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Floorhammer paintstation; Imperial Knight

Yes I finally got some photos of the noble Imperial Knight, Optimus Bob. Clearly inspired by the legend Optimus Prime, I couldn’t think of any better role model! 169 more words


Quoth the Corvus

Following on from my stint of painting Grey Knights I decided yesterday evening to tackle a box that has sat unopened for over a month now. 187 more words


Mountains of Mars, part II

Hello polystyrene my old friend.

Wouldn’t take long before I came back for this versatile material. Creating with polystyrene is quite messy. It’s also a bit unforgiving, as exposing its characteristic structure easily breaks the immersion. 237 more words


Barricades and a Game with Alex

So a couple of weeks ago my friend Alex came over to play Wargames. Because I am a dumb ass I forgot to take any photos, but partly for the game and partly due to John French’s moaning I have started painting more terrain. 111 more words

The Ultramarine Blues: Notes on a new edition and a new army

With the advent of 8th edition 40K, and more importantly the first proper update to Space Marine models since 1992 when the metal body / plastic arms Marines were released near the end of Rogue Trader, one find oneself at a crossroads. 1,033 more words



-Official battle update from the imperial garrison on Tescollia-

-Campaign map updated-

Imperial forces holding fast awaiting further orders, surverying of local resource has proved fruitful and will support a fairly aggresive strategy going forwards. 310 more words