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A fez of the heart! An Arc40K report

I enjoy Arc40K. The granddaddy of Melbourne tournaments ran for the 19th time over the weekend with two firsts: the first time in February, and at a new venue The House of War in Ringwood.   715 more words


Chaos Space Marine Raptor Squad (Part 1)

Just in time for today’s game, I got these chaps finished.

I have a further five basecoated but I’m switching to something non-power armoury to give myself a little break.

Warhammer 40,000

Iron Hands Librarian & Land Speeder (WIP)

Greeting, everybody! This week I have been making the most of my spare time and painting as much as possible during the day; I’ve somehow banned myself from video games during daylight hours, which at first seemed impossible. 682 more words

Warhammer 40K

Big changes

After a night of furious cutting and carving of two of my favourite Forge World models, I can finally present a figure for my inquisitor than I’m happy with. 53 more words


Cities of Death- Sanctum Imperialis WIP

I needed a break from grey power armour.  I have a bunch of Cities of Death buildings assembled so it’s about time I start to paint some up.  126 more words


NGC40k Episode 14: The Word of the Silent King

Episode 014

In our fourteenth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and we continue our Shield of Baal coverage with a book review of “The Word of the Silent King”, by L J Goulding. 62 more words


War Zone Fenris Unleashed

After what feels like years of waiting, I can finally talk a bit about my part in the latest thrust of Warhammer 40,000 narrative. Today sees the release of… 122 more words