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Fixing the Public Employees’ pension crisis

Public employee pensions are time bombs set to explode.  The State of Illinois finances are in such a state of crisis that its comptroller, Susana Mendoza, has told the legislature that over 90% of its monthly revenue is now being commandeered for court-ordered payments, primarily to pay current pensioners.  341 more words

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Ask Big Ern: A Safe Withdrawal Rate Case Study for "John Smith"

Welcome! Today is a premiere! Our first case study for a fellow FIRE planner “John Smith” (not his real name) who asked me if I can look into his early retirement plan, run some numbers and check whether he can retire already. 3,195 more words

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It’s Official: The U.S. Retirement Crisis is Real

I have been aware of the retirement crisis in America for a while now. There are new articles published every week about Americans’ lack of savings, lack of access to retirement plans, and lack of financial knowledge. 1,004 more words


When it come to Retirement Plans what is the difference between... Good... Better.... and Best? about 300% to 200% more money!

When it come to Retirement Plans what is the difference between Good… Better…. and Best? about 300% to 200% more money!

When people ask about IRAs and 401(k)s, I remind them that these may have once been good vehicles at one time for saving for retirement but today they’re far from the best. 706 more words

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10 Reasons to Ditch the 401(k)

10 Reasons to Ditch the 401(k)

1. You’re Entering into an Unholy Alliance

2. It’s NOT all your money!

3. You’ll Pay Higher Fees than Anyone else… 2,123 more words

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Inventor of 401k says: He created a monster

Ted Benna, a retired benefits consultant, is sometimes called the father of the 401(k).

He now thinks it gives individual savers too many opportunities to make mistakes. 739 more words

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