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Every Day Livin': Only In America

Uber Opportunities

Only in America would both my Uber drivers today be non-English speaking immigrants. The second one only eight months in from Cuba. He’s learned “left, right, stop, yes and no” and was thankful that I knew some Spanish to get us there. 1,026 more words

Super Healthy Ways Celery Contributes to Your Overall Health

Happy Monday!!!

In honor of National Celery Month, I thought I would re-post a recent post I wrote about the beauty of Celery!

Whether it’s Game Day, a simple party or group meeting; what is almost always on the menu? 482 more words

Surrender Fast

40-Day Fast (Day 0)

In order to start the fast, I decided to give myself the last binge. I hope that would help me commit to the experiment.

Last Supper.

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[Experiment] 40-Day Fast

Yes, 40 days.

Let’s just say that my diet has been crazy for a many months now — a constant cycle of restricting and binging. For many months I have restricted myself to 900-1000 calories, and those calories mainly consisted of graham crackers and sugars. 723 more words