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Half Marathon Update Feb 27th

Well, it looks like Plan B is the way forward. For those who were keeping an eye on what we were trying to do, you can scroll to the bottom of the page. 353 more words

Review - XOXO

For X in the Alphabet Challenge, we turn to the Netflix produced 2016 XOXO, directed by Christopher Louie with a story that he created, with a screenplay by Dylan Meyer. 129 more words

Film Review

BladeRunner 3: Replicant Night - KW Jeter

“Wake up…”

I think the best thing I can say about this book is that it’s very worthwhile to read something a bit rubbish once in a while to make the good stuff look good!

300 more words

Filmas: Penkiasdešimt tamsesnių atspalvių / Fifty shades darker (2017)

Šio filmo nesiruošiau žiūrėti. Bent jau tikrai ne kino teatre. Pirma dalis “50 pilkų atspalvių” manęs nesužavėjo, nors žmonai pirma dalis patiko. Taigi į antra dalį aš nesiruošiau eiti, bet aš taip norėjau nueiti į Martin Scorsese filmą Silence / Tyla, tai sugalvojau su žmona sudaryti sanderį: ją vedu į “50 tamsesnių atspalvių”, o po to aš einu į “Tylą”. 762 more words


7.Frank Sinatra: Songs for Swingin' Lovers!

Oh god, there’s going to be a few more Sinatra albums before I’m out of this era isn’t there??

I don’t have anything against him, I just find more than 2-3 songs to be drudge. 20 more words


Review - Kung Fu Hustle

It’s time for the ‘K’ film of the Alphabet challenge and the 2004 chinese action comedy film Kung Fu Hustle. Directed, produced, written by Stephen Chow who also stars in the film. 105 more words

Film Review

Review - The Hunter (1980)

In his final film performance, we now turn to Steve McQueen’s 1980 The Hunter’ for the ‘H’ film of the second run of the Alphabet challenge. 118 more words

Film Review