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D&D showcase 4

Teflon Reed- The boy wonder of wizardry

One thing I enjoy about building characters that would be echoed throughout other games and systems is 1 of two things- 1 I want to either challenge myself in a different role or 2 I wish to take something familiar and twist it to make it my own. 989 more words

Role Playing

Cavey Adventures

Today, we started the session with an interlude where we all play as my mount, the cave drake. Here’s the soundtrack:

And here’s what it looked like: 241 more words


Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? The New Perspective You Need to Hear!

Once upon a time this cliché was a profound question. If a glass is filled exactly to the middle, is it half empty or is it half full? 600 more words


Recurring Villains - Don't Go Alone

As you might know, a lot of Roleplaying games involve facing off against antagonists. Bad folks who are the source of the party’s troubles – whether directly trying to kill the PCs, or indirectly by trying to… flood the continent or something. 542 more words

Unique Spells Series - Paladin

While the Paladin has a broad access to a unique selection of unique spells by way of their smites, this spell list expands on the abilities available to them. 109 more words


Unique Spells Series - Druid

Much like the cleric and ranger, though the druid has access to more unique spells than the bard, wizard, or sorcerer, the sheer uniqueness that came with being a 4th edition druid just isn’t replicated in 5E. 192 more words


Unique Cleric Spells Update Log

Changes and balancing updates have been made to the Unique Cleric Spells list:

Changelog: November 2, 2016

  • Holy Shield is now a bonus action, rather than a spell attack to prevent abuse of the power.
  • 53 more words