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A Supreme Court Call On The Third Party Doctrine

The Fourth Amendment should apply to personal phone data

This week, constitutional law experts and the law enforcement community were abuzz after the U.S. Supreme Court  121 more words

State of Surveillance (Video)

The intrusion doesn’t stop with your cell phone or laptop device. Drone surveillance – the spying technology which allows organizations like the CIA to keep watch on suspected terrorist activities in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan – are now being employed by the U.S.

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Constitutional Rights

Cash Seizure Ruled Unconstitutional in Nevada

Nevada’s Circuit Court ruled that a prolonged 30-minute police pull-over by a citizen and the proceeding second pull-over to seize the driver’s cash violated the 4th amendment and that the money had to be returned to the driver. 256 more words


White House Makes It Official: It Wants To Keep Snooping On Americans

Trump and group of GOP senators don’t want us to have greater privacy protections from unwarranted domestic surveillance.

President Donald Trump and allies may complain on Twitter and out loud how the Deep State illegally… 115 more words

I Don't Like the Idea of This Textalyzer Software

Before I get into why I think this software leads to a host of problems, I want to first say that distracted driving is a serious problem and I am against texting and driving. 467 more words