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Stumbling Into my Need for a Better Sabbath

In third or fourth grade, on “bring your parent to school day”, my mom came and taught my class how to set a table. It wasn’t anything crazy. 904 more words

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Diary of an Overconsumer (day 2)

Confession: This is what my fridge looked like three weeks ago. That day, I opened it up and whined, “Why are we always running out of food?” 477 more words

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Commonly Asked Questions re: a 40-day fast

I’ve been asked a few questions about my choice to enter a 40-day fast, so I wanted to take a second to lay it out for you. 1,069 more words

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Planning a 40-Day Fast

If life is a river, I’ve hit a snag with my easy-going motor boat ways.

I told you that last week, I felt a current of change in my life… 681 more words

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Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out.

I read in another blog that the reason women are so drawn to 50 shades is because they desire to be led, to be cared for. 842 more words


No pain/no gain--where'd THAT come from??

Just had my long-awaited and summarily needed doctor’s appointment for a couple of whining and complaining knees. This had begun to make itself known years ago, along with several other things; it’s like I turned 31 and the warranty on my body expired.  392 more words


An Experience of The Jesus Fast


Below is a verbatim report, as it was written, some days after the faster had completed 46 days on water only.

You will see that it was quite an epic experience, in more ways than one, and while it is conveyed in a bit of a personal story format, it nevertheless has lots of useful information for anyone who is considering doing It too, including several spiritual insights. 8,054 more words