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Desert Research Station WIP

A terrain piece I’m currently working on. I’m envisioning it as a desert research station and planning on using it for 40K Kill Team games (also working in painting up the Tau from that box set at the moment). 22 more words


Da Nuka Trooperz (Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team - Orks) 2014

I’m a die hard Fallout fan. There’s something about the ridiculous retro-futuristic vibe, coupled with the barely-contained anarchy of the post-post-apocalypse, that really gets the gears in my spider-web encrusted brain turning. 836 more words


Jamie's 16th birthday weekend.....

So when you ask your teenager ‘Where do you want to go for your 16th?’, what kind of response do you expect….?  Well, in true wargaming nature, Jamie decides that a day at Warhammer World is where he wants to go most. 764 more words


Reinforcements: Second Veteran Squad

Swelling the ranks of my Imperial Guard army the Sevastus 71st (finally given them a name!) comes my second Veteran Guard squad.

Same process as before but this time I was a little more careful about applying the wash and used a thinner, slightly blue wash. 101 more words


Cracking the WIP - Part 3

Nobody said it would be pretty! Not at this stage anyway. The first layers of paint are down. Washes have been sloshed around. Brushstrokes are everywhere. 8 more words

Warhammer 40k

Dreadtober #4: Oct 21st 

Hey All, Eric here. The most visible progress has been on the Devoured. He’s sort of my test bed for what I’m planning for the group but I was having so much fun with him that I’ve taken him up to about 80%. 121 more words