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My morning routine

Hi everyone, welcome back

It’s important to start your day with good vibes. No better way to start your day than to wake up and have a routine for a great start. 238 more words



I’ve always been a morning routine, but 5 a.m. takes it to a new extreme. Nevertheless, I have learned to absolutely love it. There is something incredibly satisfying about being super productive before 7 a.m., and it sets my day up for success. 91 more words

High School

What's Your Favorite Beer

Mine is Natural Ice.  I don’t drink alcohol any more because that always leads to trouble.  Some others I liked were Bartle & James Strawberry Daiquiri.  37 more words


Ode to running

Spontaneous 10-minute poetry?  Why not? I hope you enjoy :)

An ode to running (at 5 am) (before work)

The dark crisp air stings your cheeks as you gently close the door behind you… 301 more words


Flaming Pines ~ Tiny Portraits (Swedish Series)

Flaming Pines’ Tiny Portraits series has reached #16!  The latest batch is the Swedish series, and contains recordings from Tobias Hellkvist, Peter Olsén, Kate Carr and Dag Rosenqvist… 536 more words

Richard Allen

How to become a morning person in 6 steps

This was me for 26 years:

–       Travis Birkenstock was my spirit animal

–       Up all night

–       Reports and writing only achieved after midnight… 606 more words


Poetry No. 17 - Lynne McEniry

Dried Up Things
by Lynne McEniry

Millena remembered when Miranda’s son’s fell off
and the cat caught it mid-air before it hit the nursery carpet… 496 more words

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