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Had a quick trip up to Warhammer World for a little 3000 pts 40k rumble

Tau v Minotaurs and Tyranids

Great game and day had , I ran an old school Mawlock & Tygon prime list with a bit of cheeky shroud for the 2 up Cover Save…. 101 more words


Decimators Space Marines: 3rd Tactical Squad

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything to my Space Marines so it was a lot of fun to finish up this tactical squad. As the unit was already about 60% done from a year ago it was a quick sprint to finish it off. 540 more words


While We Waited 40K Happened

You may already be following @mikhaelro on Twitter, but a less obvious although more active account can be found at @WhileWeWaited

The While We Waited feed has reached 40K tweets. yay.


We Come Up Wiv War! - Part 1

The first Ork (and indeed the first Games Workshop miniature) I ever painted was a Meganob. At the time I knew next to nothing about the setting and picked the model based purely on its wonderfully belligerent aesthetics. 204 more words

Warhammer 40k

Promethium Relay Pipes

Recently I’ve been on a bit of a scenery kick and the first scenery kit I’ve completed fully is the Promethium Relay Pipes. 69 more words


Traitor Legion leaks and what I think of them

So it seems that leaks are coming through already for the imminent release of the Traitor Legions book – there’s a reasonably clear one on… 1,245 more words


Never Enough Dakka - Part 2

When I first started my Ork collection (seven years ago now? Longer?!) I set myself the challenge of never using the same head more than once on any of the infantry models. 97 more words

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