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Ferrari 488 koji ostavlja bez daha

Dobar dan,evo jos jednog fantsaticnog automobila za Vas.Uslikan je na Novom Beogradu ispred kafica Jerry. Pogledajte par slika i bicete odusevljeni kao i mi.


Ferrari J50, the best tribute for the 50 years of the brand in Japan

Based on the model 488 Spyder, Ferrari wanted to pay homage to the 50 years of the brand in the country of the rising sun. The J50 thus becomes one of the most exclusive convertible cavallinos when manufacturing only 10 units, most of them destined to the Japanese market. 204 more words


[PICTURES] Ferrari 488 Crash In Illinois

It seems like just before the first snowfall this year a Ferrari 488 was crashed in Champaign, IL near The University of Illinois. The driver is well-known in the area by other people who regularly see it on… 263 more words


Ferrari 458 Italia Manettino, Launch Control and Interior

The 458 Italia is equipped with a racing manettino switch leading toward more sporting set ups and giving the driver a wider selection of electronic controls parameters. 371 more words

Is the Manual Transmission officially Dead?

Happy Sunday to you all. This is a series I want to begin that will run every Sunday. Unlike news articles I do covering new cars released or big news from a manufacturer, this will simply be a discussion. 667 more words



Pasin Lathouras ended his first season in the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup with a tough three-hour race at the Nürburgring last Sunday afternoon where a lot of promise, pace and the potential of a podium finish concluded with the #50 Ferrari 488 GT3 retiring just as the grueling race entered the final half hour. 839 more words