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Inquisition - Hector Rex

Happy belated Canada Day.  I was camping the previous four days and enjoyed Canada Day in the Canadian Rockies.  Happy Independence Day to my neighbours in the south.  219 more words

Games Workshop

Modeling - Brother-Sergeant Pyrrus of the Clan Khorvaak 1st Assault Mock-Up

Finished Klamos and wanted to do another jump pack soldier so took a shot at Pyrrus.

Pyrrus leads the 1st Assault Squad of Clan Khorvaak. Armed with dual hand flamers, he leads 4 of his battle-brothers into combat. 52 more words


Mock-Up - Reclusiarch Klamos of the Iron Chorus Mock-Up

Had some time tonight, been messing with the Reclusiarch Command Squad Chaplain. Combined him with some Sternguard bits (the shoulder), a Vanguard jump pack, and some other minor bits to make Reclusiarch Klamos. 119 more words

Warhammer 40k

How to make custom Jungle/Wetlands Bases with water effects!

I’ve outlined step by step how to make the custom beautiful jungle/wetlands bases I posted up a couple weeks ago.
It’s a very simple process and doesn’t require any fancy techniques.   21 more words


Assassinorum Execution Force

After a few weeks of ‘playing’, my set of Assassinorum Execution Force is nearing completion. I quoted the word playing because this was for all intents and purposes new ground for me which in turn forced me to test out new methods previously alien to me. 359 more words

Warhammer 40K

ATC here i come!

Just over 24 hours from now I will be kicking off my second run at the ATC 40k as the WA captain. Its quite a daunting task – though I admit I love the extra challenges that it presents. 149 more words


I'm Melting!!!

Just wanted to give you a tiny update on un the Nightly Shade.

Wings are almost done. Rest – not so far, yet.

That’s all for now. 20 more words