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All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – August

So with my tournament army fully painted and having done my alternative Talia for my Batman crew last month I wanted to do something different, and as I was looking through the Renegades & Heretics army lists once again (with the possibility of forming allies for my Black Legion) I decided to paint a unit of my Chaos Cultists. 240 more words


Retrospective Inspiration

I have been thinking about a few colour schemes for my Albion/Celtic horde and looking through my pictures I may have found a bit of inspiration from the files of my old blog. 95 more words

Age Of Sigmar

The Lord Inquisitor Prologue: meh...

It’s been 5 long years since I first discovered The Lord Inquisitor and 5 long years since I interviewed it’s creator, Erasmus Brosdau who, back then was making a 30 minute movie because he loved the Warhammer 40,000 universe. 1,512 more words

Librarian finished

Finished & battle ready, this Librarian did not have enough re-rolls & failed to harness warp charges multiple times.
Maybe a couple of touch ups to go, but I’m calling it done.




Rolling pin sculpting - Ice Base

So this is how my ice base turned out. I used some Vallejo Heavy gel in the cracks, and may touch it up a little further.


Krueger's Folly: Planetary Defense Force

Krueger’s Folly needs some poor bastards to stand against the myriad threats facing the abandoned colony planet, so I dug around in my miniatures collection and found a small foam-lined box containing these guys. 168 more words


Inquisitor: Martyr 'Blood & Gore' Trailer

For those who’ve followed my blogging career since the days of ‘Don’t Hate The Geek’, you may recognise this game. If not here’s some links for you back to the… 446 more words