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Wargaming Episode 1: My Hobby, 40k

I’ve long been committed to joining the AcaGameia blog, filling a gap it has in the table-top wargaming space. Only now (after two successful AcaGameia events) am I jumping into it. 625 more words


Unpainted True-Scale Night Lord Sorcerer

Here’s a sneak peak at a (very) work in progress Night Lords army. They’re easily my favourite Chaos Legion, though I do have time for all of the Traitor Legions in some capacity. 101 more words


Be'lakor Needs You (or more appropriately, you need him)

How does the Dark Master benefit your army?

  • He is the only Daemon Prince to come with Eternal Warrior (nice try S10). This is a big deal as though he costs a lot of points he is surprisingly survivable, which brings me on to…
  • 544 more words

A Deathwatch Excerpt - The Mutant

Ja’kal’s eyes widened, yet his pupils contracted till they were two small dark orbs of hate, in a sea of white calm. His brow furrowed. The corner of his mouth twitched into a snarl. 474 more words


The Radio Tower

Scratch Built Material List

  1. Old radio (scavanged from thrift store for odd bits and the speaker is used for the dish)
  2. Old plastic container (I believe this was one was from some old dog pills or coconut oil)
  3. 17 more words

The Chemical Tank

Scratch Built Material List

  1. Red bull can
  2. CD
  3. Bendy straws
  4. Random bits (for details)
  5. Snap buttons for the valve handle (check your thrift store)
  6. Lentils for the rivets (cut them in half for a more flush finish)
  7. Flocking (sand/floor dry)

February challenge completed!

Hello folks, a very quick post today, just an update on my self-imposed painting challenge. I finished the February squad at about one hour to midnight on the 28th – just in time! 84 more words

215th Praetorian