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Kirby proclaims the 4th Estate dead as a doornail!

This year ain’t done with us yet folks!!!! Kirby has taken to his favorite medium to proclaim that said medium is now the way all Americans should get their information: 447 more words

Interview with Karan Mahajan

Few books enter your soul and manage to shake and stir it. Those books remain with you, no matter what. “The Association of Small Bombs” by Karan Mahajan has been one such book for me this year. 1,142 more words

Literary Fiction

(Pinocchio Episode 10)

One of the lessons in the drama. <3

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4th Estate

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Purple Hibiscus

“Rain splashed across the floor of the veranda, even though the sun blazed and I had to narrow my eyes to look out the door of Aunty Ifeoma’s living room.

374 more words

"Watchdogs" 101

(Pinocchio Episode 8)

A lesson why we are being called as the “Watchdogs” of the society.

Read my blog about Pinocchio! “Pinocchio and the 4th Estate” :D

4th Estate

The Art of Fielding | BOOK REVIEW

Title: The Art of Fielding
Author: Chad Harbach
Genre: Fiction
Published by: 4th Estate

Page count: 512
Publication date: 2011… 700 more words