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DW: The Bad Penny Review

The Bad Penny, despite having a pretty boring title and being set in London AGAIN, is actually really entertaining, a lot more than the previous story in the Fourth Doctor Adventures S7. 811 more words

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DW: The Shadow of London Review

The 7th series of Fourth Doctor Adventures kicks off its second half with The Shadow of London, and sadly it’s exactly as it seems by the synopsis: rather dull. 670 more words

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Doctor Who : The Sontaran Experiment

The Sontaran Experiment is unique as it’s one of the first two parters since 1965’s “The Rescue” and would be the last until 1982’s The Black Orchid.  337 more words

Doctor Who - "Destination: Nerva"

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures # 1.1
Written by: Nicholas Briggs
Directed by: Nicholas Briggs
Performed by: Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Raquel Cassidy & Tim Bentinck… 680 more words

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Doctor Who : The Ark in Space DVD Review

Tom Baker’s second serial as The Doctor is a massive change of pace for fans of the series and a completely different tone from the previous story – Robot.  385 more words

Doctor Who : Robot DVD Review

The Doctor has only just regenerated into his forth incarnation, but, like always, he finds himself having very little time to recover and settle into his new persona.  462 more words

DW: The Mind Runners / The Demon Rises Review

A four part Fourth Doctor story written by John Dorney? Yes please! A handy effect of the FDAs being split into two four-story boxsets is getting to hear a four-part story straight away, rather than waiting a month in between halves. 1,038 more words

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