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40 Quirks for 40 Years

To start with, I should have created this list when I was 20.  It’s much easier to come up with 20 unique things versus 40!  Try it!!   802 more words

Changing Careers? Everything You Need To Know About Changing Careers In Your 40s

Are you already in your forties but currently thinking about changing careers? It can be a daunting internal battle especially when you’ve most likely earned a high level of subject matter expertise, garnered a senior level or a pay cheque that provides you a comfortable living. 23 more words

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40 Things to Do When You're 40: 32. Read 40 Books

My favorite Twighlight Zone episode is “Time Enough at Last”. It’s the one about Henry Bemis, the bank teller, who loved to read. The problem was that he never had the time. 792 more words

40 Years Old

40 Things to do When You're 40: 34. Write a Personal Mission Statement

When I turned 40, I realized that my life is more than likely at least halfway over. I figured it is a good time to reevaluate my life’s purpose and mission. 689 more words

40 Years Old

3 months into 40

It’s December 22 and I’m 3 months into 40. Today I’m feeling my age but in a good way. When I was 20, 40 seemed eons away. 332 more words


November 17, 2015: 40 year old female central figure in Danish 9,1 billion DKK tax fraud case

She is 40 years old, has a degree from the University of Oxford, and upheld for twelve years a beautiful career at the investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald. 129 more words

40 Things to Do When You're 40 #36

#36 Bake the Perfect Cake

The hallmark of a good baker is in the quality of their sponge cake. I have heard that if you can produce a light and airy sponge, then you can bake. 432 more words