takes a slow walk through the underworld of that area of our chart. 197 more words


Day 12: Gratitude

Here’s a sneak preview of my upcoming “The 40 Day Challenge: Mother Teresa Edition,” which starts Ash Wednesday, March 1. Hope you can join us! 322 more words

40 Day Challenge

40 Days of Beauty: Maybe she's born with it...yeah, she's definitely born with it. 

Not the beauty you think.

In a time where we are constantly surrounded by hate and alternative facts, I took it upon myself to start a new challenge. 2,854 more words

Lovelee Lessons

What Marie Antoinette Did Right: A Youthful Headspace Moment

I have recently committed myself to the 40 Day Challenge at BIG Power Yoga.  If you aren’t familiar with what this is here is a good link… 681 more words


The 40 Day Challenge: A BIG Power Yoga Transformation

New year = a time to embrace transformation.  In all honesty, maybe you don’t necessarily need a new calendar year to begin taking on something transformable, but seriously … what is it about January that just seems to hint at more promise? 891 more words

The Healthy Life

the ultimate QUESTION to ask when it comes to your "stuff"


My house is full of it. My car is full of it. My classroom is full of it. I’ve collected lots of it over the last 41 years of my life. 658 more words