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5 Hour Energy needs to get it together

Hey there!

So since I get into YouTube binges every so often (like I’m sure most of us do) I stumble upon some really funny videos and a lot of weird videos. 295 more words

Writing Work Day #1

So I promised weekly progress reports, so here we go: this week’s goal was to do the following:

Read Codename: Telepathic Soulmates. Take notes on world-building, write down any questions that aren’t answered, figure out what, if any, questions should be addressed in a sequel.

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I Cannot Brain Today....

….I has the dumb.

Seriously, does this cat not say it much better?

I did not write yesterday. I came home from an incredibly stressful afternoon at work, brought home groceries, helped the hubby clean up for company and as soon as we finished cleaning up, company was unable to attend. 369 more words

A Day In The Life

5 hour energy? Nahhh

Less calories. ..less sugar. . More energy. .. less expensive! Why would you choose anything else?

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Slam vs 5 hour energy

Check out this comparison. This is exactly the reason why Advocare products are great for yourself and for fundraising. Your group can make great fast money with continuous income for the next year or longer. 20 more words


How To Sleep The Right Way

Sleep is vital to good health. A bad night of sleep cannot be cured by a strong cup of coffee. I know life gets in the way and we would try anything just to catch up on some slumber. 157 more words

5 Hour Energy Drink Review

One of the websites I use to get free full sized products is Smiley360.  This website is great, you just have to fill out any personal surveys that are available and they will match you to current campaigns.   106 more words