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Court: College’s required vaginal ultrasound probe not a 4-A “search”

Saw this from Dissent at PogoWasRight who apparently h/t Joe Cadillac.

However, the 11th Circuit reversed last October and reinstated the case, finding that inserting a probe into a woman’s vagina is plainly a search when performed by a government entity like a public college.

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The Justine Damond Case, Update 7.3: Rights and Responsibilities

It is easy, when one has extensive experience in a given profession, to take some things for granted. Particularly in police work, it’s easy to forget that virtually anyone without extensive police experience has little idea of the attitudes, expectations, policies, procedures, and of course, the laws that come more or less naturally to police officers. 3,896 more words

Justine Damond

Federal Judge Rules Unlicensed Dogs Aren't Protected By Fourth Amendment

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that a Michigan woman has no basis to sue the Detroit Police Department (DPD) for shooting her three dogs because they were not properly licensed. 49 more words

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SCOTUS Opinion: Riley v. California

In the modern digital era, the Supreme Court of the United States is asked to interpret constitutional rights that were established during a time where smartphones did not exist. 1,668 more words

Federal Appeals Court Castigates Kansas Cops for Pot Raid Triggered by Tea

Today a federal appeals court revived a lawsuit filed by Robert and Adlynn Harte, the Kansas couple whose Leawood home was raided in 2012 based on a visit to a garden store and discarded tea leaves that police claimed tested positive for marijuana. 13 more words

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Forced to Choose

Today I began paperwork for a job that I will be at for less than two months. Because of the nature of the work, and the fact that it will be a significant help to a person I hold in high esteem I am glad to be starting, but I’m very unhappy with the process. 629 more words

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Apathetic Americans, the CIA, and the Surveillance State

You may remember that earlier this March, Wikileaks released their latest cache of government documents, called Vault 7. There were many revelations that came out of the release, which I covered… 332 more words