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How Social Security Works 🤑 What you can expect 🤑 What you need to do

The less you earn, the greater percentage of your pre-retirement income will be replaced by Social Security. It’s designed that way; to provide a higher proportional benefit to lower income Americans. 119 more words


3 Reasons to Consider Starting a Roth IRA today

Roths are a great way for someone at the beginning of their financial plan to start building towards their future.  Roths can be utilized in multiple ways to build towards multiple goals.  470 more words

Pints & Personal Finance - May 24 @ 7:00pm

Drink some beers and learn about Personal Finance at the BALLARD BREWING CO. This is the first of an ongoing series that is hosted by Millenial Wealth. 46 more words


Losing My Job and Finding My Way

Well, I did it.  I did something 2 weeks ago that you are never supposed to do.  I cashed out a 401K. I realize I broke one of the “rules”. 855 more words

Pro's and Con's of Starting a 401(k)

Small Business owners have every right to be careful about setting up a 401(k) plan for their business.  Like anything that is integrated into the tax code, these plans can be complicated and expensive.  940 more words

My Office Doesn't Have a 401(k)... Now What?

First of all you are not alone.  CNBC recently ran an article stating that in 2017, 35% of workers in the private sector don’t have a 401(k).  1,091 more words

What Are Normal Stock Market Returns?

This is a question I get from almost every new client I interact with…and almost everyone has a different opinion.  Lots of the time it has to do with either the recent past experience or something they read a long time ago.  371 more words

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