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Getting Started, About Us!

Hi all,

This is a blog by a couple who enjoy 40k, star wars, board games, video games, anime and other related things.

We’re looking to post our pictures of our units that we’ve been working on from the various armies of Warhammer 40k. 83 more words


More Gothic (Jungle) Ruins

I painted up a few more gothic ruins; excellent kits. Next on the list for terrain building will be some actual bases of jungle trees. 19 more words


Dark Angels Dreadnought WIP - 2

Spent  a bit more time on this today.  Think I’ll be able to have the body and at least one set of weapons done by the end of the weekend.

Warhammer 40,000

Binary Logic

The story of Warhammer 40k is, and always has been, the story of the Imperium. Until now, however, we have seen only part of it. The alien races add colour and complexity, harrowing the empire of man from its fringes, and of course there is always the great enemy, Chaos, waiting in the wings for mankind’s own hubris to bring him down. 442 more words

Warhammer 40k

Spartan Assault Tank!

Yes it has happened! A whole $230 AUS has been spent on a Spartan Assault Tank which is current awaiting packaging! (Unfortunately it wasn’t shipped before the weekend!) Just thought I would post this quick update. 24 more words


Large Update & Balance Tweaks!

Hello everybody,

Today we have a fairly important patch that fixes a lot of point cost balance issues we have been having with certain special rules, and other smaller updates here and there. 245 more words


The Cerelian Infestation Part 13

The admiral stood in his strategium in one of the rare occasions where he allowed himself to be disconnected from his ship.  He paced unsteadily back and forth past the viewport, trying to get the feeling back in his legs.   1,165 more words