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The 9mm vs .40 S&W vs .45 ACP Caliber Debate


.45 ACP is a bigger, heavier bullet, so it is the best self-defense round.  There’s nothing better than shooting an ashtray size projectile at someone.  70 more words


Ruger's ARX Polycase Ammunition


The Polycase ARX bullet was designed and is manufactured in Savannah, Georgia.  It is marketed by Ruger as the Ruger ARX.

It is advertised as a high velocity, non-expanding bullet that defeats even the heaviest clothing and penetrates straight into tissue.  932 more words


What is an "Extraction"? What is Threat Assessment?....How Important are they?

“I’m right handed…and I carry on my right hip at 5 o’clock..do I need to learn how to extract my weapon with my left hand?” “Should I learn to draw my weapon with the opposite hand?” “If I’m in a tight situation will I be able to extract or draw my weapon with ONE hand”? 520 more words

2nd Amendment

The Most Deadly Handgun Cartridge You Can Buy For Self-Defense

By Bill Bernhardt Off The Grid News

For many years now there has been a debate among handgun owners as to what the single most effective self-defense handgun cartridge is. 141 more words