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Happy birthday to my wonderful evil monkey.


All you need is faith

I remembered another dream. Being sick seems to inflate my rem.

It was just Ethan and I again. We were friends with a priest. Priest in my dream was Stephen Merchant. 165 more words


Day 42: ready for spring now

work today was tense.

you always get a bit of cabin fever in a work place, and it’s always worse in the winter months. it is perpetually dark outside, everyone is lacking vitamin D and it feels like you only step out of the office just to step right back into it 3 seconds later. 185 more words

Poppin' 'n' Lockin' Life, the Universe, and Everything

MC Escher here. Thanks, everybody, for coming to my 42nd b-day dance party at DDPP Feb 3rd. Technically, my b-day was the next day the 4th, but you know, it’s the closest Wednesday to my big 42, which has been forever memorialized in nerd culture as being the Answer to the Ultimate Question (to which nobody ever really figured out the question): 219 more words


(Video) @YourOldDroog - 42 (Forty Deuce)

New York artist YourOldDroog has one of the most unique, hot, and coolest videos iv’e seen this year so far. He brings his song 42 to life with the new official video and, if your’e from NY you will definitely love it. 62 more words

The Music Plug Hype



forgot teabag and towel

he panicked