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Four Loko vs 5Hour Energy: Book Excerpt of the Week 

​Four Loko was dangerous WHEN USED AS DIRECTED! In my book I review life-threatening events involving Four Loko and 5Hour Energy. This question of product liability versus personal responsibility is a big issue, and one that needs to be addressed in EVERY news story or hospitalization involving caffeinated beverages and supplements. 52 more words

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5-Hour Energy Loses One Deceptive Advertising Case; Wins Another

More than two years ago, the attorneys general for Washington and Oregon each filed separate (but very similar) deceptive advertising claims against the makers of the popular 5-Hour Energy drinks, alleging that the ads misled consumers into believing that doctors recommend the product, and that the combination of ingredients provides some sort of benefit that is superior to just drinking coffee. 1,239 more words


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“Jeunesse Global New NEVO Energy Drinks” The Best All Natural Low Calorie Energy Drinks.

We didn’t create the energy drink…we just perfected it. Nevo offers a fresh twist on energy in four refreshing formulas. 60 more words

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5-hour ENERGY® Protein

5-hour ENERGY® Protein

There’s no doubt that somedays you just need an extra boost to get that oomph back in your step. While many turn to their reliable cup o’ morning Joe to do the trick, they’re running out the door losing out on protein, … 381 more words


My Highway Notes

I just spent a long weekend driving across 4 states for 6½ hours each way. I started this post by whining about the drive but then I remembered that I have already done that. 626 more words

Get Rid of Smoking Addiction with Renew Life Smokers Cleanse

Many people are still struggling to get rid of their addiction to smoking. Non-smokers may not be able to relate to it as they do not know the struggle behind getting rid of the addiction in a snap. 337 more words

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Flora Baby - The Probiotic for Your Baby

A healthy, active and well-built baby is an only wish for every parent in this world. After all, this small addition to your family is a part of you that is the most precious to you in this world. 327 more words

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