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The Planet


The planet upon which most of the campaign unfolds is one of a hundred worlds abandoned by the Imperium as part of Kryptman’s Gambit. In an effort to slow the advance of Hive Fleet Leviathan, Inquisitor Kryptman had hundreds of worlds either evacuated and razed or, if already under attack, abandoned and left to a horrible fate.  918 more words


Part 2 - The Wolf's Prey

Arjac Rockfist stood on the bridge of the Claw of Russ and watched as Thunderhawks and Drop Pods spilled from the belly of a Strike Cruiser1.   1,108 more words


Part 1 - Ruldolf's Gambit

Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf surveyed the scorched landscape before him and felt a shudder of excited anticipation. More than a year ago he had brought the might of his Jager Corps to this desolate, forgotten place.  1,199 more words


Deathkorps Commision.

The Death Korps are almost done, expect for a defence line. I underestimated how hard it is to paint when the kids are off school and running around till all hours. 24 more words


Hey Listeners Have You Been Itching to Get Involved?

I have some cool news for our listeners.  I’ve created a way to get you involved and bring a story of your own to life in the Collatus Sector.   115 more words


Brother Elias - Dreadnought of the Dark Angels

This evening I finished the first loyalist(ish) Dreadnought I’ve painted since the old Furioso Paperweight from the early days of the second edition.  Here’s Brother Elias of the Dark Angels fifth company.

Warhammer 40,000

The Kessel Run: Genesis

Ever since Xenophon got stuck in the middle of Persia with 10,000 buddies and had to fight their way out, envelopment and pockets have been a feature of wars. 361 more words