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3-06. Collapsing Roads

6. Collapsing Roads – 17th April 2015

Back in town, the group left the majority of their unsold loot in the secure storage at the Halfmoon Inn and after some discussion about the route to take, they headed out towards the Horned Hold after Corvar had gathered them together and done the ritual Traveller’s Camouflage upon them to aid in the ability to travel unnoticed. 1,328 more words


3-05. Chamber of Eyes continued

5. Chamber of Eyes continued – 10th April 2015

The battle continued, Orag stepping into Titan’s position, surrounding himself with hobgoblins. It didn’t initially start well, for when trying to intimidate one of them he instead caught sight of himself in the reflection of his axe. 2,172 more words


3-04. Chamber of Eyes

4. Chamber of Eyes – 3rd April 2015

The morning after, the group made their way back to the Chamber of Eyes, determined to make a better job of clearing out the Bloodreavers than they had the previous day. 1,057 more words


3-03. Entering the Chamber of Eyes

3. Entering the Chamber of Eyes – 13th March 2015

Upon waking the next day, Corvar sought out the dwarf Ulrik in the hopes that he could discern the dwarven rune writing on the slips of paper that he had pocketed. 1,628 more words


3-02. Entry to the Seven-Pillared Hall

2. Entry to the Seven-Pillared Hall – 27th February 2015

Guided by the halfling Rendil, the group found their weary way to the Seven-Pillared Hall. 1,546 more words


3-01. Path to Thunderspire

1. Path to Thunderspire – 20th February 2015

The group, having successfully extracted themselves from the kobold ruin they had fallen into on their return journey from aiding the haunted hamlet, made their weary way back to Winterhaven to rest up, sell their various scavenged gains, and purchase supplies. 1,302 more words


3-00. Foreword from the Scribe

Foreword from the Scribe

Let me introduce myself. I am Kenar Hevathar, former apprentice to the great Valthren of Winterhaven.

I first met the group of heroes at the completion of their great adventure to slay the notorious necromancer Kalarel. 421 more words