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Black Sea

Robinson (Jude Law) is made redundant from his job as a submarine captain in Scotland. His future looks bleak until a man representing a multi millionaire approaches him and ask that he lead a mission to find a second world war submarine, sunk years ago and rumoured to be full of gold. 113 more words



Chaos: A day-long chase between lots of cops and goons, with some being both. The name of the movie does justice to the plot because even after intently watching the entire movie six fairly sound-brained people couldn’t make complete sense of the happenings. (4/10)


The Invisible Life (2014, Vítor Gonçalves)

After his boss and friend, Antonio (João Perry), falls ill and is hospitalised, civil servant, Hugo (Filipe Duarte), finds himself in a mid-life crisis as he retreats into his memories, recalling an unfulfilled life of missed opportunities. 340 more words

Placerville Speedway

In Placerville”s 50th season they welcome back the World of Outlaw Sprint Cars and racing dating back to the Vietnam War this track started racing in 1965.     90 more words


Bristols at Bicester Heritage

This shoot was the largest number of vehicles I’d ever shot in one place and also included my first ever bus which turned out to be very handy for us all to have lunch on. 46 more words