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Ach, to čtení

Krom toho, že čtení teď využívám jako únik od nepříliš veselé reality, teď vlastně čtu pořád. Všechno. Hltám to.

A ztrácím díky tomu už i ty zbytky sociálního života a stává se ze mě neschopný příživník. 89 more words


#062 - Einiosaurus

Ceratopsians are really fun to draw, what with their rugged features like they have been hewn from a block of masonry.

Meanwhile trying to get the plates and spikes on a stegosaur’s back right can nearly make me suffer a stroke.

Jackie Robinson

“I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me…  All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”

– Jackie Robinson

Motivational Quotes

2 of 42: Humour, the Invaluable Medicine

For entry #2 in my journey of 42, I thought I would visit a couple anecdotes about my Dad, and about humour. It should be duly noted that his sense of humour is an acquired taste – something you might categorize as “old man humour”. 946 more words


#058 - The Fourth Doctor

As Steven Moffat hinted, there could very well be a female Doctor in the near future.

From photography at Jacklyn Black Cosplay.