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A Life Discarded: 148 Diaries Found in a Skip – Alex Masters

Alex Masters was given the set of diaries by his long-term writing collaborator, Dido, who had found them in a skip with another mutual friend Richard and slowly, there was certainly never any real urgency, to work out who wrote them and just as importantly, why were they thrown into a skip in Cambridge. 555 more words

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Indo-Pak, netas and the 4th Estate

The paranoia setting in on the current foreign policy of the government is dumbfounded. The hyper patriotic television today almost took out every claw to somehow make me xenophobic of Pakistan. 659 more words


Calling all BAME writers

And following on from my post earlier in the month about the Bare Lit Festival – I’d like to encourage anyone who is interested to take part in this competition for Black and Ethnic Minority writers living in the UK –  145 more words


The Herald Leader: Illustrating Southern Complexity

Rarely has a “controversy” brought me so much delight. I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky. Given that I could never produce a truthful tale of some racial atrocity to which I should have been subject (as implied in curious, decidedly sympathetic tone of follow-up question: “What was… 695 more words

We Are Not Ourselves

We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas

4th Estate/HarperCollins

PB £8.99 or EB currently £1.99

Rating: *****

Eileen Leary wants more. Raised in a downtrodden area of new York by hard-drinking, Irish immigrant parents, she dreams of another life: a better job, a bigger house, more respectable friends, a happy family. 390 more words

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Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald

Having arrived late to Penelope Fitzgerald, I’ve been trying to catch up with a few of her novels over the past year or so. The Bookshop… 1,175 more words

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Wolf Hall - Quick Review

Hilary Mantel 

4th Estate (688 pages), 2010


Winner of the 2009 Booker Prize

Wolf Hall is an extraordinary achievement, a character driven epic that follows the travails of… 339 more words

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