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Blood Angels Captain

Blood Angels Captain from Assault on Black Reach, last miniature of Space Marines from this set.

Kapitan Blood Angels z Inwazji na Czarną Grań, ostatnia figurka Space Marines z tego zestawu. 6 more words


Blood Angels Death Company

For today I have squad of Death Company with jump packs. My first reinforcement for Blood Angels after Assault on Black Reach.

Na dzisiaj mam oddział Death Company z plecaczkami. 19 more words


Blood Angels Terminator

Po długiej przerwie wracam do malowania i pisania. Na dobry start Termosy Blood Angels. Tak samo jak poprzednicy z zestawu Inwazja na Czarną Grań.

After long break I’m back to painting and writing. 16 more words


Store closing and New Project.

So I must be completely insane. I have taken on several new model projects during the heat of report card time at work.

Let me start at the beginning. 103 more words


Tipster in Hoffman capture to collect reward

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The citizen whose tip helped police capture a man suspected of shooting his former boyfriend and business partner to death at an Arden Hills gas station will collect a $40,000 reward. 85 more words


Newest Addition: Imperial Psyker Conclave

Back when Dave sold me a load of Imperial Guard, included in that bundle were some conversions he had made with Empire Flagellants and Cultists bits. 30 more words


Newest Addition - Inquistior Aurea Pugno!

I have 2 Inquistiors already, a kitbashed Ordo Malleus in Terminator armour and an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor based on a Heresy model of the War Doctor from Doctor Who. 119 more words