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21 Dump Street Precinct Adeptus Arbites: Veteran and Rookies

What’s a cop story without a veteran only from retirement?
No better than a cop story without some idealistic rookie coming up to replace them, that’s what. 480 more words



When I finished off the Mentor Legion Dreadnought a couple of weeks ago, I took some pics with it alongside the Iron Warriors Dreadnought/Hellbrute. While I was out there, I also took a few snaps of my completed Loyalist Dreadnoughts together. 44 more words



40k. A rather recurring number in my life, it has to be said. I am currently sitting here, watching my husband play a Warhammer 40k game, thinking about painting a Warhammer 40k mini and having just finished writing for the day, at a total of 40,505 words. 982 more words


Bad Boyz

When I got back to painting again the thing I really wanted to do was some Orks, simply because they are so easy to paint and a lot of fun too. 333 more words


Calth-based Fallen Dark Angel.

Something both familiar yet new today – it’s another Fallen Dark Angel, though this time it’s the first (almost) entire model I’ve made from my Betrayal at Calth stash. 301 more words


Necromunda - original Delaque gang

Well with the release of the new Necomunda from GW imminent I decided that I should use this as a trigger to get some of my old gangs finished. 674 more words


Disposable Heroes – Part 8

Work continues on my contribution to the Iron Sleet Invitational with a second soldier joining the squad. For those new to the Invitational the talented crew at Iron Sleet have called upon hobbyists everywhere to submit five models by the 1st of December to act both as a seed of inspiration for their own work and to involve as many people as possible in the crusade to retake the Thorn Moons (which itself follows on from the… 124 more words