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The Driver series began in 1999 when GT Interactive Software published a game for the PlayStation titled Driver. Eventually more games in the series were released. 528 more words

House to begin inquiry into 'Stingray' spying devices

 The insidious little cellphone spying devices known as Stingrays first came to light when a Florida police department was accused of abusing them back in June of 2014. 446 more words


Voting is not our only civic responsibility

I sometimes hear those that support big government and the actions our government takes like the NSA’s electronic eavesdropping, which is in violation of the 4th amendment by the way, as being somehow justified. 1,422 more words


Kaua‘i County's proactive rule change upholds privacy rights

Read the memo: 20151103150645040

Kudos to Kaua‘i County for voluntarily changing its pre-employment requirements to comply with the Constitution! Now, only “safety sensitive” positions are subject to medical screenings. 51 more words

Know Your Rights

New Evidence, New Legal Action Asks Court to Halt City’s Immediate Destruction of Property

• Read the motion (6 pages, PDF): ACLU_AHFIMotion_PI_6pg

• Read the memo in support (49 pages, PDF): ACLU_AHFI_memo49pg

HONOLULU, HAWAI‘I – Citing new evidence that the City and County of Honolulu is using ‘sweeps’ of homeless individuals to continue bypassing Hawai‘i laws and violate the Constitution, the American Civil Liberties Union of Hawai‘i Foundation (“ACLU”) and the law firm of… 249 more words

Legal News

Fourth Amendment update

Cert has been granted in the case Utah v. Strieff.  The question presented:

Should evidence seized incident to a lawful arrest on an outstanding warrant be suppressed because the warrant was discovered during an investigatory stop later found to be unlawful?

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