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A Shot of Caffeine

Since their emergence in 2004, 5 hour energy has grown into explosive phenomenon that gives people an alternative to receive their caffeine dose without resulting to coffee or other energy drinks. 148 more words

Caffeine Fix

Energy Drinks Versus Energy Shots

With the ever popular conventional energy drinks such as Red Bull, or Monster putting a strangle hold on the market of drink sales, comes a fairly new way to get your caffeine fix in the form a 2 ounce shot called 5 Hour Energy. 143 more words

Caffeine Fix

Is 5-Hour Energy Worth It?

There’s a lot of marketing noise surrounding energy drinks. But should you partake if and when you want a little pick-me-up?

Yes and no, according to research. 117 more words

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5-Hour Energy Owes A Lot Of Money For Claiming To Be Better Than Coffee

For years, we’ve been inundated with 5-Hour Energy commercials that tout the caffeine shot as a better alternative to coffee. In many of the TV spots, we see office workers seemingly about to pass out after a long day of filing, data-entry or whatever other generic jobs… 576 more words

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Mr. Swift and Mr. Thrift: Book Excerpt of the Week 

HOW QUICKLY you consume caffeine is JUST AS IMPORTANT as HOW MUCH caffeine you consume.

❎This is why I don’t like energy shots! If it’s more caffeine than you can handle, it’s too late because you’ve consumed the whole thing in one gulp.❎ …

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THE RETURN TRIP - Episode 63

THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 63

“Today’s episode of THE RETURN TRIP is brought to you by 5-hour ENERGY“ 397 more words

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