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Beachin' 🐚

it’s summer loves! how was the heat of the sun? ☀it was 5am in the morning when i thought of going into the beach. as i stared into the blank expression of the water facin’ me i come to realize that life is like a beach… 93 more words


I Decided To Work Instead of Party For Spring Break

Spring Break… For college students it’s a week away from classes, unavoidable stress and a midway point for the last semester of the year. Some decide to be carefree in warm states like Florida or California and test the limits of their livers while others with no money take on a few more hours at work to offset the near negative balance of their back account. 869 more words


It hurts most when

When people* disappoint.

*especially someone you thought you knew.


How I've Managed to Make Getting Up Early Less Painful

Whether it’s a job, an early class, a 6am flight, a long commute, a workout partner that insists on starting before the rest of the world wakes up, a child or dog that seems to always wake you before 7am… We’ve all got early mornings… most of us hate them. 1,113 more words


Why Alligator Clips Have Led To Higher Hospital Bills

We all know about these deadly items, this malicious tool has caused over one million deaths over the past year, as well as giving people, a pretty hefty hospital bill, hell even worse, a funeral bill. 299 more words