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4Ply Knitting

As you’re all probably aware, we looked at 4ply yarns in our March issue and I have a small confession to make….. 705 more words


Virus shawl (Schultertuch / Dreieckstuch)- WIP

WIP = Work in progress

So I started this project months ago and it’s my go to project when I just want to have a nice relaxed time crocheting. 211 more words


Test knitting adventure

As some of you may know from following me on Instagram, Twitter or Ello I am in the process of doing a test knit for the wonderful Tash of… 268 more words


I Told You I'd Made Two

By now the whole world must have heard of the Nellie May Shawl from the latest issue of Olann and.  It went completely bonkers across all the social media networks and the #nelliemaykal is creating more interaction and a great buzz among the knitting community. 446 more words



When a friend announces they are expecting, I am always filled with exciting ideas of what to make, sew and knit for the new arrival. However, with usually at least 6 months notice I tend towards complacency, leading to a frantic amount of crafting once the baby is born!! 136 more words


A blanket for a dragon, and some chair-parts...

After reviewing Tamar for Blacker Yarns I had a small lace swatch that wasn’t quite finished off and wasn’t quite big enough to use for anything. 212 more words

Lace Knitting

Yarn review - Tamar Lustre Blend 4ply from Blacker Yarns

Tamar is a new yarn from Blacker Yarns, being launched 3 March 2016. It’s spun from the wool produced by some sheep breeds with long, straight(ish) fleeces: Wensleydale, Teeswater, Cotswold and Leicester Longwool (and here’s a picture of a Teeswater ewe, because who doesn’t like pictures of sheep? 352 more words

Lace Knitting