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Chasing Nyxmantis

The city was full of death and weirdness. There was an indefinite fight going on in the Colosseum, but we didn’t know how to deal with that so we just left it. 398 more words


News | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition in the works

Today, Cubicle 7 Entertainment officially announced that they’re working on the 4th edition of WFRP. Apparently, it will build on the 1st and 2nd editions of the game.

Read the official news here!


Four Elements

I have recently had a passion for cooking. Spices and seasoning are an important part of that. This project tasked me to create a package based on the four elements. 65 more words

GD Advanced 2

Go Green with SIDBI – End to End Energy Efficiency - 4E Financing Scheme of SIDBI

Go Green with SIDBI – End to End Energy Efficiency Scheme of SIDBI

Profits are within the Boundary wall of our Factory, Yes with increasing costs on Raw material, Labour and Energy, the shrinking profits of MSMEs can only be tapped by adopting initiatives towards Sustainability Solutions.

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I still like Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition

I’ve been playing roleplaying games mostly as a DM (or GM, depending on the system) for about twenty years. In that time, I’ve played and/or run the following games: 2,105 more words