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Dark Angels Asmodai, Interrogator-Chaplain (2nd Edition)

Another model that was part-painted for many years. Jes Goodwin’s original sculpt of Asmodai. Once again, the revival of Warhammer 40k has really resurrected my interest in the game and its models, and Asmodai is the latest of my old, half-painted and forgotten marine models that has been taken out of his foam-filled sarcophagus, rebased and then finished. 377 more words


Mechanicum - Castallax

Hey guys,

More mechanicum, this time some castallax robots. These guys are probably the quintessential mechanicum unit in 30k. Hard as nails and can unleash a tonne of pain on the table. 150 more words


Battle Report: The Talons of the Emperor vs. Death Guard

Today, my buddy Keith and I were able to get a 1900 point game in. We both ran brand new armies, him with Death Guard, and me with Talons of the Emperor. 915 more words


Skitarii Rangers - part 2/2

Following up on my previous post, its time to wrap up my first unit of troops.
It was interesting painting a larger amount of models in one batch. 265 more words

Warhammer 40 000

Spartember- Week 4

I’m one day late for the weekly Spartember update but I don’t think anyone will hold that against me.  I caught a bug a couple of days ago and my body feels like I just completed an all body workout.   439 more words

Games Workshop

Ready to get some hams on tomorrow

Well, I almost made it – I finished up the Predator but not the sternguard sergeant for game day tomorrow. Fortunately (and this is partly why I slacked a bit) I have a vanilla sergeant for the squad, so that’s not critical. 124 more words