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Scheyville NP for the Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge July 2015

Scheyville National Park VKFF-444 in NW Sydney is one of the closest parks to home. I’d been looking for a good excuse to activate this park when the Trans Tasman contest came around. 1,443 more words

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Rileys Mtn SOTA and Satellite chase 11/4/2015

Rileys Mountain VK2/SY-002 Blue Mountains NP VKFF-041 252m 1pt

50km west of the city lies the second of Sydney’s two summits, VK2/SY-002. Overlooking the Nepean River it is a picturesque spot and the Rileys Mountain Lookout is well within the activation zone. 1,984 more words

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AM for fun - SOTA on Bulgo Hill 1/4/2015

Bulgo Hill VK2/IL-017 Royal National Park VKFF-435 293m 1pt

a call to AMs

Andrew VK1DA proposed using AM for a bit of fun as this mode is rarely used by SOTA operators, and also to prepare for upcoming… 1,113 more words

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Field Day and SOTA on Mt Lambie 21/3/2015

Mt Lambie QF46xm86 VK2/CT-007 1290m 8pts

The John Moyle Memorial Field Day contest presents a golden opportunity to operate portable and this year I returned to… 2,350 more words

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Mt Banks SOTA activation 8/3/2015

Mt Banks VK2/CT-032 VKFF-041 Blue Mountains NP 1060m 6pts (0459z – 0659z)

A 10 min drive and 30 min walk from Mt Tomah. Mt Banks… 1,035 more words

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Mt Tomah SOTA activation 8/3/2015

After enjoying all day Saturday at Canoelands for the SOTA party, and with the prospect of more activity on the Sunday, a trip to Mt Tomah with possible follow up at… 1,293 more words

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All day SOTA activation at Canoelands VK2/SY-001 7/3/2015

On Sat 7th March 2015 I did an all day activation at my closest summit, Canoelands VK2/SY-001 for the weekend SOTA party. This was my second activation of this summit and I operated at the same location as… 3,520 more words

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