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Tyranids- Raveners

I’m glad I held out from buying Raveners back in third edition.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the sculpts from that edition.  I was starting my tyrniad army so there was better stuff to spend my money on.  483 more words

Games Workshop

Witch In Progress

For all that his duties bring him into regular contact with the dead, Inquisitor Morix has no more capacity to hear or understand them than the regular Imperial citizenry. 296 more words


The first Warpsmith!

Well, I think I’ve finished the first model for our little game.  The HQ.

I present…

Master of The Forge Volga Mir-Ghazi.  I picture him as a sullen and unrelenting master.   235 more words


Caluphel: Checking in Dirtside

Prelate Chrydriik Guillurus, Macrotechnia Technographica Determinus

From: SubCadre Commander Uriel Vare
Re:  Caluphel Reemergence Hyper Strategy, Research Directory
Date:  2  160  941.M41

Sir. 857 more words


Blood Angels Librarian Part 3

Another week goes by and some more progress on the librarian.

I’ve finished up the glazing on the blue armour and moved on to the red. 403 more words

Games Workshop

Razor edges


A quick shorty update for now. I talked about those Razors I have, and I found them! They were so covered in dust I needed to wash them and now I’m just waiting them to dry so I can spray them. 42 more words

Space Marines

Games Workshop - Big Things Coming

Games Workshop have unleashed a massive flurry of news and updates at AdeptiCon this year, covering both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000.

For Warhammer 40,000 we’ve had the announcement of a whole new set of miniatures for the Death Guard faction.  1,153 more words