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“8:04 AM”

What a difference a day makes
What about all the effort that a day takes?
The winding road of my uncertainty
That undying feeling of urgency…

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5 in the Morning

The end of a night where sleep

failed me;

My body became static


With the absence of slumber

that never came.

The morning felt premature, 125 more words

Bekki Roderick

I don't even need your drugs.

So every morning I get woken up at around 5:45 a.m. to take my high school brother to school. (The perks of living at home still?) It’s not that big of a deal, but I’m generally not fully awake when we go. 447 more words


Five in the Morning 030409

From WSJ: Social Networking goes Professional. How focused professional communities are using social networking tools to better their work.

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (yep, not a misprint) gives us… 139 more words

Social Media

Five in the Morning 030309

Should brands think like start-ups? “Aim…fire…adjust…aim…fire…adjust…” What do you think? From David Knox, via @prblog (Kevin Dugan).

Measuring on-line influence. After you get through all the verbiage, I think a lot of it boils down to…the very last sentence. 121 more words

Social Media

Five in the Morning 022709

From deep in the heart of Texas, the sun has risen on Five in the Morning for Friday. Cam Beck, he of Chaos Scenario blogging fame, … 73 more words