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NHS Risk assessment BLOCKED by Cabinet.

Friday Issues. 11/05/2012. According to BBC news.

The risk assessment of the NHS overhaul in England will not be published after ministers vetoed demands to release it.  445 more words

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Stroke Survivors feel abandoned.

Friday issues. 04/05/2012Acording to BBC News

Stroke survivors are ‘being denied best recovery chance’ Many stroke survivors feel abandoned after they leave hospital and are being denied the chance to make the best recovery because of a lack of post-hospital care, a report suggests. 521 more words

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Disability Wales celebrates 40 years.

Friday Issues 20/04/2012 According to BBC Wales

Travel challenge marks Disability Wales‘ 40th anniversary. Four young disabled people have started a journey on public transport to mark 40 years of the Disability Wales charity. 439 more words

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Cross party unity over regional pay

Fridays Issues 30/03/2012. According to the BBC News

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in the assembly have united against introducing regional pay in Wales. The… 438 more words

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A4e 'systematic fraud'

Fridays Issues 23/03/2012. According to BBC News.

Welfare-to-work firm A4e knew of widespread potential fraud and systematic failures by management to control it, a leaked… 309 more words

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The worst is yet to come!

Fridays Issues 23/03/2012
George Osbourne indicated  yesterday that a further £10 billion will need to be slashed from the welfare bill by 2016. his excuse  offered, was to protect other departments from deeper cuts. 382 more words

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