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40 days sober and more

I am very proud to say that I have reached 40 days. It has not been as hard as I thought it would be. I guess all that blogging about addiction and my struggle really helped. 482 more words

Night Thoughts

Will You Walk the Way of the Cross?

“Nice! Big!” my new friend Paul exclaimed as we walked through a middle-class neighbourhood.
“You mean that house?” I asked
“No! I mean that cat!” he replied. 897 more words

40 days - Are You Willing To Take This On?

Life seems to be going by on “fastforward” mode. It’s like every time I get a chance to catch-up on one thing there are 10 other things that fall by the way side. 331 more words

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

One of the parts of this 40 day challenge I am doing is self exploration. We have self excavating questions that really cause you to look deep inside and think about how you feel, act, react etc to life and life’s situations.  409 more words

Blog Posts

Nutrimost- HCG Diet

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The summer of 2016 I was living in Michigan and I had gained a lot of weight junior year. This was when I discovered Nutrimost. 692 more words


Reflections On My 40 Day Fast

In my deliberate attempt to draw closer to God, I’ve come to learn a few crucial elements during my recent 40 days of fasting. But why 40 days you may ask? 579 more words