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Semaj, Prophet of the Nine Gates.

Hello again,

This time I’ back with the Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch, but don’t worry I haven’t come over all Age of Sigmar on you (not that there’s anything wrong with the game!), this is just a herald on a disc for my usual Daemon army. 21 more words


Tyranids - Hive Fleet Nyx

I think we can all agree with the above picture. You get to the end of one project and its easier and easier to get distracted into other projects and other things you want to work on. 1,066 more words


Archive: Space Wolf Dreadnoughts and Stormwolf

Two very wolfy dreadnoughts, one from Forgeworld, painted sometime in 2011, I think, and the other early 2015, after it was released. The axe and shield dreadnought, as well as the Stormwolf, reignited my interest in the Space Wolves (and delayed my Ork painting effort). 96 more words


Archive: Thunderwolves

The concept of Thunderwolves is ridiculous, but they do make for some very nice minis. And they can cause a lot of damage on the table top too. 129 more words


Archive: Space Wolf Runepriests

Runepriests! Lime green representing psychic power obviously.

There’s classic Njal and classic standard Runepriest. After using the standard Runepriest in a battle, I felt I needed to get him closer to the action, so I built one on a bike. 51 more words


Astra Militarum Wyvern

Finished on time, for once!

I painted it in seven sub-assemblies; the hull, the two crew, the turret, the trigger assembly, and the two Stormshard Mortars.  133 more words

Warhammer 40,000

My first tournament

This Saturday sees my first adventure in the world of tournaments.

My local club are running their annual Mayhem event and for the first time ever I’ve put my name down. 275 more words