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Wacky Shotgun loads part 2

Testing the custom 410×76 Chopstick shotshell in a ballistic gel format at approximately 25 feet. Using a donated ballistic testing media that was calibrated perfectly to match some random specification determined by no one in particular. 487 more words



Cost: $7.99~$11.99

Rating: 4 out of 10


Netflix is a “paid” website that provides easy access to countless movie titles and television shows. However, the selection for anime is actually relatively small (usually between 50~100). 186 more words


RoboCop (2014, José Padilha)

When a director decides to remake a beloved film like Paul Verhoeven’s ultra-violent satire, RoboCop, that remake is born immediately on the offensive because the inevitable question is ‘why?’ Other than to make money, of course. 345 more words


Catwoman (2004, Pitof)

Spoiler warning: these reviews reveal plot twists.

After accidentally learning a dirty corporate secret, Patience Phillips is murdered – but then magically resurrected with a new feline persona. 803 more words


A Reunion of Ghosts by Judith Claire Mitchell

How do three sisters write a single suicide note?

In the waning days of 1999, the Alter sisters—Lady, Vee, and Delph—finalize their plans to end their lives.

387 more words
Book Reviews

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013, Cody Cameron, Kris Pearn)

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was one of the previous decade’s underrated gems that just happened to come around in a flush decade for American animation thanks predominantly to the works of Pixar. 288 more words


White God (2014, Kornél Mundruczó)

I absolutely adore dogs. So the opening sequence of White God in which the film’s main (human) character, Lili (Zsófia Psotta), is chased by hundreds of dogs through a deserted Budapest proved to be a very intriguing opening. 440 more words