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We've Subsidized the Elitist Way for Too Long . . . End Welfare for the Wealthy Now

A common complaint among the conservative elite is that Americans have become too dependent on big government handouts. Mitt Romney’s comments regarding the 47 percent who believed they were entitled to said handouts typified the Republican position on the matter, and his effective writing-off of this segment of the population was a factor in his loss to Barack Obama in 2012. 395 more words

"It’s Not Him, Republicans, It’s You": Mitt Romney Isn’t Running, But His Specter Still Haunts The GOP

I’ll have to admit that I’m a bit surprised Mitt Romney decided not to run for president, given the man’s almost superhuman optimism and persistence. But according to various reports, the… 689 more words


"GOP Thinks The 47 Percent Aren’t Trying Hard Enough": News Flash, Middle-Class Rowboats Are Taking On Water

Remember the “47 percent”?

During his 2012 campaign for the presidency, Mitt Romney was caught on tape describing nearly half the country in disparaging terms, labeling them moochers who want handouts. 682 more words


"Mitt Flips On The Very Poor": Is Romney The Guy Republicans Want Talking About Poverty?

Nearly three years after he famously said he was “not concerned about the very poor,” former presidential nominee Mitt Romney told Republicans in a speech Friday night the party must focus on helping “lift people out of poverty.” 741 more words


Mitt Romney: champion for the poor

Mitt Romney’s reinvention of himself has some progressives laughing out loud.

Indeed, this is the kind of thing I’d hoped Mitt would avoid if and when he decided to run again for the presidency in 2016. 277 more words

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Why I Hate Astrology

So, you’re in the middle of conversation with someone new and interesting. The conversation is going well and you’re both getting more and more comfortable sharing your lives’ most elucidating tidbits. 1,399 more words


A Real Hero: Redefining American Exceptionalism

I’ve always been the kind of person who runs songs into the ground. If I find something I like, I play it, and play it and play it, over and over — till something else comes along to dominate my attention. 1,342 more words