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Roost 40K Video and Written Battle Report 014 – 1850 points Adeptas Sororitas vs Khorne Daemonkin

Jarrod wanted to try his Khorne army against my Adeptas Sororitas and I was happy to oblige.  I told Jarrod that I wanted to try the Repentant Host formation.  1,866 more words

Games Workshop

Showcase: Betrayal At Istvaan V (Horus Heresy)

Time for a look at my first models from the new Horus Heresy plastic range. The army I am building for this game is based around the Shattered Legions, the survivors of The Dropsite  Massacre of Istvaan V, which gives me plenty of scope for some heavy weathering, battle damage and personalisation of the models; each one is a veteran and a character that has survived the impossible. 136 more words


What's in the attic?

This is a blast(er) from the past.  Clearing out my attic, I came across my old Games Workshop Warhammer 40k figures.  I used to paint these – in fact I spent more time painting than playing the game.   9 more words


Realm of Plagues - Part 1

You may recognise this chap. He’s popped up before in various guises. In fact for a while I wondered if he’d ever be finished, or would just keep evolving, appearing on the blog again and again as I added a tentacle here, a pustule there, until in the end he was unrecognisable and spawnlike. 50 more words

Warhammer 40k

2015 Western Australian 40k Masters - Lists are in

The lists are all in and checked.



Names have been removed to protect the  innocent  CHEESEY!

Some really great lists and only 3 codex not in use – Harlequins (boo!) Legion of the Damned and Tyranids. 23 more words


One Wild Turkey Weekend!

Happy Wedensday all!

It was a crazy weekend filled with 40k and family!

All week I had been organizing for our 40k War on Hunger Tournament. 654 more words


At long last!

Good evening boys and girls,

Firstly, apologies… I have been absent from my own pages for far too long and there is much to discuss. Alas, both of my younglings have been under the weather and therefore the ‘hobbyist’ stepped back for a few days while ‘dad’ helped clear up varying amounts of various bodily fluids. 153 more words