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Blood Angels Commission Update #3 - Guns and Angels

3 squads of marines have guns now. Battle ready and looking sharp. There is also a rose among these minis. The Anniversary Marine. Painted similar to the box art.


Book cleaning

So, I’ve been helping my mother move, and have been cleaning out my old books. A lot of memories returned. Good books, bad books, and everything in between. 74 more words


Dread Kruza

I’m beginning to really like the ships I make for orcs.

Their Design looks simple, but it’s still challeging to make something look orcish enough. 14 more words

Model Company of the Month with Mechanical Warhorse

We conclude our May celebration of model terrain with some more great kits by Mechanical Warhorse.

You’ve seen my posts on the pipeworks kits for our Mechanicum/Industrial district, they are coming along nicely.  221 more words

40k Podcast

Good Ol' Boyz - Bonus Grots!

Blame it on painting that old Ork but since then I’ve had a real itch to work on a few grots for him to boss around (after all the other lads are never going to stop picking on him for being short so he’ll need someone to bully in turn). 222 more words



The Lady Elect and her Sentinels are the wardens of the entrance ways to The Chapel. The Sentinels themselves occupy many of the main and well used entrances and are large imposing machines worthy of the Machine God. 280 more words