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4-03. Watchtower Worries

3. Watchtower Worries – 24th July 2015

The night passed without further incident, and having finished packing the previous day with the help of the group, the camp of dwarves were ready to set out.  448 more words


4-02. Dwarven Mining Camp

2. Dwarven Mining Camp – 10th July 2015

The next day dawned, and the dwarves were already up, despite having spent the evening trying to locate their kin in the city; Whurdek Kral.  2,004 more words


4-01. Caravan Attack

1. Caravan Attack – 26th June 2015

So it was that the group, having successfully escaped the Thunderspire Mountains without further incident, headed towards Fallcrest with their dwarven companions; Ulthand, Hamlet, Mosko and Hanor, hoping to find more of their kin there in order to gather a force large enough to retake their home town from invaders. 1,997 more words


4-00. Foreword from the Scribe

Foreword from the Scribe

Let me introduce myself.  I am Kenar Hevathar, former apprentice to the great Valthren of Winterhaven.

I first met the group of heroes at the completion of their great adventure to slay the notorious necromancer Kalarel.  338 more words


3-10. The Old Keep Chapel

10. The Old Keep Chapel – 29th May 2015

The Temple of Hidden Light
After resting through the night, the group headed back to the Temple of Hidden Light to be reunited with their stalwart companion, Ulrik.  2,390 more words


3-12. Fateful Keep

12. Fateful Keep – 19th June 2015

We had left off on our story with our group attacking the resident Duregar in the main Keep of the Horned Hold, along with the group of Dwarves that Ulrik had managed to secure, through charm and money, to aid them in their quest.   2,203 more words