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Codex Update - Troops

This is an update to our previous Troop analysis and a lot of what we originally said, still holds true now. You may notice that some information is suspiciously similar to our original article, and that’s on purpose. 1,769 more words


The Gryphonne Crusade

I’ve got my army all painted up for our little local tournament in Nagoya next month – the 1500-point Gryphonne Crusade, fully FAQ compliant and everything. 317 more words


Our Rage Won't Die - Part 4

The story of this model begins way back in the early days of my chaos collection, although the seeds of inspiration that led to his rebirth are rather more recent. 555 more words


Realm of Chaos - Nurgle's Children 2018 #12: Sammy the Snail

This cute little fella is a random thing that ended up in my figure boxes. I don’t remember when or where or who it came from. 176 more words


Battlereport 40k: T'au versus Death Guard 1500 points

So it has been a while and I had promised this battlereport, so here it is for what I can still remember about it.

I played a 1500 points game versus Robin one of our club members and our local bartender at the club (that made the game pause a bit more then usual but that is ok). 1,427 more words

Battle Report

Quick! Muster the Brotherhood!!

So, as it happens I’ve become a last minute member of one of the teams at this weekend’s 40k doubles event, The 2nd Confrontation Alliances… 352 more words

Warhammer 40k

Another tournament?!?

Evening people, Bifur here again. It’s that time again… 40k tournament time at the SELWG club.
This year I’m entering my Death Guard (see “ 401 more words