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Hornady Critical Duty: Outside Ammo Review

Hornady Critical Duty

Originally posted by: Richard Mann, Shooting Illustrated

Hornady’s new Critical Duty loads for the 9 mm and .40 S&W were specifically designed for law enforcement, engineered to meet the FBI’s stringent qualifications for service ammunition. 1,757 more words


The Butter Glock and 9mm vs 40 S&W

What happens if you melt eleven blocks of butter and pour the molten yumminess all over your brand new Glock 17? Will the Glock function? Will it fail? 68 more words


40 S&W CCI Shotshell Review (Hipster Neck-Beard Tactical Head)

Testing the CCI 40 S&W Pest Control Shotshells. A sceintific and Objective Ballistics test is offered with a variety of test targets. Ultimately we shoot the hipster, neck-bearded tactical head. 203 more words


Good To Go Ammo .40 and 10mm Defensive Operator Ammo Sale

If .40 S&W or 10mm is your caliber of choice and you want a reliable, smooth-shooting Hornady XTP load (low-flash powder), then check out the GTG Ammo DOA Sale in each caliber. 48 more words


WOS - .40 S&W | Ammo, Background, Specs

Ever wondered about .40 S&W? Here is everything you would like to know and never asked about .40.

.40 S&W | Ammo, Background, Specs.


Frangible Ammo for home defense



Frangible Ammo for Home Defense

The blue collar test…


While out at the range last weekend I decided to test the much lauded theory that frangible ammo was a safer more viable option for home defense. 908 more words