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Shame - 42 Day 26

what kind of monster

rips babies from their mothers,
asylum seekers; punishment for hope

liberty’s promise rots, dead,
behind walls, hate, it’s not safe
the monsters here are real… 217 more words


Daily poem 42: Pride

This day is so bright

sunshine on dew-glitter


the world is a little kinder

smiles somewhere wider

compassion grows.

Cosmic Quote #42A--Towel Day (redux)

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”–Douglas Adams

One deadline you absolutely can’t miss is Towel Day.  Keep your towel handy and don’t panic.


Daily poem 42: Hush


No cars, no human voices,

twitter of music, machinery drone;

in this air, vibrating with bee and birdsong,

the only silence

is the hush of death.

Daily poem 42:

It sounds from the sound of gunshots that there is another ‘battue’ going on and some unfortunate animal is being exterminated.

This fragile peace

where bees drift and birds sing… 28 more words