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Ferrari 488 GTB

Back in 2009, Ferrari unveiled one of the greatest cars ever to leave Maranello, and indeed one of the greatest sports cars to ever grace our streets and race tracks-the 458 Italia. 400 more words


The Ferrari 488 GTB configurator is live.

That’s right, the turbocharged successor to the wonderful 458 is finally configurable.  So, like creating your umpteenth Skyrim character, waste some time my friends:


Ferrari 488 GTB Premiere: Where is the Autobot?

The music in this video sounds like it came from a Michael Bay movie. At any moment, I was expecting the car to transform into a robot.


#488 - Invent a Disease...

…Write an ad for the cure.

Everyday, hundreds of people are coming down with Zoolus Morphism, changing into various wild animals.  Sometimes at the most inopportune times. 

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Speaking volume

It’s tough being an upstart. While McLaren isn’t a newbie in motorsports, it hasn’t been in the business of building cars you and I can walk into a showroom to bring home after being relieved of a sizable chunk of cash, assuming you have quite a lot of those lying around. 746 more words

Frankie's Garage: The 488 GTB

Ferrari unveils their newest supercar at a special event in Maranello before it premieres at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.  No hybrid crap, it’ll be a V8 3.9L with twin-turbos pumping out 670 horses. 7 more words