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Going for Gold

Being black is like watching your country win Olympic gold. You’re proud that America’s first black President executed to the best of his ability the office entrusted to him and in the process made us proud of his accomplishment and excited about his historic legacy, even though the moment ends nearly as quickly as it began.


Farwell President Obama 

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for the past eight years.

You served with bravery, grace, dignity, hope, and love. You inspired in us the belief that we, and by extension our country, could become our highest and best selves. 105 more words


44 Verified, Proven, Important Things President Obama Accomplished

Obama has been able to make progress on the major problems facing the nation. Today, 64% say they have a favorable view of Obama, including 34% who say they have a… 1,140 more words


#RealTime Recap No. 5: 'Media: Do Your F*cking Job'

We’ll call it the “ever-elusive Real Time get.”

Bill Maher has tried for years to land an interview with President Obama—even posting a petition at WeThePeople to try to convince him to have a chat with Bill. 2,638 more words



In 2013, we made two trips to DC.  Both were historic and both were events we just had to figure out a way to attend.    The Presidential Inauguration in January and the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington in August. 77 more words

Happy President's Day

Dear President Obama,

Happy President’s Day!  I have the day off, but I know you don’t.  I know you haven’t had a day off since prior to your election in 2008.   497 more words