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If you are a fan of bad movies, like I am, there will be a fantastic flick on Discovery tonight- Sharknado 3.  A few months back I presented my Carcharodons Chapter banner.   42 more words


Forge World Open Day - Pictures


We attended the Forge World Open Day in July but haven’t managed to get around to posting our photos up yet, so here they are! 17 more words

Forge World

The Cerelian Infestation Part 55

The meadows were peaceful, the only sounds the chirruping of insects hidden deep within the long grasses swaying lazily in the warm breeze, thier heads dipping, heavy with seed, and the bass drone of large, multi-wing flying insects that buzzed low over them.   795 more words


Gamagori Tournament – Da Grate WAAAAAGH II – 1850, 1 day, 4 Games – Game 2

Game 2 rolls around and the match ups are sorted – I will be facing Matt and his Craftworld Eldar. The mission is Hammer and Anvil, Purge the Alien. 1,141 more words


Eldar Weapon Tactics - 7th Edition - Heavy Weapons

7th Edition

If you’re like me, then you might have just got back into 40K because it just got a reboot into 7th (very different to the Warhammer Reboot into Age of Sigmar – not sure why they didn’t call THAT ONE the End Times).  2,425 more words


Some AdMech WIP

Since the last update there has not been much progress in painting as I was unable to work on painting for a bit. That does not mean I avoided hobby work, it just meant that I spent more time building hordes of miniatures for the AdMech force and a few Space Wolves. 349 more words


Death to the False Emperor!

A mate of mine, Damo, has just started up in the hobby (tally of the number of people Chris has convinced to join the hobby: 4) – he’s chosen (you’ll see what I did there in a moment) to play Chaos (see!), specifically the Black Legion. 258 more words