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So Wrong

My last post about dividend investing in which I told you that ARP was a good investment was way off. I guess I still need to learn more about Dividend investing. 96 more words


Dividend Investing

One sure way to get reliable income is to invest in dividend paying stocks. stock newsletters like the at fool.com always throw around names of blue chip and other well known companies, but I hate these plays they a lousy 1% to 5%. 131 more words


At A Glance; Records To Be Sent

A new link has been added to the At A Glance box on the Client List page.  This new link displays the number of records for which you used the ‘Lookup from Brokers Using ReloSpec’ or the ‘Lookup HSF Affiliate’ (for exclusive use of HSF Affiliates) and yet have not used the SEND button to send the record to the other broker. 210 more words


American Counterterrorist Agent Needs Help

I’ve called 911 and have made several police reports since 2009 because I am being attacked and home invaded in my own home. Still need immediate help. 822 more words

TwentyTwo Unicorn

The 411 on W3School & Code Academy

Alright let’s be honest, if you’ve never used W3Schools or Code Academy then consider yourself pretty lucky! You have to have a real love for Computer classes, and have to be pretty interested on what it’s like to make your own website to actually enjoy it. 305 more words

Trouble Logging In? ReloSpec is now on a Secure Server

Earlier today the Relocation Specialist software was moved to a secure server.  This means that communications between your PC or device and the ReloSpec server are now encrypted and therefore more secure. 140 more words


Introducing the ReloSpec Assistant

Today we are introducing the ReloSpec Assistant.  It is one of our most powerful features and is available today.

The Assistant is a development tool that automates ReloSpec functions and runs 24/7.  300 more words