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Develop and Build Bone with Ortho Bone

From Aor’s line of vitamins, consumers can build strong, healthy bones and teeth through supplemental support. It’s difficult to ensure that we maintain a handle on our daily consumption, and it can be difficult to get all the nutrients we need from our diet. 311 more words

Vitamins And Protein

It's a 5-hour Energy kind of day.

Working on 2 hours of sleep today. This isn’t good for me, but it’s also pretty rare.

I am about to work an 8 hour shift. 13 more words


Liquid Magnesium for Magnesium Oil

Daily use of magnesium can benefit you in every way imaginable. The substance is deficient in a majority of people in North America, partially due to diets and partially due to how quickly the body uses it. 313 more words

Vitamins And Protein

Responsibility Towards Sustainable Chilling

In Episode 3 we talked about how you have a responsibility to Nature. Since all of your chilling is connected to all the chilling in all of Nature, you realize that you find yourself in a very fortunate situation (financially, socially, etc.), and therefore must do your best in giving back to the chilling balance of Nature. 321 more words

The Peaceful Revolution

5-hour energy drink- Get free calories

Are the claims of this product true? Before we answer that, let Us talk numbers first. Sales of this 2 to 3 ounce shot soared to $544,000 in 2008, double those of the previous year according to information resources a Chicago based market research firm published. 291 more words

The inventor of 5-Hour Energy drinks is investing 99% of his fortune to fix the world

For legions of truck drivers, employees chasing deadlines, and students burning the midnight oil, Manoj Bhargava’s best-selling invention, 5-hour ENERGY drink, has already been a lifesaver. 433 more words