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Geargasm: Five Ten Rogue VCS Climbing Shoes

A review by Mariah


Weight:  15.8 oz (pair)

Upper: Split-grain leather

Sole: Stealth® C4™ ultra-sticky rubber outsoles

These are the first pair of climbing shoes I’ve bought myself, and they’re still my go-to for every climbing trip we take. 229 more words


Siantar Top (STTP) Patok Bunga Obligasi di level 10,5%-10,75%

Siantar Top (STTP) Patok Bunga Obligasi di level 10,5%-10,75% PT Siantar Top Tbk. (STTP) mematok bunga Obligasi Berkelanjutan I Tahap II/2016 di kisaran 10,5%-10,75%.


Read Only Memories

I’ve accumulated enough imagery and details of San Francisco to feel a kind of vicarious attachment to the place, even without having ever been there. So when… 624 more words

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Velocity Ultra

Not since Ikaruga, with its polarity changes mechanic, has there been any real game changing dynamic to the playing style of shoot em ups. Velocity Ultra… 597 more words


Dinocide: Released, Demo Updated

The full game and accompanyingly updated demo have been released for the previously chatted about game Dinocide. From a quick playthrough, the new demo (version 1.0.6) adds a few elements that flesh things out a bit, like “not instantly starving to death” and adds the promise of some much needed depth to the full game. 374 more words

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New Retro Vault: Super Win the Game

Super Win the Game is the followup to sleeper hit You Have to Win the Game, upgrading its visuals from the CGA to the NES era, and gameplay from the silent movie era to something resembling the Zelda II era. 515 more words

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Lakeview Cabin

Lakeview Cabin is Friday the 13th Simulator where you may actually survive… after dying countless times. 383 more words