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Mördaren – The Murderer

Hi guys, this is a very happy post from me today – I spent my bank holiday working through the final assignment for an OU module, and I am now clear of study obligations until October, so woohoo! 361 more words


Necromunda/Scenery - Vertical Hive - Floor Plans - WIP

After starting my Vertical Hive at the weekend i have done nothing but think about floor plans/hive design all day and night. I haven’t managed to get much done but i have made some “crucial” design decisions and started work creating 1 of the floor plans thanks to some help from some amazing comments here and at the… 180 more words


Grey Knights - Grand Master

After the Nemesis Painting Challenge was complete I was informed that there was potential 40k tournament being organized.  The points limit was set at 2500 points.  156 more words


Open box review Kataphron Battle Servitors

Happy Wednesday everyone, and hooray for four day work weeks. Today we’ll be taking a look at the new Kataphron servitors kit (seriously I have had enough of saying the full name) This kit offers a lot of detail for very little effort and is a bit of a contrast to the previous admech models which seem to be adding more complexity. 78 more words


Distracted by Iron

When I recently showed you my Iron Warriors Warsmith, I already mentioned the temptation of building and painting a small Iron Warriors Killteam and, well, what can I say? 1,550 more words



I decided to start the Commissar costume off with the iconic Warhammer 40k side arm, the Bolt Pistol.The main reasons for this that I should be able to make it using skills I already have and materials that I’m familiar with and it will also be a better stand alone item that the rest of the costume; it will look great on display until I make the rest of the costume to go with it. 714 more words

Iron Hands Centurions WIP

With work being as busy as it has been this past week, I’ve not had much time to sit and focus on the tiny details of the Skitarii. 365 more words

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