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In The City of Brotherly Love

You’re born alone.  You will die alone.  Isn’t that what they say?  Then there are those times in between when we are so lonely we feel like we could die. 280 more words

Forty years, 126 days

I have been forty years old for 126 days today. What is the significance of that, you might ask? Well, on the surface, absolutely nothing! However, if you will sit for a bit, grab a cup of coffee, chai tea, beer or whiskey (my preference), I will tell you what I have learned in those 126 days that I never allowed myself to do, realize or be in the prior 39 years. 588 more words


It’s funny how when you are young the world seems so accessible. It also feels like you have so much time. However, in reality, moments turn into memories that you swear… 162 more words


40 Is Just a Number

Well, my 40th birthday is ending in less than an hour. Frankly, I don’t like that number. It’s an age many people dread. So, I’m just not going to care about age. 39 more words


Pop Culture Anniversary Alert : Rumours is 40 Years Old!

Rumours,  the classic Fleetwood Mac album turned 40 years old this month. The band was originally a British blues formation but with changes in the lineup and a shift to an easy flowing pop / rock sound, they really hit their stride.  228 more words


Actor Van Vicker celebrates wife as she turns 40 years old

Actor, Van Vicker took to his Instagram page to celebrate his wife who turned 40 today.

He wrote; “I look forward to Jan 24th every year for the past 22years. 262 more words

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Fight off Alzheimer’s with exercise!

By the time you reach your 40s – get in shape. Being in good physical shape at mid-life makes you 36% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s later. 26 more words

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