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Day 122 of 365 ~ Tombstone

This sign looked so weird to me. It almost likes a tombstone for the Cary citizens. And the last sentence looks like it is saying ‘cemetery’. 13 more words

#5 - April 2012

Naomi Wolf - How The US Uses Sexual Humiliation As A Political Tool To Control The Masses - 7 April 2012

OPINION ~ In a five-four ruling this week, the supreme court decided that anyone can be strip-searched upon arrest for any offense, however minor, at any time. 104 more words


Day 121 of 365 ~ Ethereal Shadows

Do you get the feeling that something remains, a ghostly shape, a surviving form, long after an experience has culminated?

Think back to a vivid experience from the past and you can almost see its muted movement, as if an outline exists in the ether, one that can never be completely erased. 65 more words

#5 - April 2012

Day 119 of 365 ~ Jetlag, naturally!

Jetlag. What’s up with that?

Last night we had a take-out dinner; some yummy Five Guys burgers! Man! How we miss the American fare! ;) And since I’m a beer kinda gal my caring hubby got me some Hells Angels to go with my Five Guys! 74 more words

#5 - April 2012

Day 118 of 365 ~ Eat More Chikin

Kids’ first meal on US soil – Chick Fil A never tasted so good. They relished every morsel.

#5 - April 2012

Day 117 of 365 ~ Cloud Nine

Kids are on cloud nine. Make that nineteen. I’m right there with them. It’s 10:20PM right now. In 7 hours we start driving to the airport – to catch the flight of the first leg of our journey – to the USA! 7 more words

#5 - April 2012