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Thai Chicken Soup

I started a five day challenge to eat clean and increase the number of squats I do everyday.  Yesterday I did 75 squats!  I even shocked myself that I was able to do so many!   341 more words


Spring Cleaning the Gut

Okay, I’m not the only one who enjoyed the holidays a little more and a little longer. What a blast!! Now the question turns to cleansing the body and the answer is to choose what fits into your lifestyle! 367 more words


T comes home from work one day and says, “My trainer put together a cleanse I’m going to do next week.  V wants to do it to.” 1,216 more words


My First Cleanse - The Wrap Up

After 5 days on the Gut Flush Cleanse by Dr. Junger, my sister provides the final verdict:

The weigh in:  Energy!  That was VERY apparent.  728 more words

Three Ways

My First Cleanse - Days 4 and 5

Back to my sister’s experience on her first cleanse.

Day Four:  Pretty sure the Cleanse Fairy visits cleansers the morning of Day Four because I woke up feeling ten years younger.  791 more words

Three Ways

My First Cleanse - Day 3

Sorry for the delay, without further adieu back to my sister generously sharing her experience on the 5-Day Gut Flush Cleanse brought to you by Dr. 558 more words

Three Ways