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The Art of Stillness #Writing

In a world full of distractions, each seductively pulling our attention away from the things that are important to us, it becomes tantamount to find the strength to keep focused on our goals and dreams. 397 more words



It has been 40 days since you left, mom. And these are the words I’ve been wanting to told you. I wish you could still read this. 514 more words


Finer Points: Joy

Joy is the hallmark of true discipleship.

Joy is not a natural reflex to trials. It is a Kingdom response by a disciple of Jesus who sees reality from God’s perspective. 45 more words

Finer Points

A lot of days of LOVE and no blogging

I’ve been busy. I got a new job. I’ve been house hunting. Sometimes LOVE takes a back seat. That’s always been the problem. Still a struggle. 523 more words


Days 13 & 14: the patience of LOVE

Oh man. I just re-read 1 Corinthians 13. And these 2 lines stuck out from a very long couple of days…

LOVE is patient… it is not easily angered. 

500 more words

Day 12: LOVED anyway

I’ve spent the last few years trying to figure out how to be a vulnerable person. Maybe that sounds funny- but I was raised to be always performing. 462 more words


Day 11: LOVE is noisy

I’m staying with my sister, her husband, and their 2 smart and energetic 8 year old boys. Understand, for the past decade I have lived alone. 365 more words