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Borne - Jeff VanderMeer

4th Estate 2017

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Crisis at all ages - 4th Estate Literary Salon

A literary salon involves stimulating conversation, lively debate, challenging opinions, all inspired by literature. 4th Estate is one of the most innovative and varied imprints in the book industry, and their Literary Salons bring together great minds for just this. 922 more words


Book Review: Birds Art Life Death by Kyo Maclear

“One winter, Kyo Maclear became unmoored. Her father had recently fallen ill and she suddenly found herself lost for words. As a writer, she could no longer bring herself to create; her work wasn’t providing the comfort and meaning that it had before. 215 more words

Book Review

“Lying Press” — cartoon by Pat Bagley

Cartoon by Pat Bagley, carried by Cagle Cartoons [www.caglecartoons.com].

(Higher resolution image file found at various online newspapers, for example at the Salt Lake Tribune… 14 more words

Pretty iconic? Pretty great!

Hands up, I don’t tend to read beauty books, beauty blog posts, in fact anything about beauty (although I am a fan of India Knight’s beauty articles for The Sunday Times’ Style magazine… 419 more words


Kirby proclaims the 4th Estate dead as a doornail!

This year ain’t done with us yet folks!!!! Kirby has taken to his favorite medium to proclaim that said medium is now the way all Americans should get their information: 447 more words