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The Badab War Yeg Battle Report #7- Carcharodons vs Astral Claws

The Carcharodons have now joined the Badab War.  This weeks battle pits the Carcharodons versus the Astral Claws.  The Astral Claws have some Rhino’s fitted with viral bombs and plan on detonating them within the hive city.  2,726 more words

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Bulletin - Las Vegas Open Army Meta

When it comes to Warhammer 40,000 events it doesn’t get much bigger than the Las Vegas Open (LVO) held annually in the United States. With some of the biggest players coming from all over the world in big numbers, it’s one of the best ways to look at the current army lists trends for competitive gamers.  251 more words


Inquisitorial Henchmen 5

Hi guys,

Just another super quick post to keep things ticking over, this time another of my Inquisitorial Henchmen. This is another member of the Kiddy Kreche that my somewhat twisted Inquisitor has following her around. 108 more words


Battle Report - Edd Quick (Tyrannid) vs Simon Rooke (Skittari/Adeptus Mechanicus) 1000 points.

Tale of Leicester All Scar Gamers – Edd Quick (Tyrannid) vs Simon Rooke (Skittari/Adeptus Mechanicus) 1000 points.

On a dense, jungle planet outside the Ferion Sector a Hive of Tyrannids were known to have arrived and to be evolving and changing which needed to be investigated. 882 more words


The Chapel is calling...

So I got a couple of little parcels in the post today. One of them was full of the bits I need  for a very special upcoming project, whilst the other contained this mysterious message…

Adventure awaits…

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Bulletin - Dawn of War III Trailer

SEGA and Relic Entertainment are keeping the hype train rolling for the hotly anticipated video game: Dawn of War III. The latest trailer “Prophecy of War” features some pretty exciting gameplay footage alongside a few narrative hints and cinematics. 114 more words


The Big Gap

So its been a while, being an adult really kicks your free time in the balls. Between christmas nights out, work and family time I had pretty much zero hobby time except the time allocated to my project of finishing Robute Guilliman. 192 more words

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