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What are you doing at 5 am?

Most of us would hate the fact that we’re awake at “5 am”, it’s not something that is looked forward to. Many of us have no choice, either by waking up that early, or still being awake from the night before. 244 more words

New Release

My morning routine

Hi everyone, welcome back

It’s important to start your day with good vibes. No better way to start your day than to wake up and have a routine for a great start. 238 more words



I’ve always been a morning routine, but 5 a.m. takes it to a new extreme. Nevertheless, I have learned to absolutely love it. There is something incredibly satisfying about being super productive before 7 a.m., and it sets my day up for success. 91 more words

High School

What's Your Favorite Beer

Mine is Natural Ice.  I don’t drink alcohol any more because that always leads to trouble.  Some others I liked were Bartle & James Strawberry Daiquiri.  37 more words


Ode to running

Spontaneous 10-minute poetry?  Why not? I hope you enjoy :)

An ode to running (at 5 am) (before work)

The dark crisp air stings your cheeks as you gently close the door behind you… 301 more words