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How To Enjoy The Holidays

Two words basically sum’s this whole article up,let loose.Let loose from all day to day worries”meaning”Things you wake up feeling obligated to do fall back from them.Leave your worries outside the front door and don’t let them back in until the holidays are over.This is the one time you can do what you want to without it messing with your job performance.Whatever it is that you do don’t feel guilty about it,Put it all on the line.If you want to have drink during normal  self restricted drinking hours”feel free to”as long as your not going to drive.The last thing you want is a DUI during the holidays.To avoid this just simply don’t drive,Or have a designated driver.Get the family together for one night of fun.Cook or cater lot’s of food enough so everybody can eat,Interact like you have not seen each other in a while and treat it like your not going to see each other again.Have fun events for the kids,Cheer them on make everybody feel special.Forget about past family problems and let go of any beef you have with a family member for this is a time of peace.Do the unthinkable while controlling yourself and when you wake up do not apologize to nobody,Call a family member or friend and reminisce. 53 more words

4th of July part 2

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Hike: Baxter/Hamlin Loop

Date Hiked: 04 July 2015

Last year when my older son went to summer camp at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics we stopped at Baxter State Park and… 1,376 more words


Firework Time 💙

Hi everyone, one of my favourite things about Autumn/Winter or to be more specific – NOVEMBER – is Bonfire Night! It’s a time where the sky’s are all plastered with the prettiest colours & it looks like someone has just got a handful of glitter and thrown it into the pitch black sky. 570 more words