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Monsters 2.0: The Lich

I have been running Dungeon and Dragons 5e since it came out.  Overall I enjoy it and think its an excellent product.  It is a highly refined version of 3.5e that also manages to evoke the feel of older editions like 1e. 929 more words


Some things happened

This blog now back by request. In the time which passed since I last wrote a post, we traveled from Arrentium to a legion camp. Along the way, we were harassed by Nixmantis and some forest beings. 391 more words


Using D&D 4E's Skill Challenges in 5E

I just ran across another blog post about utilizing D&D 4th Edition’s skill challenges within D&D 5th Edition.  This really struck a chord with me, as I had just tried doing this in my last D&D session, running a conversion of 4E’s Remains of the Empire (found in Dungeon Magazine #165).  665 more words


Carpe DM House Rules

H’okay! SO! It’s been a crazy two weeks, and my excuse for not updating is a hectic move and an internet transfer that took WAY too long. 1,418 more words

Direction again

We’ve returned to Arrentium, where we reported our kind-of success and pawned some stuff, and the helmet was manufactured. A sigil ring and a scroll, which we had found in the camp, convinced the commander of the second legion that the Emperor’s brother is alive, and he tasked us with bringing a message to him. 250 more words



After spending a long while throughout the week discussing exactly what wealth we had available to us and what options we might employ, we decided to try to kill Nyxmantis the black Centaur again, without buying any specialized gear or forming any particular strategy. 399 more words


Magic Items Should be Magical

Once again, Creighton Broadhurst has made a post that has touched on one of my complaints with some Role Playing Games.  Magic Items aren’t magical anymore.  911 more words