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#27: You Make A Point, I Suck Out A Bag

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We’re at that halfway point in David Tennant’s second season as The Doctor, and Mark and Ben are joined by actor, comedian and all-round science-fiction and fantasy nutcase Des O’Gorman to chat about… 141 more words

The Night Before I Race

Tomorrow I will run in a race. My very first race. Ever. I won’t win. I’m not even attempting to win. I just want to do it because it’s happening and I’ve never experienced the crowded, jostling crush of a mad pack of crazies determined to push themselves to the limit for various reasons. 585 more words


A Documentary on Cricket Demigod Sachin Tendulkar Is in the Works

Fans and well-wishers of Sachin Tendulkar (there are literally billions of them) were devastated when the legendary Indian cricketer announced his retirement from the sport two years ago. 101 more words


When birds fly high through the clouds they lift their hearts and heads and songs. Nature teaches us that to succeed we must look to our surroundings and ..well.. 136 more words

42 commandments for life, the universe and the rest: 15: Bargain bulbs

42 commandments for life, the universe and the rest: 15: Bargain bulbs

Only buy as many bulbs as you can plant in time.

42 Commandments

#111 - B84

Power out with the storms the Central Coast has been having the past few days, so here’s one from a photo I took on my phone on the way home from Dubbo. Sketched by trusty ol’ LED.


It’s just a number.  Another year to celebrate.  I remember a few years back having a sinking feeling in my gut because I was quickly approaching the big 4 0. 444 more words