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Realm of Chaos - Nurgle's Children 2018 #7: Mamon Transfigured, Fel Icon of the Tainted (Forge World). Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Postscript 2

So here we are again with yet another Nurgle Daemons army post. Sorry to anyone that’s getting bored with this particular project, but it’s probably most accurately described as my main focus for the time being, and I know how much of a hobby butterfly I can be, so I’m taking as much advantage of my own sustained interest for as long as I can sustain that interest. 690 more words

Warhammer Fantasy - 9th Age

How to Paint Skink Troopers

I painted the skink trooper squad mentioned in my previous post with a similar paint scheme to my regular guardsmen with a stronger focus on dark colours. 176 more words


Warpstone Foundry: Skink Troopers

When I took up Warhammer 40k for the third time I didn’t quite expect that I’d try something so ambitious but my chaos horde has been a brilliant exercise in conversion work. 334 more words


Redemptor Dreadnought

I finished up this bad boy today – it’s the “easy-build” version of the kit, but man oh man is it still lovely.

Now up on the workbench is Skeletons for Shadespire, and a whole mess of MDF buildings I’ve been accumulating over the past few months. 143 more words


I spent the day at Pegasus Games in Madison, playing in an event ran by the local MYCL gaming group. Kenny from the Combat Phase was the event host. 131 more words

Warhammer 40k

The Ork Project: Gunz, Gunz, Gunz

I’m not even sure if Big Gunz are still a thing in current 40k, or if they’ve been replaced entirely by the much larger (and far newer) Mek Gunz. 323 more words


If I Could Be Serious...

Things I’ve Learned While Painting

Part II: No Joking Matter

I don’t want to pick on Games Workshop, but since that was the miniatures company that I spent most of my time following, it might seem like it. 477 more words