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Can diligent 401(k) Savings go too far?

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One of the most common types of retirement savings plans offered by employers is a 401(k).

Typically there are two ways in which contributions are made. 258 more words

New York District Attorney Responds To Time's Up Initiative's Powerful Open Letter Demanding Investigation Into Harvey Weinstein Case

The Time’s Up initiative has penned an open letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo demanding an investigation into the district attorney’s failure to prosecute disgraced filmmaker Harvey Weinstein. 540 more words


Something "DC" that John Ralfe and I agree on!

I sometimes think John and I will never agree, I am forever looking at the world half full and he “half empty”, where I see opportunity, he sees danger, where he sees certainty, I see parsimony. 356 more words




Want a Raise?

Here’s the Formula.

Surprised to learn there is a formula to asking your boss for a raise? Well there is and once you learn these tricks of the trade, the world is yours! 329 more words


Are Your Beneficiary Designations Up to Date?

Are Your Beneficiary Designations Up to Date?

Who should inherit your IRA or 401(k)? See that they do

Provided by Jose Medina

Here’s a simple financial question: who is the beneficiary of your IRA? 827 more words


Thinking about retirement? Is inflation going to get you?

The standard advice is that in retirement you need only 70-80% of your pre-retirement income (on the theory your expenses will decline). That’s balderdash🤨

Not only will most of your expenses remain the same, (🤑) those that do decline or disappear will be replaced by other different expenses; some for fun others you can’t control. 250 more words


Forget the Traditional Retirement!

Many of us have heard of multiple retirement plans, and retirement planning tools, that are well, conventional. These include such things as the traditional annuities, 401(k), the money market accounts, CDs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and many others. 444 more words

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