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Concern over what we will see on the Xbox one S.

As the days get closer to launch of the Xbox one S I am starting to get concern. Phil Spencer originally made it very clear that the Xbox one S holds no advantage in gaming over the original Xbox one. 300 more words

More negative videos on the Xbox one S. Not 4k out the box. 

I’m not sure how much weight I put into this and if it’s really that big of a deal. To me the guy should be glad to have gotten one period this early. 16 more words

Recent Automotive Photos (2016)

I haven’t done a whole lot of blog updating this year, mainly because i have been busy with other aspects of life. However, I recently picked the camera back up in hopes to give my dreams another jumpstart and this time within the automotive industry. 8 more words

Cameron Payne

Massive Monitor, Diminutive Display

 A Sizeable Start

The Philips BDM4350 is a 43” screen. As sold, it’s primarily marketed to computer users instead of TV-watchers, so my perception of its size immediately jumps from being “small” in the company of curved, 50/60/72” models displayed at Abenson’s, to an impression of “massiveness” – when compared to my usual test units for PC in 24, 25 and 27” sizes, not to mention my work laptop with its 11” screen. 1,208 more words