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Review: Marielle Heller's The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Quick: name a coming-of-age movie told from the perspective of a teenage girl that fully embraces—unburdened by shyness or irony—the complexities of its character’s sexual awakening, one that’s also written and directed by a female filmmaker. 937 more words

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2011 New Models: '12 Ford Fiesta

This release of the Hot Wheels ’12 Ford Fiesta was in the 2011 New Models Series and is based off of the Ford Fiesta featured in the Gymkhana 3 video found… 251 more words

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Review: Andrew Bujalski's Results

“That’s it, nice and slow,” Guy Pearce drawls in a comedic Aussie voice over a drum kick and a shameless simulation of Rocky’s latera title scroll, the sounds of his and Cobie Smulders’ moaning sex bleeding into a shot of Kevin Corrigan’s schlubby divorcee pleading outside his ex-wife’s window. 626 more words

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