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DW: The Skin of the Sleek / The Thief Who Stole Time Review

The sixth series of Fourth Doctor Adventures ends, as per usual, with a four-parter spread across two months. Unusually however, this story focuses much more on Romana than The Doctor himself, and manages to pull of a really good story. 1,027 more words

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The Holmes House of Horror


That is a term often banded about when talking about the Doctor Who screenplays written and/or script edited by Robert Holmes.

Often his stories would involve some kind of body horror inflicted upon a character. 346 more words

Review: Doctor Who - The Skin of the Sleek

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Tom Baker & Lalla Ward are back as the 4th Doctor & Romana. When they arrive on Fundrell a planet where the landscape moves in waves and soon leads them to lose the Tardis and the Doctor to lose Romana. 393 more words

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DW: The Movellan Grave Review

I finish my game of catch up with Fourth Doctor Adventures with last month’s release, The Movellan Grave. Can a rather unspectacular and by-design stoic and emotionless race be redeemed with a story focused on just themselves?? 815 more words

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DW: Subterranea Review

The sixth series of Fourth Doctor Adventures moves forwards… by going downwards! Ha! … Never mind, Subterranea features mole-people and mole-Cybermen, so it’s not your regular story type, that’s for sure, it’s just a shame it does feel rather generic, somehow! 575 more words

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DW: The Haunting of Malkin Place Review

After breaking for a few weeks to allow for the July releases, it’s time to finish playing catch up with this year’s Fourth Doctor Adventures! The Haunting of Malkin Place is an interesting story, dealing with both traditional ghost tropes and locations, as well as the old spiritual vs. 780 more words

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DW: Night of the Vashta Nerada Review

The long awaited release of the second volume of “Classic Doctors, New Monsters” arrives and opens with a really enjoyable near-hour of the Fourth Doctor finding out the previously-thought harmless Vashta Nerada can turn bad and watch people be stripped to their skeletons in a abandoned fun fair… It’s just as fun as it sounds! 770 more words

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