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An Ping

Traditional street

Ceramic lot plate

Postcards display : Anping town

Ornamented sword-lion with Chinese quote :” Work in fits and starts, will never get anywhere.” … 108 more words


Under your foot

Taiwan power company manhole cover

Underwater manhole cover

Tainan sewage drain cover

Rainwater manhole cover, Anping, Tainan

Bicycle lane, Sword-lion symbol in Anping, Tainan

Water measurement manhole cover. 29 more words


Into the unique culture : Baba Nyonya

Intricate building exterior

Baba&Nyonya Museum along the street.

Chinese blackwood, so-called Chinese Ebony, inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

Red lacquer and gold leaf on Nam wood. Crafted into ornament with typical Chinese motifs. 101 more words