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A Grimmer, Darker Future hits for Warhammer 40k

The universe of Warhammer 40K has always been over the top, but if Games Workshop are to be believed the grim darkness of the far future has gotten even grimmer and even darker than ever. 605 more words


Hardback Gaming Rule book

A personal project this was based upon Games Workshop miniatures company and it’s hardback rule books. They are often image rich with all kinds of background text. 88 more words


The Albino Forest: Part 1 (Colour)

As requested, here’s a couple of rough shots of my Chapel warband in colour! I’ve noticed a few things that need touching up since taking these and I’d like to share some lore on them all individually, but you can see something close to the finished article.


The Albino Forest: Part 1

The air carried the breath of decomposition, doubtlessly rising from the squalid pools of stinking bodily fluids coalescing around the roots of the sallow giants. The trees were the colour of bone, the forest like the sun bleached remains of some great beast.  445 more words


Ostium Guide: The Siren.

She knows these grounds. She walked these paths when the metallic ground was still shining;
brushed past the sallow trees when they were but saplings. She glided small-footed through… 95 more words