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Ruger's ARX Polycase Ammunition


The Polycase ARX bullet was designed and is manufactured in Savannah, Georgia.  It is marketed by Ruger as the Ruger ARX.

It is advertised as a high velocity, non-expanding bullet that defeats even the heaviest clothing and penetrates straight into tissue.  932 more words


What is an "Extraction"? What is Threat Assessment?....How Important are they?

“I’m right handed…and I carry on my right hip at 5 o’clock..do I need to learn how to extract my weapon with my left hand?” “Should I learn to draw my weapon with the opposite hand?” “If I’m in a tight situation will I be able to extract or draw my weapon with ONE hand”? 520 more words

2nd Amendment

The Most Deadly Handgun Cartridge You Can Buy For Self-Defense

By Bill Bernhardt Off The Grid News

For many years now there has been a debate among handgun owners as to what the single most effective self-defense handgun cartridge is. 141 more words