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Dating tips and advice for a 40 year old?

Dating advice and tips. If there is one subject on which numerous articles have been written on,then this would be it. Google or Youtube the term ‘dating advice’ or ‘dating tips’ and you’ll see exactly what I mean. 698 more words

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Being in your early 40s isn't so bad

I’ll tell you why it isn’t as horrible as I thought. I mean YeS there are the noticeable grays on the crown of my head, the black circles, the stubborn fat that just won’t vanish and my vision is slowly going. 301 more words

The day everything changed: Heart Attack

So we left off around 4:45 AM in the last post as I laid down and try to go to sleep. Our oldest awoke shortly after 6 AM. 663 more words


Heart Attack in his forties still day 1

The gurney was on the move. We went up through a secure elevator to land on floor 5. At this point I sent an email to work stating I would not be in, hubby was in the hospital,I think everything is fine and will update them later. 671 more words

Heart Attack at 40 Day 1

So we left off the other day by stating we were heading to the hospital. I thought this was crazy, he is only in his early forties. 499 more words

Forty years, 126 days

I have been forty years old for 126 days today. What is the significance of that, you might ask? Well, on the surface, absolutely nothing! However, if you will sit for a bit, grab a cup of coffee, chai tea, beer or whiskey (my preference), I will tell you what I have learned in those 126 days that I never allowed myself to do, realize or be in the prior 39 years. 588 more words


It’s funny how when you are young the world seems so accessible. It also feels like you have so much time. However, in reality, moments turn into memories that you swear… 162 more words