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Louise's disappearance: The End

Louise did not know what to do, but she was thinking and decided to go at 5 to meet her dear friend. When Louise went to the park she heard cries for help, but she did not stop and continued into the park. 83 more words

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Louise's disappearance 9

Louise was so scared for her friend. She didn’t want to see the kidnapper again, but a part of her was also a bit curious about who he/she was. 90 more words

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Halloween 11: The End

The children were scared to death. Ismael looked for the voice’s source. He saw a reflection opposite him. It was unknown to him. He asked the reflection where it came from and the voice answered: ‘I’ve just met your ghost friend’. 56 more words

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Halloween 10

Annie’s mother offered to give them a lift to the place. On their way to the tunnel Fer felt a strange cold that froze his body,  he felt dizzy and exhausted. 58 more words

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Privisional tittle: Albrecht Mayer

Albrecht Mayer is a famoust oboist. He from Erlanger, Germany. He was born on June 3 in 1965. When he was 10 years od he began playing the oboe but before that he had played the piano. 116 more words

4th Year Students

Halloween 9

They were sitting at the park when a girl showed up before them. The girl looked at them. The girl was young and beautiful. She had blue eyes, blonde hair and long legs. 97 more words

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Halloween 8

… a road. Ismael and Fer said ‘There’s the road’. For half and hour they were doing hitchhiking until a white van with four men inside stopped. 71 more words

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