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(Delayed) Monday Motorway Music™, May 25 - Day Off, Traveling Day, Towel Day

This post was actually written on Monday, late, in a plane – but got stuck in hamprede uploading and image adding due to travels. Life, don’t talk to me about life… ;) 434 more words
Motorway Music™ List

this will make zero sense to most of the humanity, but I’m just endlessly thankful to the unicorns that said that today

There are people who want to open that door.

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Things I Just Adore

Diploid Chromosome Number

Alden is an example of a diploid chromomse number because he is (hopefully) human and humans have two sets of chromosomes. There are two sets of twenty-three making a total of forty-six chromosomes.


#144 - Ceratosaurus II

Experimenting with white oil-based markers on toned paper, with regular pencil and pen, for effect.