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Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day

After all the Nurgle in the last post I reckon it’s time for a little break from the bells and bowels (but don’t worry there’s more on the way – my pact with the God of Life and Death remains strong!). 451 more words

Warhammer 40k

The Cerelian Infestation Part 31

The man was young, perhaps only in his early twenties, and naked save for a scrap of crimson cloth that covered his groin, and the iron shackles that held him immobile upon a simple steel chair welded to the decking in the center of the room.   359 more words


Grey Knights: Librarian

Here’s the Librarian I painted for the Games Workshop West Edmonton painting challenge.  This model part of the first months challenge so I got a few games in with him.  78 more words


Necromunda - Ratskin Renegades Painted by Tartarus

So after Tartarus finished my Ratskin Chief for me i decided to “let” her paint the rest of the gang for me. She got a few done today for me in between painting some of the display base i have going on, more on that later. 19 more words


Moving forward with high speed

So I bought myself in friday a box of skitarii vanguards/rangers (wanted to buy two but not a single store in Stockhol hade one extra), a box of infiltrators and a box of a dunecrawler. 148 more words

Fighty vs Fighty - Orks Vs Khorne

So what happens when an unstoppable force meets unstoppable force? A big chuck off fight occurs!

This blog is an overview of a recent fight between Ferotous Orks against a Khorne Daemonkin force. 1,616 more words


Necromunda/Scenery - Display Bases - WIP

After finishing my Ratskin Display Base i have started work on the next one, i haven’t decided which gang it is for but it will probably be my Van Saar or Redemptionists. 166 more words