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Court decision changes HealthLine routine

By Anna Toth

A decision by Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Emanuella Groves ruled that the HealthLine’s “Proof of Payment” decision was unconstitutional in late October. HealthLine riders now have to show their bus passes to the driver, slowing down service and causing confusion. 629 more words


Police dispatcher did not act as a government agent when he prank searched a fellow dispatcher's phone and found child pornography

In a recent Bedford County case, the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals determined that a prank search by a sheriff’s department employee did not violate the defendant’s constitutional right to be free from illegal searches and seizures.   212 more words

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Outrageous St. Louis Police Brutality

From Sally Nelson O’Donnell, one of my former students at Hillsdale College:


My brother and sister-in-law were victims of police brutality on Sunday night. 1,739 more words

Tips for Dealing with a Traffic Stop

Flashing lights, loud Sirens….please let it be somebody else.  Here’s a few tips on how to deal with getting pulled over.

Before Getting into the Driver’s Seat… 1,395 more words

Thomas Drake: From 9/11 to Mass Surveillance, The Man Who Knew Too Much (must-see)

Dandelion Salad
Previously posted Aug. 7, 2015 (good discussion in the comment section)

with Thomas Drake

Part 1

TheRealNews on Aug 2, 2015

On Reality Asserts Itself, former NSA senior executive Mr.

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Police Lies - Sewer Plant Smells

Last week I wrote about a case where police officers sat around and conjured up a way to avoid the Fourth Amendment. Today I write about when prosecutors and the court determine to do their best to deprive a citizen of the right to a fair trial. 478 more words

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