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That's a lot of money

Bryce Harper is no doubt one of the best players in the MLB right now, but had he gone mad. Bryce Harper is asking for a record breaking $400 million dollar contract that would exceed 10 years. 70 more words


White House admits to lying about $400 million payment. Hillary lied too.

So it finally came out!!! The White House has been lying to us (no surprise I know) about the mysterious $400 million payment to Iran. Yes, it was for the prisoners. 86 more words

Hillary Clinton

State Department Confirms $400 Million to Iran Was Ransom Payment

In an unprecedented blow to the Obama Administration, the State Department announced today the the $400 Million dollars seen taken off of a private jet in Iran, was infact given to Iran on the condition of releasing hostages. 363 more words


The $400 Million Boondoggle

Well, I wasn’t going to say a word about this because frankly if anybody in their right mind felt that Obama was telling the truth and not doing the “Okey-Dokey Shuffle” at his press conference the other day, they need to stop taking whatever medication they are currently on…it’s altering their reality plane. 542 more words

Obama demands $400 Million ransom back after finding out hostages are registered Republicans

The Obama Administration paid a whopping $400 million to Iran in exchange for four American hostages. This has raised the eyebrows of many of Obama’s critics because it is incredibly illegal. 121 more words


As Obama Slams Iran "Ransom" Allegations, He Refuses To Answer One Simple Question

For the second day after The White House was forced to admit dropping pallets full of $400 million of non-USD-denominated cash to Iran ‘coinciding’ with the release of four hostages and the Iran nuclear deal; … 948 more words


$400 Million Dollar Transfer to Iran was their money - How to find the real facts

https://twitter.com/Letters4America” Steven Moore, Editor ‏@Letters4America 48m48 minutes ago
Who transported $400M? What were serial #’s to track? Was this a payment 2 ISIS?Did DNC take cut? 1,826 more words

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